Forgivness Workshop Held At Arama

The Asian Weekly Edition 391 February 16th – 22nd 2018

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Sharing our Love with Refugees of Old

India’s independence story has a few not so nice parts. The partition of the sub-continent into India and Pakistan in 1947 is one such part. The whole of the province of Sindh went to Pakistan and the Hindu Sindhi people found themselves on the wrong side of the border.

So they left, or should I say fled. They fled by boat, by train, on foot. My family was one of them. Some, like my family, had resources to start life anew. Most didn’t. They became refugees in their own country. These refugees that reached Bombay (as Mumbai was known in those days) stayed in refugee camps set up for them by the government in Kalyan and Ulhasnagar.

Fast forward to the present, 70 years later. Hardly any change in these people’s situation. Destitute then, destitute now.

I came to know of these ‘forgotten’ refugees from a philanthropic lady called Neha Melwani in Mumbai. She has been carrying on the tradition started by her grandparents of helping them, by visiting these ladies once a week to give them a square meal, a few household and ration necessities, sponsor a few children for education, and others for medical needs, as well as donate much needed clothes. She invited me to accompany her on one such trip.

I wondered if I could give these ladies Reiki? So on Tuesday 6th February, I went with Neha and her parents and aunt for a 3 hour drive to Ulhasnagar. There, outside a small room were about 15 ladies waiting patiently on some shabby chairs. Neha told them that I would ‘take your pains away’! And that I had come from far, from Africa …

And with that introduction, I set up shop! One by one, they sat on the chair and I addressed the parts that were paining or not well. The place was actually a part of the verandah, with the street just behind us with and the usual street noises and people talking in the background! As I proceeded with giving them healing, they warmed up to me more and more. It helped that I am a Sindhi and speak the language. 

These elderly ladies were all aged over 60 years. The oldest was 98 years old! All had sad tales to tell …… some were widows, some never married, the sons and daughter in laws of some had passed on, leaving them with the grandchildren, another’s son had ‘disappeared’, daughter in law was very ill …. And so on and on it went ….

My heart went out to them. Poor before partition. Poor during partition. Poor seventy years later. In need of material sustenance. In need of emotional help. And in need of mending their broken spirits.

They loved the healing session, many of them reporting the disappearance of their aches and pains, feeling calmer, and it showed on their faces! They even smiled more and many blessed me!

It is my hope that the Reiki they received on that day helped to alleviate their suffering … even if for a short while.

I was joined in this seva by Kulmeet Kaur, our LHSG Mumbai member. She and I also went to one of the volunteer, Mr. Makhija’s house to give Reiki to his wife who suffers from a chronic problem.

As always, I give my thanks to Reiki and the Universe for making me a channel of Love and Light.

Please watch the slide show and the video.

Thank you for your continued interest in our activities. My apologies to those who do not understand Sindhi.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


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Ho’oponopono Workshop at Arama, Nairobi

On 6th of February LHSG had a Ho’oponopono Workshop at the Arama Lifestyle Home. Having conducted Reiki level 1 and 2 camp at the premises late last year I, Monica Gokaldas, was being guided to conduct the forgiveness workshop for those interested.

LHSG Kenya member Pratima Dutt  and I arrived by 8.30am on the Tuesday morning and set up the sitting room in preparation. The workshop was attended by seven people. Though it was a small group it was a big experience for me. They were all very receptive and interactive. I feel I gained a fair bit of knowledge in the process of answering their questions.

The director of Arama, Shruti Shah proved to be an outstanding host as she ensured the workshop ran smoothly without being disturbed by any other class that was ongoing at the same time in different rooms. During the short tea break everyone was delighted to relish the warm snacks and beverages.

All participants followed the various forgiveness exercises and were amazed at the way they felt lighter after having done them. During the workshop Pratima Dutt helped out and co conducted for a while. On the whole, a small group but great impact was created.

