LHSG Celebrates International Happiness Day

The Asian Weekly Edition 603. Mar 25 – Mar 31    2022

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LHSG Celebrates International Happiness Day

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Reiki Training For Women in a Safe Haven

The Lotus Healing Seva Group, Kenya Chapter, reached out to women in a Usikimye Safe Haven in Kiambu, Kenya. They were trained in Reiki level 1 on 9th and 10th February, by our Kenya Member Sheela Shah, assisted by Kenya Member Sakina Taki.

This was our first Reiki training in the Year 2022!

Please read on for their interesting accounts!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


The Reiki l workshop at the Usikimye Shelter on Wednesday and Thursday, ended successfully. After all the preliminary introductions done on the first day, Sakina along with her cousin, Afroza, who’s been volunteering, and I quickly got the 10 ladies (with their babies) to settle down to learn all about Reiki. The ladies keenly listened to the origins of Reiki, the nature of Reiki and last but not least the goodness of Reiki.

The ladies then learnt about the chakras and positioning of the chakras.

The attunement went as smoothly as possible with the respective children hanging on to their mums. As their mums got attuned, the children too became calm and quiet and seemed to rest like their mums. When everyone slowly woke up and collected themselves, I encouraged the ladies to share their attunement experience if any. Majority of them said they felt very relaxed and peaceful. Following a 20 mins break after attunement, as the children had to have their mid morning feed, we resumed our session with self-healing. Again, I found the ladies keenly doing the self-healing with no rush whatsoever. I found numerous warm hands, strong with Reiki, successfully healing chakras…. plus the positions on the face. We then went through the 5 principles of Reiki…. something for them to think about and reflect on. Thus ended the first day.

The next day, after quickly settling down to start our session, the ladies one by one narrated how the rest of the previous day, after our session, went remarkably stress free, feeling very calm but energised and finally having a wonderful restful sleep. I assured them that this was completely the result of the Reiki self-healing. One of the ladies also remarked that the last principal of Reiki, “Today and every day I’ll show love and respect for every living thing”, hit a code in her that she walked around their patch of garden reflecting on the plants and trees. She said she felt new appreciation for all things green and blooming. Then getting into pairs, we started the whole mechanics of giving Reiki to another person and the important etiquette to follow. The children were not too pleased to see their mums’ attention diverted in this exercise and in their unique ways persisted on demanding for attention. Sakina and I juggled in keeping the children entertained and at the same time I kept an eye on the mothers giving Reiki correctly to their partners. Kudos to the mums who patiently followed every step of placing their hands correctly and assuring their children at the same time.

By 11.30 the children had to be given their mid morning feed and so reluctantly we took a 20 mins break. This definitely was a learning experience on my part as I realised where children were concerned, one has to be flexible in numerous ways to conduct the workshop.

Having fed the children, the ladies resumed from where they left off with partner healing. One of the young mothers, who recently had her baby, (2 weeks ago), succumbed to a very deep state of Reiki induced sleep very quickly when receiving healing that the two ladies giving her healing were quite surprised. I gently assured them that this was normal when someone was in dire need of the healing. When I gently woke Cristie, this young mum woke with such a start that she was disoriented and confused as to where she was. It took a bit of gentle assurance to calm her down. When fully awake and oriented, Christie looked as if she had just awakened from hours of slumber….. bright eyes and totally refreshed. Everyone present were quite amazed.

All the other ladies too felt greatly uplifted from receiving healing but not as dramatic as Christie. Completing partner healing, we went through all the various benefits of Reiki followed by any queries. The ladies were absolutely thrilled with the knowledge of the power of Reiki in their hands and promised that they will keep up with self-healing

Sheela Shah

LHSG Kenya Member


Today was such an amazing experience. The ladies loved the first class and I also learnt a lot form Sheila. So so grateful I get to learn and do seva at the same time

I want to share an observation

There is one lady there who hasn’t been too friendly or open (due to trauma plus she doesn’t understand English so she is a bit shy to communicate) but honestly I observed she enjoyed Reiki the most and was so calmn after that. She also laughed with me after the session. I feel so happy.

