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Reiki Level 1 workshop for 16 girls at HMGC

 Reiki Level 1 workshop for 16 girls at HMGC

A Reiki workshop was carried out at the Hawkers Market Girls Centre on Wednesday 15th March 2023. The session was conducted by LHSG Kenya Members Sakina Taki and Shariffa Keshavji, founder of HMGC. Many thanks got to Isabella Asenwa, the Centre Manager and LHSG Kenya Member, for all her help in the before and during the workshop.

Please read on for Sakina’s Report and do watch the video that follows.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


The class started at about 10:15am and the girls settled for Attunement at 11:00am. Different experiences were noted after the Attunement process. Most felt calm and also fell asleep while one student saw the colors yellow, blue and purple with glitters.

They all felt a vibrant energy as they started self-healing. Most of them felt a warm sensation in their hands and some felt a pulse or pins and needles. They were fascinated by the sensations felt.

After lunch, that was sponsored by LHSG Kenya, at about 12:30 we started session two as they paired up to give each other Reiki. A feeling of calmness was felt by most while one student was curious to know why she felt a stronger energy on some chakras compared to others. The camp was a great success and the students were pleased to know that Reiki is a tool they can use to boost their children’s energy and health.

I am very grateful for this opportunity to do this training seva.

Sakina Taki

LHSG Kenya Member.

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Reiki Level 1 Training for Alternative Healers and Mental Health Practitioners

On Friday 10th March 2023, a Reiki workshop was held and 3 students. It was a first for Lotus Healing Seva Group, in that it was for Alternative Healers and Mental Health Practioners! It was conducted by LHSG Kenya Member Sakina Taki.

Please read on for her report.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member

Zainab Jagani, a deep transformational coach, witnessed a lot of colors and light while being attuned while Tahera Shivji (a marriage mediator) for a moment, felt like she was lifted. Eddy from Conscious Kenya fell into a calming sleep during the attunement.

As they started self-healing, different emotions were experienced by the students, Zainab swayed with a smile while giving herself Reiki while Tahera felt strong emotions and Eddy sat in absolute calmness.

As they partnered to learn how to give Reiki to each other, strong energies were felt and there was a calming notion in the atmosphere. Luna, Zainab’s naughty cat joined in and felt the energies as she fell asleep after the attunement and kept close proximity to anyone feeling strong emotions.

All three students are very grateful to have received this gift of Reiki and can’t wait to utilize their gift amongst family and friends.

Sakina Taki

LHSG Kenya Member

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Hindu Refugee Children Learn Reiki 1

Our first Reiki training of the year was held on 13th and 15th March. Mamta Advani (LHSG Kenya) and I taught 36 Hindu refugee children in Delhi. It was an online class, carried out with the help of our India member Vikram Lalwani, their teacher.

It was such a pleasure to teach these children aged 10 yrs and over. Even across the wifi, I could pick up their enthusiasm at learning something new! Their eager faces, their total concentration, their willing hands, as they did self-healing and partner healing, were a joy to see!

So now, we have 36 new Reiki healers in the world! These children, from disadvantaged backgrounds, who have so little to begin with, have been enriched with the healing power of Reiki! One more step towards self-empowerment and self-reliance! What a beautiful gift!

Many thanks also go to our LHSG India members Mona Gayatri and Arpita Kundu for sponsoring the snacks of samosas, pattis, grapes and bananas for the children.

Do watch the video below. It is mostly in Hindi, with a few scenes in Gujarati and Sindhi.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member

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LHSG 17th Anniversary Seva No. 18

Dear Subrcribers,

It is with great happiness that I announce that LHSG has broken ground in Zanzibar! This is an island off the coast of Tanzania, in the Indian Ocean!

Our dear LHSG Kenya Member Sakina Taki went all out to talk about Reiki to a group of people on the island, and in no time at all, she had 6 people who wanted to be trained in Reiki. Together with this being LHSG’s first in Zanzibar, it was a first for Sakina in another way as well as she had to conduct the session partially in Kiswahili!

Do read on for her account, and do watch the video, the first part of which shows the beautiful venue where the training was carried out.

Thank you for staying with us!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Between 15th December and 20th December 6 individuals on the Island of Zanzibar completed reiki level 1

Amina Omar a community leader working with women in her community. She experienced great relaxation while being attuned. Amina mentioned that before the session she had been angry that day and annoyed. After giving herself reiki she felt a deep sense of peace within and kept smiling as she gave herself reiki. She is eager to learn level 2 and can’t wait to start assisting her community after obtaining the gift of reiki

Mwanahawa, a yoga instructor at Wajamama felt a strong emotional healing after giving herself reiki. Hawa flet very emotional and a big force of energy while giving reiki to her sacral chakra, but after completing self-healing she felt calm and happy.

Alice Ayda is an artist who does voluntary work with women in the prisons in USA. She felt herself sway and was filled with happiness while giving her heart chakra reiki. She experienced great relaxation while being attuned.  Ayda felt Reiki energies strongly as she gave her chakras reiki and felt like she was swaying a bit. She also kept smiling while healing herself. She too is eager to learn level 2 and can’t wait to start assisting their communities after obtaining the gift of reiki

Ayda Abdallah a yoga instructor and intuitive healer had felt strong energy from her hand previously and is known to her family and friends to have ‘healing hands’. Learning reiki level 1 has given her a better understanding of how to channel the energy and while being Attuned she saw a burst of colors.

Farah Motani, a nutritionist and yoga instructor in Jambiani (the south of Zanzibar) felt very calm after giving herself reiki and felt strong vibrations while giving her partner reiki.

Yusra who works at Wajamama wellness center learnt reiki level 1 with the aim of helping the women who come to their center with physical and emotional issues. Yusra was excited to be able to assist people in pain after having learnt reiki level 1

All 6 reiki level 1 healers are eager to help their communities and spread reiki healing amongst family and friends.

Sakina Taki

LHSG Kenya Member


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