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Founder Member


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Empowering Street Boys in Mumbai

After the Sri Lanka trip, I was scheduled to conduct a Reiki Level 1 Camp for street boys in a centre called Vatslaya in Lower Parel, Mumbai. This had been agreed on by the kind permission of the centre’s manager Swati Mukherji. The camp was carried out on 4th February, with the help from my sister Kamini Asrani, a Reiki healer, and our ever ready to help Mumbai member Kirti Kamdar. Kirti came with 5 Reiki healer friends who she has trained in Reiki. . . Nisha, Puran Singh, and sisters Vidhiti and Niti… Of special note was Kirti’s lovely, eager maid Dina who also did this seva . . . Dina has been trained in Reiki level 1 by Kirti. She stands out in the pictures as the elegant one wearing a beautiful sari . . .

Apologies to those who don’t know Hindi, as the camp was conducted in Hindi . . . 

Vatsalya which means centre for the loved ones. These boys aged 6 – 16 years, are from street families. They stay and sleep at the centre during the academic year. They receive free schooling and go back to their families in the school holidays. They sleep in the same room on the same mats u see in the pics. The older ones live in rooms (which are paid for by donations) in another area a little far away. These ones are in the ‘A’ level sections of the school and their education is also sponsored.

They were very well behaved at the beginning, but then got fidgety after a couple of hours as boys are wont to do! But as they proceeded with the self healing, they relaxed a lot!
After lunch which consisted of puris, channa allu, veg pulao, dal and ras gulla.
they commenced on partner healing. It went very well. . . Many of them went into a deep slumber. .  could not be woken up! Not even our fairly rough shaking them had any effect whatsoever! Clear evidence of how much these poor souls needed the healing touch of Reiki!

We ended with instructuons  to do Reiki on themselves and each other regularly which they promised to do. And with came the end of another Reiki Seva camp conducted by LHSG Kenya and India, Mumbai.

I give my gratitude once again to the Universe and Reiki for allowing us to be the agent of change in the lives of these innocent souls.

We trained a total of 48 children and adults in all.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Vatsalya – affectionate or loving. This is what we felt when we visited The Vatsalya Foundation in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai.

The lady incharge, Ms. Swati Mukherjee and the other volunteers there were actually loving towards the small boys who came from street with either the parents r abusive or can’t afford to bring them up. We taught Reiki level 1 to the boys as well as the volunteers. They were so keen to learn this as it was something new and never heard of. Though they were very young in age, some as young as 6 years,  they picked up everything so quickly and also did healing on themselves and on partners too. ….. and also shared their experiences.

One boy said, “Mujhe mann mein shanti hui” which means he felt peaceful within.
One boy felt the headache disappeared which he had before the class.

Ms. Swati was very happy to have us there. The lunch on that day was sponsored by LHSG India and Kenya and Kamini Asrani, a Reiki Healer. We joined them for lunch which was prepared at the centre itself by a lady, (If you want to sponsor a meal you have to give money as they don’t allow outside food for health and hygiene purpose) and believe me it was very tasty though very simple.

We thank Ms. Swati for having us there and giving us the opportunity to teach Reiki to the boys.

Kirti Kamdar

LHSG India in charge, Mumbai


The cute little children greeted each one of us with so much love and affection on our arrival.Visit to Vatsalya has created a special place in my heart with so many memories.Our Reiki camp started with high level enthusiasm.The children were very happy to learn and practice something new.I will never ever forget those children; the way they reached out to all of us for love and affection.They had feeling of gratitude for small small things.I would like to attend more and more events in future so that it will help people in their lives.Lastly, I would like to thank Kamal aunty and Kirti aunty to give me this chance…Happy to be a part of LHSG..

love and light????

Puran Singh Jikadara

LHSG India, Mumbai Member


Visiting Vatsalya was a life changing experience and has filled me with emotions and sentiments.I feel blessed and lucky to get an opportunity where I could be a part in the Reiki healing camp.The children over there were so happy and actively participated in Reiki learning process.Those little Angels showered lot of love on each one of us.I would also like to extend my gratitude to Kamal aunty and Kirti aunty to give me this opportunity and I am more than happy to be a part of LHSG.I look forward to more such events where I can make difference in someone’s life..LNL????????

Nisha Jikadara

LHSG India, Mumbai Member

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