Faraja Cancer Support Trust Reiki Level 1 Training

For the 4 th year running, Lotus Healing Seva Group held a Reiki level 1 Training camp for Cancer Patients, their Care givers and volunteers of Faraja Cancer Support Trust.

It was conducted on 18th April 2019 by Sheela Shah assisted by Laveena Keswani, both of them LHSG Kenya Members.

We feel privileged to touch the lives of these special people and give our gratitude to the management of Faraja Cancer support Trust in Nairobi for their support in our work.

Please read on and watch the slide show.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Today, the Faraja Reiki l camp was attended by 15 individuals. They were a mixture of Faraja volunteers, cancer patients and care giverss. After giving some time for at least 10 registered individuals to arrive, we finally started at 9.30am. The introduction to Reiki followed by the functions of the chakras went smoothly with a few questions being asked and answered accordingly. Then attunement was done and just as I was about to wake everyone up, 3 more individuals arrived. They had been delayed by traffic and were very hopeful to join the rest of the group. I quickly made the decision to attune them and after another 10 minutes I woke everyone up. Laveena, who was assisting me today, did a splendid job in quickly summarising the lesson to the late comers that they had missed so they could join the rest of the group in the self-healing exercise. Once the self-healing exercise was done, we broke off for a 15 minutes break. Following break, we did partner healing which went without any hitch. Everyone superbly gave healing to their partners. By 12.50, I was able to go through the 5 Reiki principles and the benefits of Reiki. After answering a few more questions, then group photograph, I was able to wrap up the course by 1.20. All in all everything worked out very well. The participants were happy with their new found skill and looked forward to learn Reiki ll.

I give my humble gratitude for another successful Faraja camp. Last but not least, thank you Laveena for your valuable assistance, making my task that much more easy.

Sheela Shah

LHSG Kenya Member


Slide Show

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Latest Geeta Study Classes Recordings

Dear Subscribers,

Hari Om, Shri Gurubhyo Namah!

Herewith the updated post with the recordings of Day 45 to Day 51 of the Geeta Study Class in Nairobi, Kenya,

Pranams to all!

Kamal Tolia


Dear Subscribers,

Hari Om Shri Gurubhyo Namah!

In February 2017, I started conducting The Geeta Study classes. The study group consists of 16 members who meet every other week.  

Our guiding book is the commentary The Holy Geeta, by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanda.

All knowledge comes from Him, all mistakes are my own.

I hope you enjoy listening to these audio recordings and find them useful.

It is my hope that this knowledge will enlighten your path to Self Realisation.

Pranams to all!

Kamal Tolia


Geeta Day 45 Complete


Geeta Day 46 Complete


Geeta Day 47


Geeta Day 48


Geeta Day 49


Geeta Day 50


Geeta Day 51 Complete


If you wish to get the previous days’ recordings, pls check previous posts.

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Kobo Trust: Reiki Level 2 Training Camp

Date: 11th April 2019

Venue: The Kobo Trust, Lavington, Nairobi

Event: Reiki Level 2 Training Camp.

Sixteen children and adults of the Kobo Trust were eagerly awaiting us, LHSG Kenya members Anuradha Nath, Neena Gupta and myself, Kamal Tolia in the hall of The Kobo Trust offices on Raira Road, Lavington. Their excitement at doing the second level of Reiki was palpable!

We started with them sharing how much Reiki had helped them so far, from sleeping better, no headaches and being at peace and calm all the time. All these were wonderful testimonies, but the one that took every ones breath away was a young boy who shared that he was able to forgive another boy with whom he had had a grudge and who he hated since 2 years! Their videos below recount their stories.

Next we plunged straight into the Reiki Level 2 teaching. They were such a smart lot! All of them mastered drawing the symbols in 15 minutes flat!! The attunement followed next, and self-healing, which they did with total concentration. After a short lunch break, we showed them the different methods of doing absent Reiki healing, making a Reiki envelope of intentions, healing Mother Earth, and the power of group healing. We ended the training with presenting them with their Reiki Level 2 Certificates and taking out photographs.

It was such a joy to teach these youngsters and adults. They were so committed to the practice of Reiki, and we are so sure it will make a big impact in their lives and in those of their loved ones, friends, relatives, and neighbours.

They loved the lunch and tea we had brought for them: Vegetable Burgers and Manadazis, and biscuits and milk.

We would like to thank the Management and Trustees of The Kobo Trust for affording us the use of their hall for our Reiki Training., and it was our pleasure to teach the youngsters and adults Reiki. 

Please do watch the videos below.

Thank you for your support!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


The Children Share How Reiki Has Helped Them


Drawing Symbols and Receiving Certificates


Delvin: Sharing Reiki & healing, Forgiving and Letting Go

Reiki Level 2 Training Camp, Kobo Trust, 11th April 2019



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Sathya Sai School Reiki Level 1 Camp

Every year, for the last 3 years, LHSG  has been carying out Reiki training for the 10 and 11 year old students of Sathya Sai School in Uthiru. These children come from very underprivelged families in the neighbouring slum areas. LHSG member Mamta Advani, assisted by members Sheela Shah and Baiju (Cooky) Vora, conduced the Reiki Level 1 training on 3rd April 2019.

Please read on and watch the videos.

Thank you.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member.


The Reiki 1 camp at Satya Sai School today 3rd April 2019 went very well.

We had 22 children from Class 5 , 4 from class 6 , 1 from class 7 and two teachers.

All of them were lovely students and amazing healers.

It was a pleasure to share the gift of Reiki with them.

They were very grateful for Reiki 1 and are eagerly waiting to do Reiki 2!

We Hope and pray that the joy of Reiki fills up their lives of and of the ones around them.

Thanks dear Sheela and Cooky for all the help and support.

Mamta Advani

LHSG  Kenya Member


Today’s Reiki camp at Sai school, Uthiru was my first time. What a wonderful, bright and well behaved group they were. It was a joy teaching them and their enthusiasm to learn Reiki l was encouraging. The students and their 2 teachers were very attentive throughout the instructions sessions and then carried out the healing exercises efficiently. I felt grateful for the opportunity to interact with such positive students.

Mamta executed her teachings clearly and perfectly as always, and it was an absolute joy to assist with our super efficient Cooky.

All in all another brilliant seva day.

Sheela Shah

LHSG Kenya Member


Slide Show



Video: Students who had learned Reiki 3 years ago share how it has helped them. 



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