13th Anniversary Celebrations Event no 4

Continuing with our Reiki Sevas in Mauritius, Mala Tolia of LHSG UK and I, Kamal Tolia of LHSG Kenya, went to a centre for special needs adults. It is called APEIM, a French word for Parent Association of Children with Disability of Mauritius. Around 20 – 25 Downs Syndrome adults come to the centre to learn occupational skills. They make articles like book marks and key chains with beads.
These beautiful souls were so receptive to the Reiki we gave them. They were smiling most of the time …. As they sat waiting for their turn, as they sat for their treatment, and finally when they finished, they were all smiles all over again!
In all we gave Reiki to around 30 people, including the manager xxxx … and teacher Corrine xxxxx….
It was a privilege and an honour to touch their lives with Reiki
Special thanks go to Anishta Dharshini Seesurrun of the NGO Flame of Phoenix who gave up her time to arrange this seva for us and to  the person in charge of the centre Mr. PauloVirassamy, the teachers at the centre Corrine Boutouri and M Rose Souroup …… who received us so graciously and were so very helpful throughout our Reiki healing Session.

Mala’s report follows …..

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


The second sewa opportunity was at a centre called L’apiem in a town St Luc Curepipe in West Mauritius
This is a beautifully clean, well organised centre for Down’s Syndrome teenagers and adults
Again, they are taught vocational skills at this day centre
They grow their own herbs , spices and vegetables in their own huge, well maintained garden
The healing opportunity was organised by Anishta from a charity called The Flame of Phoenix.
We gave healing to 20 young adults who needed a lot of healing in their heart, head and thyroid area.
All were very receptive, grateful and appreciative of the healing
The teachers/ carers took a lot of healing too
Anishta’s team interviewed Kamalbhabhi about the LHSG set up.
They would like us to visit again!
All in all, a very rewarding experience.

Mala Tolia

LHSG UK Member




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13th Anniversary Celebrations Event No. 3

I was to go on a family holiday to Mauritius for a week. I sent out a message to my whatsapp friends in Mauritius to ask for a possibility of meeting to say hello. And lo and behold! What materialized was three Reiki healing sevas!

This is how my life seems to be turning out. I send out an intention of doing seva, do a bit of asking around, then sit back and watch. Be in receptive mode, be in the flow. Be open at all levels of my being. And God makes me be at the right palce at the right time to do the scea needed!

With the help of Mauritius based Dr Ritesh Gajadhar, Pravin Boodhun, and Meghan Puttoo of Unitey Foundation, we were able to share our love and light in 2 places and with the help of Anishta Dharshini Seesurrun of Flame of Phoenix we could do it in 1 place.

Our 1st seva was at Southern Handicapped Association school for Special needs children. We gave Reiki to about 40 children and staff.

To begin with we were taken on a tour through the classrooms. The children greeted us but were shy. Halfway through the healing session, the situation was completely different. To reach the washroom, I had to pass through the classrooms again. This time a child got up from her chair and gave a me a hi fi … another got up and gave me a hug …. And another did the same … then another and another …. Their show of love was unmatchable! This was the dramatic transformation after receiving Reiki!

This show of affection was repeated in a mega way at the end of the treatments when one after another, they would not stop giving me hugs ……  Truly, Love begets Love! An indescribable blessing for me! If there be another blessing in the universe, then I know it not!

We ended the session with all of us chanting the Gayatri Mantra together.

The Sevaks that did this seva were LHSG UK’s Lekha Quilter and Mala Tolia, and I, Kamal Tolia of LHSG Kenya. Since it was Lekha’s birthday, Meghan had a surprise cake for her which Lekha cut to the chorus of Happy Birthday from the children, who thoroughly enjoyed eating it soon after.

With thank yous exchanged all round, we bid goodbye to the children, but not before donating Mauritius Rs 3000 (approx. US 90) to the school, which depends mainly on donations.

Please do read Mala’s account of this seva and watch the slide show and videos.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Hello every one

I just wanted to share the wonderful experience and opportunities that the Universe presented to us via Kamalbhabhi during our family holiday in Mauritius

Kamalbhabhi, Lekha and myself went to a beautiful seaside school on the south coast of Mauritius in a town called Surinam

This school specialised in teaching handicapped children up to the age of 18

They taught English , Maths etc to all but also taught vocational skills like sewing , crafts making to the older children to enable them to be independent financially.