Sakina Taki

LHSG Kenya Member

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Reiki Training To Cancer Patients and Carers

Reiki Training to Cancer Patients and Care Givers

Lotus Healing Seva Group started the year 2022 by conducting a Reiki Training camp for the cancer patients and their care givers of the Faraja Cancer Support Centre in Nairobi.

The 6 hour training was done online, over two days: 26th and 27th January.

Thank you to LHSG Members Sheela and Azmina who conducted the workshop and gratitude to Judy and Beryl of FCSC for facilitating the workshop.

Please read on for their accounts. As always we are not allowed photos, so we have none here. Instaead, we some amazing Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 feedback from the trainees! 

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


The Faraja Reiki ll workshop started yesterday from 10am to 1pm and ended successfully today. Along with Azmina who assisted me on both days, there were 3 out of the 5 participants on the first day and two on the second day. Due to travelling for a funeral, Helen was unable to attend the second day.

One of the participants, Shamshad, shared a beautiful experience after Reiki l. Being a lung cancer survivor, Shamshad’s doctor found lesions on her right lung after she had bloody productive coughs. She was immediately admitted in ICU for more tests and treatment. When the PET scan machine broke down and Shamshad was sent home for a couple of days till the machine was fixed, this was when Shamshad gave herself constant Reiki directly on the affected lung. When the PET test was done eventually, no lesions were found and all was clear. Reiki blessings.

With this extraordinary experience, I was thrilled to start the session.

The introduction to the Reiki symbols and the attunement went smoothly. All three participants were amazed how powerful the symbols were when the first absent healing exercise was done. The second day saw all 4 of us promptly online and we started by 10.10am. I was able to breeze through the rest of the sessions without any problems. Both Shamshad and Judy were model students and were excellent in grasping all the different details/methods of absent healing. Both the ladies were ecstatic with the Reiki box and the ease to send Reiki for multiple intentions. When we did the group healing exercise, they were able to pick up on the power of group healing even though we were only 4 ladies strong.

All in all, the sessions of both days went smoothly. Azmina was a great help to have for assisting. She came to my rescue brilliantly, liaising with Faraja in the middle of the sessions for IT reasons. Thank you Azmina.

My immense gratitude for this opportunity once again from Faraja. And last but not least, my humble gratitude to Reiki for making everything go smoothly, hitch free

Sheela Shah

LHSG Member


The workshop went very well. Sheela is an excellent teacher, a great example to follow.

Though the group was very small but we got some amazing feedback.

Experience with healing self and others after level 1

  1. Helped with sleep and stress
  2. One of them was hospitalized in ICU in December and initial tests showed relapse of cancer. She would place her palm on the affected area and after a couple of weeks when she did her PET scan there was no trace of cancer.

Level 2 experiences

After the attunement the trainees felt calm, relaxed, hungry, energized and did not feel like getting up.

Doing the self healing some felt pain in certain areas healed and were no longer painful

At one point when Sheela was teaching the different applications of Reiki a trainee said she experienced and saw the white light.

It was an amazing experience and I am very grateful for the opportunity.

Azmina Mulji

LHSG Member


Following are Shamshad’s and Judy’s feedback.

The Reiki II was a very important session as it addressed all the issues that did not get addressed in Reiki I and answered all the questions that were not asked. It summed up the course and any doubts students had were cleared and now as a student I felt we can proceed with confidence and understood the power of Reiki especially about the power in numbers. Sheela was very clear with her instructions and gave detailed explanation at every step of the course. Thank you for offering this course.

Shamshad Asaria

Reiki Level 2 Trainee


The first part of her narration is referring to the healing we had to give Judy and another individual who was being difficult in signing the cheque that Judy really needed to pay the tax man. Three times, during the session, Judy was interrupted with calls from this individual. After we gave healing to the whole situation, Judy was calmer and settled down.

“” Interesting the delay on the Cheq had to happen.

Something good came out of it. It was necessary.

It helped me calm down completely actually and helped steer my thoughts to some events in life are beyond your control. “”

The following feedback from Judy is referring to the whole course itself.

  “” I ‘m still feeling the warmth long after the session especially my legs.

     Very Professional and looking forward to getting better and more conversant with REIKI healing.””


Reiki Level 2 Trainee

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