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Peoples experiences with energy healing

The following is the experience of a cancer patient, after receiving Reiki treatments from Lotus Healing Seva Group members, at the Faraja Cancer Support Centre, Nairobi.

1st Session:
Very powerful and overwhelming … released pent up emotions and let the tears flow … a surprising reaction ….. felt very relaxed at the end of the session though very emotional.

2nd session:
This time thoroughly relaxed throughout the session. An entirely peaceful experience. Fell asleep briefly.

3rd Session:
Received with no hands on as (Reiki) was given whilst receiving Herceptin Treatment (chemotherapy). Again a feeling of peace.

4th Session:
Again very relaxing. Amazing to sense the warmth coming through the hands of the healers. Wonderfully relaxing.

Marianne Olsen

Reiki Healing and Appreciation

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Testimonials Galore As Reiki Weaves its Magic!

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Reiki Stories To Warm Our Hearts!

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Heartwarming Healing Session at Faraja

It was a bright day of 21st September. The energies were high as they always are around (before, during and after) any Solstice Day or Equinox Day. It was Mamta’s schedule to go to Faraja but as she was busy … Continue reading

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