They were taught in groups of no more than 8 in a class to ensure each student got individual attention and focus

We learnt that the school set up survived on donations and some money from the Ministry of Social Security

The entire school was very clean, organised and tidy

There was a special treatment room, no lights, to enable the patient’s sensory perception. We witnessed a 5 year old having her treatment by a qualified professional 

We carried out our healing in the school’s beautiful garden on a bright sunny day , which was very unusual and uplifting in itself for myself and Lekha as we come from a predominantly cold climate country

The three of us gave healing to each child individually.

It was very sad to feel their emotions; for about 7 of them, it felt like they had suffered sexual abuse, including 3 boys

As it was a day school, it was sad to know that they would return each day to their aggressive environment

They had lice in their hair, again, a sign of potential neglect, but otherwise were well kept

Kamalbhabhi also gave healing to the 5 year old who suffered from muscular dystrophy

She was extremley calm afterwards and went into an unusually deep sleep; she wasn’t able to be still prior to her reiki session.

They were all beaming and uplifted after their healing session.

Meghan , kamal bhabhi’s contact , had secretly ordered a birthday cake for Lekha and it was very impressive that they had executed the set up the presentation and organised the childrens attendance so quickly. They sang Happy Birthday to Lekha, she cut the cake and it was distributed to all the children who thoroughly enjoyed the treat

Kamalbhabhi then  asked them if they had enjoyed the healing and the response was very loud and very positive from them all; including the 7 teachers that we had given healing to as well.

The children gave massive hugs to kamalbhabhi and they did not want to stop!

Very very touching.

They gifted us with beautiful bags that they made themselves in the school.

We made a contribution to the school from LHSG.

The whole experience was very humbling

I know that you do a lot of sewa of this kind in Kenya and India but in the UK, we dont get these opportunities

Thank you Kamalbhabhi, for making this possible

Mala Tolia

LHSG UK Member

slide show


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The Asian Weekly Edition 423 Sept 28 – Oct 04

The Asian Weekly

Edition 423

Sept 28 – Oct 04

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13th Anniversay Celebrations Kenya Event No. 2

Celebrations continue in Kenya. On 24th September, Monica Gokaldas gave an introductory talk on Reiki while members of LHSG Kenya gave free sample healings to ladies of the Sikh Women’s Society Nairobi.

Please read on and watch the videos ….

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Reiki – An Introduction to Sikh Women

In the spirit of celebrating the 13th Anniversary of our group LHSG we conducted an introductory session of Reiki to a group of women. The topic chosen was Reiki as Reiki is the heart and soul of Lotus Healing seva Group. The group of women we spoke to about were all from the Sikh community being members of the Sikh Women’s Society.

The mid morning session on Monday 24th September was conducted at the premises of the Sikh Temple – Gurudwara Ramgharia, Pangani. It was attended by approximate 45 – 50 ladies. Despite the initial delay caused by the Ladies’ internal committee meeting seva spirit was unaffected and the event went off flawlessly having begun at 12.30.

I was given the task of speaking about Reiki and introducing the Healing properties of Reiki, its origin and various other aspects of Reiki. The ladies were very attentive and interactive. Some of them had several questions which I was able to answer well. While the talk was ongoing the sevaks of the day Pratima Dutt, Neena Sehgal, Karima Jiwa, Yatinder Mann and Shalini Shrivastava started off giving the ladies a sampler of Reiki Healing. The ladies were all very excited about experiencing this discipline of healing as they eagerly awaited their turn.

Soon I too joined the other healers and we were all very pleased with the effects the ladies were experiencing. Many of them had instant relief from aches and pains and stiffness of joints. The Vice Chairlady Mandeep Kenth who had initiated this event emphasized that most of the ladies needed healing for stress and we healers took a note of the same while giving healing.

Having given Reiki Therapy samplers to 31 women we were presented with a Certificate and a token of appreciation by the Chairlady Amarjeet Rayat and past Chairlady Joginder Sehmi which was followed by Lunch around 2pm.

No sooner had we finished the lunch those two elderly women who were left out and wanted to receive the healing charmed by the experience of others came to us and we gave them Reiki. We left the premises around 2.30pm satisfied that we had brought forth the knowledge about Reiki to yet another group of people.

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Founder Member

Slide Show:



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