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Reaching Out To The Grieving

None of what we are going through since the last 7 months will rate as normal by any measure. The Covid 19 pandemic has left the whole world on its knees. As we grapple with economic meltdowns, lock down restrictions, loss of jobs, and disruptions to our life style, it is a time to reflect on our desperate situation and do some soul searching to understand how we have contributed to its coming about and how we can do things differently.

By and large, the ones who paid the heaviest price are the ones who succumbed to the illness and passed away. And there are the ones who have to pay an equally heavy price; the relatives and loved ones of those who died. They are the ones living the hell of the the pandemic along with the hell of dealing with the grief that is compounded by the most unnatural of circumstances; unable to be with their loved ones as they pass over, unnable to bury or cremate their dead, unable to carry out their final rites; unnable to say good bye and have the comfort that closure gives. In the words of some of them: ‘I am alive, but i am not living’, ‘I might as well be dead; what’s the use of living, I want to die’

We, the Lotus Healing Seva Group members saw the need to heal this group of grieving people. We knew Reiki would work its magic! Before the total lock down happened, we reach out to the grieving by give them hands on Reiki every day for two weeks. The result as expected, was amazing! They were able to let go, and felt a deep peace within. Encouraged, we reached out to more and more grieving people. As the pandemic restrictions became more strict, we started doing this seva as a distant healing, and by now, 6 months later, we have helped give healing and succor to more than  100 people from different parts of the world.

As always, we are grateful to the Universe / God, for making us an instrument of His healing for the people that need it most in these times. 

We wish to extend this Grief Trauma Healing to all who need it in these difficult times, in whichever part of the world they may reside. Please feel free to ask for it for those who have lost their loved ones in these times (due to covid 19 or not) and who you believe will benefit from this healing. Please send an e mail to

Love and Light to all!

Founder Member

Kamal Tolia

Lotus Healing Seva Group

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Our Annual Reiki Level 1 Training at Faraja

Continuing with our tradition of offering Reiki Level 1 Training to Cancer patients, their care givers and people associated with Faraja Cancer Support Centre, Lotus Healing Seva Group had its annual training on 27th February 2020.

We are very grateful to Shaira Adamali, Phillip Odiyo and the team at Faraja who helped us organize and carry out this seva.

The training was carried out by LHSG members Sheela Shah (who conducted it) and Anuradha Nath (who assisted).

Kindly read on and watch the video.

Many thanks for remaining subscribed!

Reiki Blessings

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member

Lotus Healing Seva Group


Today, 27th February 2020, Anuradha and I conducted the Reiki level 1 camp at Faraja. There were 16 people in total, out of which 4 were patients and the rest were Faraja volunteers. Introduction to Reiki, the chakras and then the attunement went very smoothly. As the self-healing session started, slowly but surely everyone started feeling Reiki flowing in their hands. All were very attentive and patiently went through each chakra. We could see quite a few of them feeling very relaxed and on the verge of dozing off. After self-healing we had a short 20 mins break. Two of the patients had to go for radio therapy and didn’t return. With everyone feeling energised, we started partner healing with enthusiasm. The whole group were very willing and carried out partner healing very well. Then Anuradha went through the benefits of Reiki meticulously. After going through the principles of Reiki, answering any more questions, we had the group picture taken. Before leaving I informed the group of the Reiki Level 2 date next month and got positive feedback on attending it. Thank you Anuradha for your irreplaceable assistance and gratitude always for this successful Reiki camp

Sheela Shah

Lotus Healing Seva Group


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The Gift of Reiki: HMGC Reiki 1 Camp

Lotus Healing Seva (Kenya) Group held its annual Reiki 1 training for the girls of the Hawkers Market Girls Centre on 7th February 2020. Eight new Reiki healers were created that day!

LHSG founder member Punita Acharya conducted the camp, assisted by LHSG member Laveena Keswani. Please read on and watch the video.

Thank you!

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member

Lotus Healing Seva Group


Today we had the Level 1 Reiki Camp for the Hawkers Market Girls Centre. Laveena and I had 8 new girls. All extremely enthusiastic about this new concept of healing called Reiki.

We started at 9.30 and just with the introduction the girls got excited. Soon after the introduction I taught them the chakras. There was no surprise as to how fast they picked them up. Attunement followed, which in turned led to self-healing. They all were doing it perfectly well.

Lunch was at 12.15pm with LHSG sponsored vegetable burgers, chapati and milk. They all enjoyed this treat and as it turned out the chapatis were the most popular.

The afternoon started with partner healing where the girls receiving Reiki were so relaxed that they actually fell asleep. This showed me that they had learnt it well.

We ended with giving them certificates and cakes and milk. I personally feel that these girls are going to be excellent healers!



Founder Member LHSG.


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LHSG 14th Anniversary Celebrations Seva No. 10

September 30th 2020 saw 64 children and teachers of Mukuru Outreach Kenya Academy in the Mukuru Sinai slum of Nairobi board a bus for the spacious Hall of the Shree Sanatana Dharma Sabha Temple in Nairobi. The event of the day was a Reiki Level 1 training camp!

LHSG’s Punita Acharya conducted the Reiki camp, assisted by LHSG members Lata Kanji, Anju Gupta, Shalini Srivastava, Sonal Patel, and Neena Gupta.

Punita tells us how it all went, and the video captures the whole event.

This seva concludes our 14th Anniversary Celebrations! 

Best wishes to all our subscribers!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Today we had our Reiki level one camp for the children of Mukuru Outreach Kenya Academy.

We had a total of 58 children and 6 teachers. We started with the history of Reiki and moved on to the chakras. The children picked up every position & name of chakras within minutes. This was followed by attunement. After that, the children did self-healing with full dedication.

Finally it was lunch….fun for all, as the plates were filled with chips, kidney beans in gravy, rice cooked with vegetables and delicious puri’s. This was so palatable that the half an hour’s lunch break felt short.

After lunch we started partner healing where there was a peaceful atmosphere. As Reiki flowed through the healers hands the healee felt relaxed. This was such a satisfying & gratifying feeling for me, as I knew at this moment we have more Reiki healers in this world.

These proud new healers were given certificates in the end. As we ended the session LHSG gave them milk and biscuits to go home with.

It was a lovely experience teaching these beautiful souls and am ever so grateful to my sisters who accompanied me today. Without Shalini, Anju, Neena, Sonal, and Lata today Reiki seva camp would not have been possible.

Love and Light

Punita Acharya

LHSG Founder Member



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