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Thoughts And Practices For Enlightened Living 1

Asking For Forgiveness ….Part 1

Much has been said and written about forgiving others. The other side of the Forgiveness coin is Asking For Forgiveness. If letting go was hard enough, asking for forgiveness can be equally hard, if not harder. But the good news is that if we apply either one of them, the other becomes less painful to implement.

If we are asked to count on our fingers the number of times we have been hurt by others, we might find that we run out of fingers. But when asked to do the opposite … how many times have we hurt others, …. We may find we don’t need all ten fingers!

So it is with most people. As usual our ego controls our emotions and how we feel. It makes us feel we are right, others wrong …. We are good, others bad ….we are kind, others heartless …. and so on, always absolving itself of any wrongs and placing the blame squarely on others..

Having said that, in the deepest core of our being, we do realize that we may not always be perfect in our relationships, and if we care to look deeper, we will see that on occasions we have hurt others with our thoughts, words and actions. It might take immense courage to go past your ego and accept that you can be wrong, but once you are ready to accept responsibility for this, you will be ready to ask for forgiveness.

Why should we ask for forgiveness?

Each of us has a core of God Essence, which is perfect, whole and complete and therefore at peace. Whenever we operate from Oneness and with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness …. We are in tune with this Divine Core and we tap into this Godly Peace. Each time we operate from the ego level of me, myself, I, and with hatred, anger, jealousy, fear, and in the process hurt people, we move out of sync with this Godly core and the peace it carries. Outwardly, nothing may appear changed, but inwardly, a lot will be wrong. We will have no inner peace.

This subtle inner agitation will prompt us periodically to ask for forgiveness, but as usual the ego steps in with its own self-serving arguments of how you were not wrong, so why should you ask for forgiveness? This inner battle between your Higher Self and your ego self is quite tiring and very often, the ego wins. So you learn to live with this ‘unpeace.’ To make sure it does not disturb you (actually your ego!) you push it down onto the deep recesses of your consciousness and continue with life as if it were normal.

In truth, it is anything but normal, as you will discover. For this disturbance in inner peace brings about disturbance in your outer peace with all its attendant problems …… in relationships with everybody, even with yourself! The ego may have won the battle, but it will have lost the war.

Next week: How to ask for Forgiveness

With Reiki Blessings and Love from Kenya!

Kamal Tolia

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Thank You

Dear Subscribers,

I write this post to thank you for your support all these years.

Thank you to those who read our LHSG posts and write a comment as well.

Thank you from all of us at LHSG International!

The current pandemic has limited our in-person seva activities, hence there have been very few postings over the past 12 months. However, we have been very active behind the scenes with various distant Reiki healing sevas:

1. We continue to send Reiki every day to requests received by us from our website and our LHSG Whatsapp group. 

1. We have been sending special extra Reiki to covid and cancer patients biweekly,

2. We have been doing distant Reiki healing every day for 2 weeks to souls that have passed away.

3. Special Reiki grief trauma healing every day for 2 weeks  for the loved ones of the souls that have passed on. 

We deeply believe these sevas are the need of the day, even though we do not have any pictures or videos to show for them. 

Thank you all once again for staying connected with LHSG. 

I would also like to mention another essential aspect of healing  in these troubled times: that of  keeping ourselves upbeat and positive. This too, i believe is the need of the hour. To this end, i would like to share here, on this forum, thoughts and practices for enlightened living. I have been writing on this topic for our local newspaper in Kenya, The Asian Weekly for the past 10 years or so.

I hope you will find these posts interesting and useful. Do write in the comments section. 

Wishing all super health,

Reiki Blessings,

Love and Light always!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG founder Member

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LHSG Reiki Training Seva No. 1, 2021

As the world continues to reel under the continuing covid 19 pandemic, and in person training is just not possible, we of Lotus Healing Seva Group thought hard … how do we continue our seva mission? And an idea came up, and we swung into action!  

Our continuing project, the Mukuru Outreach Kenya Academy had around 40 new students from January this year. With the help the Headmaster Enoch Nyananga and the Teacher Vincent, we set about organizing a distant Reiki training session. To begin with they were introduced to chakras and their locations in our body by Teacher Vincent. This was followed by an attunement and self-healing and partner healing on Saturday 6th March, supervised by Teacher Vincent.   

As always, the presence of the healing power in their hands amazed them. And as always, its quick (almost immediate) effects made them overjoyed! Their reactions and experiences in Reiki are recorded in the video. Apologies if the sound is not very clear ….. as there is a lot of background noise from the other children playing outside.

The children were given a nourishing lunch of their favourite rice and beans, and some sweets when going home.

Our deepest gratitude goes to the Teacher Vincent for conducting the workshop and to the Head Teacher Enock Nyananga, and to Edith Kangundo,the school Accountant for all their help in co-ordinating the event.

Reiki Blessings! And wishing all a safe, healthy and happy New Year!

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member

Lotus Healing Seva Group


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LHSG 15th Anniversary In The News

In The Asian Weekly

Edition 537. Dec 18 – 24. 2020

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