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Edition 460

June 14 – 20, 2019



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Reiki Level 2 Camp in St Peter’s School

St Peter’s School for the mentally and physically challenged is situated in the Loresho suburb of Nairobi. The children that receive special needs education in this school are about 20.

The 6 teachers and therapists of this school had received Reiki Level 1 training in September last year. These lovely people have been doing Reiki on themselves, and their families, with some fantastic results, some of them quite frankly, miraculous! They have willingly shared these results in the videos below. Do watch!

And, very importantly, they have been giving Reiki to the children in the school as well! The children too have been showing great results, all of which were also shared by the teachers in the videos below.

On 8th June 2019, I went to the school to train the teachers in Reiki Level 2. They were super students, learned the symbols easily, and picked up the different methods of sending distant healing, writing intentions, and group healing. I am confident that with this advanced healing technique, they will achieve even greater results in their personal lives and enhanced results in the childrens’ physical and mental progress.

I give thanks to Head Teacher Mrs Naomi Kadzo for arranging this Reiki Training Workshop at the school. Thank you also to Teacher Patricia Chiweya, Therapists Roy Ochieng and Jackson Mutula, the school bus driver Emanuel Kiprono, the school gardener Peter Rotich and Naomi Kadzo once again, for being my students! It was my pleasure to teach all of you!

Please do watch the videos below.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Slide Show



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Earth Day 2019 Honoured

On the occasion of Earth Day, 5th June 2019,  the Rajasthan Welfare Society in Kenya wished to plant fruit trees in a school in Nairobi. Through LHSG Kenya member Mamta Advani, they approached us to help plant the trees in accordance with our Hindu mantras and with Reiki. We were happy to oblige!

Since 5th June was turned out to be a holiday, the tree planting was done on 6th June 2019, at Hospital Hill Primary School in Nairobi. Ninety five fruit trees consisting of mango, avocado, loquart, lemon, passion flower and paw paw trees were donated by The Rajasthani welfare society members and LHSG member Shariffa Keshavjee donated 14 avocado trees.

Gratitude to the Head Teacher of the school, Mrs Matu, who facilitated the tree planting program in the school. 

The 109 trees were planted along the boundary walls, on the grounds, around the swimming pool area, near the kitchen etc. The ladies from TRWS were happy to team up with LHSG members to plant the different trees. They were grateful for having learned the spiritual way of planting trees, as prescribed in our holy scriptures, the Vedas.

Dear friends, I would like to add, that when trees are planted, to get a survival rate of 60 – 65 % is considered good. But with LHSG’s method of planting trees, we have been getting a success rate of 85 – 92 %. Cause to celebrate, yes?!

If any of you would like to know more about this spiritual method of planting trees, I would be happy to share it with you!

Thank you for your support!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member



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Reiki Training For Parents in Thika

A perfect example of how good spreads!

On January 2019, Lotus Healing Seva Group, Kenya, held its first Reiki training camp in Dada’s Primary School in Thika, Kenya, in which we trained 190 children to Reiki Level 1. These children healers have been giving Reiki to their parents who, much to their joy, have experienced relief from their aches and pains. The parents therefore, wanted to receive training in Reiki too!

So, with the kind help of the Director of the school Geneveva Shichehi Shivalu., and the Head teacher Christine Njoroge, a Reiki training session was arranged for them at the school on Saturday, 25th May 2019. LHSG Kenya Members Mamta Advani, Anuradha Nath and I, Kamal Tolia reached the school where 112 parents (including babies) were waiting patiently to be given the gift of Reiki! They had walked for many miles (some more than 30 miles) from the neighbourhood to be here! And one lovely lady was actually totally visually impaired.

What can I say next? The whole training went super well, from the introduction, to the attunement, to self-healing and partner healing! The energy in their hands was very intense, the proof of it being the disappearance of their pains and colds by the end of the day. These lovely people that came from disadvantaged backgrounds went through the paces of the training so diligently, absorbing all that I said and which was translated by teachers Susan Mwangi and Blessing Adhiambo.

The visual impairment for the lady did not in any way deter her from receiving the training. And what was so touching was to see the others guide her hands to the right places and chakras on her and her partners body! So she too emerged an empowered healer, just like everybody else!

At the end, each paricipant walked away with a certificate and a bag of maizemeal flour donated by LHSG members and friends of LHSG.

Our gratitude to Mr Nitin Shah, philanthropist and owner of the school, who gave us his permission to hold the workshop and for sponsoring the lunch for the parents. Gratitude also to Geneveva for all her help in planning, Christine for facilitating the whole program and to Susan and Blessing for their perfect translation.

We look forward to returning to teach them the second level.

Please watch the slide show and video below.


Slide show

Video: In English and Kiswahili


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