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The Asian Weekly, Kenya -Uganda- Tanzania

Sep 14 – 20, Edition 421

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13th Anniversay Celebrations Kenya Event No. 1

Our 13th Anniversary celebrations have kicked off in Kenya with our biggest Reiki training camp so far! It was also our 100th Reiki camp in Kenya!

One hundred and sixty children and teachers of Dada’s Community and Education Centre in the Dagoretti area of Nairobi made their way to the Shree Sanatan Dharma Sabha Hindu Temple Hall on Lower Kabete road on the morning of 7th September. They were warmly received by members of Lotus Healing Seva Kenya Group. They were given a banana and seated in the hall.

What followed next was the usual training in Reiki …. The history of Reiki, introduction of chakras, the attunement, self-healing and partner healing, the five principles of Reiki, and the health benefits of Reiki.

All of them were amazed at the healing power in their hands! And all of them expressed gratitude for everything … the knowledge imparted to them, the lovely lunch of Rice, beans curry, puris and chips, the gift bags of juice, exercise books, and pencil to go home with, and above all they were very touched by the love and care shown by the Lotus Healing Seva Group members. This was expressed by the head teacher Evelyn Kwamboko and Jennifer who handles the affairs of Dada’s Education and Community Centre. It has been captured on video.

The sevaks that did this seva were: Monica Gokaldas, Mamta Advani, Amy Galland, Lata Kanj, Balvinder Dhadialla, Karima Jiwa, Anuradha Nath, Sheela shah, Anju Gupta, Nalina Rupani, Shalini Srivastava, Dhwani Haria, Pratima Dutt, Lavina Keswani, Shariffa Keshavji, and myself, Kamal Tolia

As always, we give our gratitude to God and the Universe for supporting us in our mission of enriching the world with more Reiki healers, in this case 160, who will heal themselves and others, and spread the Light by spreading the knowledge of Reiki!  

We also give thanks to the management and Directors of the Shree Sanatan Dharma Sabha Temple, for their generosity in giving us the use of their hall and other facilities.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


The Mega Camp

Excitement was ripe in the air as we began our Seva celebrations for the 13th Anniversary on 7th September with a mega camp of Reiki Level 1 training for students of Dada’s Community and Education Centre.  The students were very well behaved and slightly shy in responding. They were very welcoming toward new knowledge being imparted and hardly had any questions.

This was our biggest ever camp where we trained 160 people of whom a few were teachers as well. It was a pleasant sight to see the children listen to the commands attentively as their focus made them grasp the Reiki movements from one chakra to another very quickly. They did a good job at doing partner healing as well though after the sumptuous lunch they appeared somewhat sleepy and tired.

The venue for the camp was the spacious Function Hall at the Shree Sanatan Dharam Sabha we had ease of spreading our respective groups of nearly 22 to 24 children while making them practice partner healing. The SSDS management were very cooperative of our requirements hence we were very comfortable conducting this camp.

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Founder Member


With all it’s challenges this camp taught us patience and made us more efficient.

The team work brought in more bonding.

The sweet ,innocent children – touched our hearts as they are the new energy healers.

At the end of the camp we were all on a different high- of Sewa!

We are truly blessed with these beautiful opportunities and the guidance of Kamalji! ????

Mamta Advani

LHSG Member


Wow wow wow. What a landmark for us. Our 100th Kenyan seva camp. Totally grateful for being part of it. And what a camp it was. Our largest number of children to date and with the unexpected hitches one would have not considered. But as always, Reiki magic worked through all of us to bring out the best team spirit and team work that took care of all hitches. With Kamalji ‘s keen guidance, we breezed through the day, teaching, guiding, sharing the knowledge of Reiki 1 with the children. Lunch was also a smooth affair with total approval from everyone on the yummiest of the menu…..A*! Thank you Kamalji, my Lotus sisters and Reiki for making another seva camp a beautiful success

Sheela Shah

LHSG Member


Reiki Camp

Life has such a rich texture as we see the children file out from their buses.

Their stories of single parents. One little boy Sebastian, separated from his Mother in Mombasa says ‘ I miss her so much, but I will see her in December? ‘

Our father does not live with us.

So here he is, looking for hope, and love a silver lining to his little cloud.

LHSG has given him awareness of his own healing energy. A gift for his life to unfold with hope and love.

What more can we give other than this unconditional reaching out to our other self in these dear faces.

Bravo LHSG and Kamalji

Shariffa Keshavji

LHSG Member


On 7 th September Reiki camp at SSDS temple was a wonderful experience. Because of the temple, vibrations were super positive. Kids were well mannered and receptive. Teachers were also co-operative. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to do seva for LHSG’s 100 th camp in Kenya. And look forward to do more seva. Thank you. Love and light

Laveena Keswani

LHSG Member


Slide show



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Seva Done By Our Youth Group!

