13th Anniversary Celebrations Event No. 12

To mark the 13 th Anniversary of our existence, LHSG UK decided to give healing to nature;  water, birds , trees, plants , animals and Mother Earth

Bena Shah, Bhanu Shah, Savita Karekar, Indu Shukla, Lekha Quilter and Mala Tolia went to Osterley Park which is a National Trust run neo- classical house with landscaped park and gardens

There are 2 big ponds and a river running alongside the park

As we entered the park, there were some beautiful white cows to welcome us.

We gave them all healing

Next, we came across pigeons, ducks and a variety of other birds to whom we again stopped and gave healing

Next was the river into which we poured the Reiki charged water from our individual bottles whilst chanting ‘Aum’

We sent the intention that the river now charged with Reiki and the water crystals now vibrating with ‘Aum’, be merged with all the waters of the UK, Europe, the entire world, the galaxy, all the galaxies, universes and cosmoses

We all experienced an absolute bliss during this and a good 10 minutes afterwards at least as if the entire existence was enjoying this peacefulness.

We gave healing to the plants there and to some very unusual but beautiful trees.

Hugged the trees too.

Also gave healing to some horses who came closer to the park as if sensing something wonderful was happening.

We then sat on some wooden benches where we did our ‘order of healing’ protocol.

It was a very strong connection to our higher selves and beyond being outdoors, in nature and healing though the temperature was 3 degrees Celcius !!!!

Lastly, we poured the Reiki charged water into a very big pond, with the ‘Aum’ and again intended it to cascade to all, everything, infinity and beyond.

On our way out, the cows had come right close to the path, again probably sensing the great energy so we blessed them, and their calves and their families etc.

We left the nature reserve feeling fulfilled and elated. We then headed to a dosa place in Hounslow for lunch. A lunch very different to others as it was with like minded people therefore even more satisfying.

Thank you Universe, for this opportunity and thank you Kamal Bhabhi for motivating the group to drive these sewas.

Love and Light

Mala Tolia

Member, LHSG UK.

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13th Anniversary Celebrations Event No. 11

I was invited to give a talk on a subject of my choice to the ladies of Fehmina Group. The group has been in existence since the last 40 years in Nairobi. The event happened on 4th December 2018, in the lovely house of Aruna Lakhani. Present were about 15 members and Fehmina’s chairlady Nikunj Kothari and Treasurer Asha Khamar.  

I chose to introduce Reiki and to give Reiki healing to each person at the meeting. As I explained what Reiki was and described its history briefly, LHSG sevaks Monica Gokaldas, Dhwani Haria and Bhavna Baga gave Reiki to the ladies who were in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s! I elaborated on the 5 Reiki principles of being grateful, not getting angry, not worrying, living honestly and showing love and respect. On their request, I further dwelled on teh subject of anger management.  

After the mini Reiki sessions, all of them reported feeling better and relaxed. Their feedback has been recorded by Monica Gokaldas in the video below. Do watch!

After a delicious lunch by the host Aruna Lakhani, she donated 10 boxes of biscuits to be given to the children in the slums that we visit for Reiki training.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member




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13th Anniversary Celebrations Event No. 10

The Kobo Trust has been looking after vulnerable children that have been displaced, abused, abandoned and exploited since the last 10 years. Rehabilitation, education, and health care are its primary concerns.

The Director Clara Garcias Castells and the Operations Manager  Wilfred Omondi James of The Kobo Trust approached Lotus Healing Seva Group to train the children in their care in Reiki in the hope that Reiki healing would help the children heal from their past traumas.

Of course LHSG was happy to oblige! So on 29th November 2018, LHSG Sevaks Anuradha Nath, Neena Gupta, Jenna Amersi and I drove to the Kobo Trust Premises in Lavington and imparted the knowledge and practice of Reiki Level 1 to 24 children, young adults and officials of the Kobo Trust and other social workers of children and youth.

It was one of the most tender and heart touching Reiki camp I have conducted. The children were so loving and grateful. They were also a smart, switched on lot, they grasped all that was taught in a trice, and soon became excellent Reiki healers!

At the end, the children gave us beautiful roses as a token of appreciation. I was so touched by this gesture. This is the first time LHSG has been appreciated with flowers! 

The whole event has been captured in pictures and video, which say it much better than I could describe in words. Please do watch them.

Thank you dear subscribers for your support!

Love and Light,

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member.


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13th Anniversary Celebrations Event No. 9

The International Vegetarian Union held its 46th Veg fest 2018 on 24th November 2018. They have the annual festival in different countries in the world. This year they chose to have it in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Lotus Healing Seva Group was honoured to be asked to take part by Priti Shah of M A Matth Charitable Trust. 

The festival was organized by the founder of Shrivednat Trust, Vaishali Shah and held at the Oshwal Centre, Nairobi. There were  stalls of various Vegetarian and Vegan produce, Healthy Living, Eco conservation, and of course our Reiki Healing.

Visitors to our stall were given a history of LHSG, our seva projects, and our 3 missions: to increase the awareness of Reiki, to give Reiki to sick people, animals and plants, and to train people in Reiki.

Keeping the first and second mission in mind, LHSG Sevaks Rekha Chauhan, Anuradha Nath, Cooky Vora, Nalina Rupani, Punita Acharya, Bhavna Baga, Laveena Keswani and I, Kamal Tolia gave Reiki to 41 people for various issues. And as usual, the visitors walked away amazed at the healing effects of Reiki.

Here are some of their comments …..

  • Felt so nice ….. with lots of heat from the healers hands …
  • I nad a strong headache … its gone!!!
  • Felt very relaxed and light in my body …
  • I felt so relaxed and sleepy .. and the pain is better …
  • Felt relaxed and centred … will recommend to others ….
  • Relieved of psychological and muscle stress ….
  • Felt the pains of cramps subside ….
  • Felt some kind of energy flow … would like to know more about Reiki ….
  • Felt much better … healed of trauma …..
  • Great experience ….
  • Very calming and rejuvenating … received some very useful insights and information …
  • Tension released … energy created positivity … and calm and relaxing …
  • Pin in right wrist and thumb … felt 75% pain relief …
  • Put my foot down … did not hurt … normally it does ….
  • Peace of mind … doing great job … keep it up …
  • Felt relief in my injured shoulder …
  • Felt pain relief around the knee injury …
  • So priceless! Relaxing and rejuvenating …

Love and Light to all!

Please watch the slide show below.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member

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