It gives me great pleasure to write this! We have two lovely young girls 14 year old Khushi Samani and 13 year old Arya Joshi, who are Reiki level 2 healers in their own right. As members of LHSG’s Youth Group, they have been volunteering in their school holidays to do Reiki healing seva for cancer patients and their care givers of Faraja Cancer Support Centre. This July and August holidays, they also participated in our Reiki Seva Camp for the residents of the Mukuru Sinai slums and teachers of St Peter’s Special School.

Thank you Khushi and Arya. Thank you for your dedicated service!

Blessings that you continue with this seva bhav (spirit of selfless service) all your life! 

Please read on for their stories …. And do watch the videos!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


My name is Khushi Samani, I am 14 years old. I have learnt Reiki till level 2 under the guidance of Kamal Aunty and I have been practicing for the past 2 years. During holidays Kamal Aunty gives the opportunity to go to Faraja cancer care center to give Reiki to cancer patients. It is heartbreaking to see people as young as me diagnosed with cancer but it makes me feel happy to give them Reiki and help them fight their battle of cancer. I also got the opportunity to join Kamal Aunty for a Reiki camp at SSD where we got a chance to help the Lotus Healing Seva Group teach parents Reiki. It was amazing to see how determined they were to learn and experience Reiki and brought joy to my heart to be able to teach them. I would like to thank Kamal Aunty and the LHSG for supporting me in this journey and continue to do so.

Khushi Samani

LHS(Y)G Member


Hari Om!

My Name is Arya Joshi and I am thirteen years old. I have been practicing Reiki for the past two years after finishing level two. My experience has been very emotional. My heart warms up when I help the sick, disabled or even the less privileged. Helping others (seva) in any way makes me happy ? I enjoyed the camp at SSDS temple as its good to share knowledge and empower people. Faraja Centre has been heart breaking at times as it has shown me how much suffering and pain people go through due to cancer. I have become braver due to Reiki and knowing that my little part of doing Reiki might be bringing a little relief to an ill person gives me satisfaction.

I would like to thank Kamal Aunty and the entire team for giving me these opportunities and for always being so supportive.

Arya Joshi

LHS(Y)G Member


Video 1


Video 2

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Our 101st Camp and Counting!

LHSG is on the roll! No sooner had we finished our centenary Reiki camp than 5 days later we had the opportunity to teach Reiki to 19 Special Needs children and 1 adult of the Compassionate Hands Home for the menatlly and physically disabled in Ruia, Nairobi. 

The LHSG Sevaks that taught these children were Punita, Karima and Sharanya

Please read on and do watch the videos …

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Today the 15th of August was a special day for Karima, Sharanya and myself. How privileged were we to attune and teach on Master Usui’s birthday, and also India’s Independence Day. We had the beautiful opportunity to conduct reiki level 1 and level 2 camps simultaneously to the special needs children of Ruai. In total there were 5 children learning level 1 & 15 children learning level 2. These children were between the age of 9 years to 15 years. Despite their disabilities I found that level 2 children were all practicing level 1 twice a week. I was so impressed by their attention span, their grasping ability and the way they were all disciplined.

As the day unfolded, the children grasped and gained all the different ways of sending and giving Reiki healing. The energies were high in the room and these keen and eager innocent little children were super learners.

My gratitude to Karima and Sharanya who assisted me in conducting Reiki level 1. What a fruitful day!

Love and light

Punita Acharya

LHSG Founder Member.


Reiki 101st camp experience

I am, i enjoyed teaching to these much deprived children, who were enthusiastic to learn. They grasped learning very fast. When they realized that reiki healing can help physically and mentally, they wanted to know more.

After the attunement, 3 of them mentioned visualization of white light. Some felt the warmth. Self Chakra healing was great, partner healing few of them were not focused, Sharanya kept correcting them.

One of the students was feeling nauseated, and one had stomach cramps, after Reiki healing both felt better.

The 5 Reiki principles were understood well, they had question what’s gratitude? I simplified by writing on their handouts “just for today, i will live with the attitude of being thankful” and then it was well understood.

My group was excellent and they were very thankful at the end of the session. In between they kept asking when will they learn level 2?

My personal experience was of being emotional that evening when I went home. I asked the universe to show me a way to be able to give more to well deserving children and that I can do more and more Seva.

I am thankful to the Universe, Master Usui, all Soul sisters, Punita and Sharanya and especially to Kamalji to empower me with this knowledge and enable me to uplift others.

Gratitude, gratitude and gratitude!

Karima Jiwa

LHSG Kenya Member

Reiki Level 1 Video

Reiki Level 2 Video



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