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Lohana Reiki Level 2 Training

It is with great happiness that I write to say that the ladies we had taught Reiki 1 at the Lohana Hindu Community Hall 1.5 months ago, had been healing themselves regularly, healing others AND, doing healing seva for the elderly in their community.

They were very very enthusiastic to go on to the next level, so LHSG UK member Jashu Shah, LHSG Kenya members Prafulla Ganatra, LHSG Founder member Monica Gokaldas and I, Kamal Tolia, took them through the healing techniques of Reiki level 2. The training was done over 2.5 hours over 2 Wednesdays, 13 and 20 September. At the end of which, 7 new Reiki 2 healers became well versed in distant healing, healing the past, present, future, healing relationships, healing souls, healing our Earth, and healing intentions.

Many thanks to Bharatbhai Thaker, convener of Vraj Ganga section of the Lohana Community, for his support in allowing us to carry out the training at the Lohana Centre, and many thanks to Prafulla Ganatra for all the hard work she put in the organizing of the training.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member

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Faraja Cancer Support Centre Reiki 1 Training

After a gap of 2 years, during which we could not hold workshops due to covid restrictions, LHSG Kenya conducted a Reiki Level 1 training on 7th September 2023 at Faraja Cancer Support Centre in Nairobi. The trainees, 13 in number, were a mix of cancer patients, cancer survivors, care givers, volunteers and Faraja staff.

LHSG Founder Member Monica Gokaldas conducted the training. She was helped by LHSG Kenya member Pratima Dutt.

Many thanks to Judy of Faraja, for all her help before and during the training.

Do watch the video below.

Love and Light to all,

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member.

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LHSG Celebrates Usui Sensei’s Birthday

Mikao Usui Sensei, the founder of Reiki was born on 15th August 1865. Every year, members of Lotus Healing Seva Group celebrate his birth by meeting online, doing distant seva healing followed by a gratitude program.

This year was no different, as LHSG members from across USA, UK, Germany, UAE, India, Indonesia, Australia, Tanzania and Kenya got together to give their gratitude to Master Usui for giving us the gift of Reiki.

After the weekly order of healing was done, our Kenya member Enock Nyananga, Headteacher of Mukuru Outreach Academy gave a short report on how our more than 90 ‘Reiki’ children were doing with Reiki, as well as the trees planted the Reiki way. He was followed by our India Member Vikram Narain who in turn gave a report on how our Hindu refugee children were doing with Reiki and the trees planted the Reiki way in the Adarsh Nagar Hindu Refugee Camp in Delhi.

Next, Our LHSG UK group took the floor. LHSG UK in charge Bena Shah was the master of ceremonies of the program, which consisted of

  1. Bhanu Shah and Mona Joshi expounding on the 5 principles of Reiki and how we can apply them in our everyday life
  2. Bharti Nandy sharing how we honour Master Usui
  3. Indira Shukla throwing light on the life of Master Usui
  4. Mala Tolia reading out a beautiful Japanese Haiku poem as well as an English poem on Master Usui and Reiki
  5. The finale came with Kumud Shirley Morton’s sweet obeisance Aarti to Master Usui in Gujarati, the wordings of which were put together by Jashu Shah and translated by Bena Shah.

    And finally, another Aarti of gratitude followed, by me, Kamal Tolia, in English, with some Sanskrit / Hindi and a bit of Japanese.

    Many many thanks to the more than 35 members who joined, and a special thanks to UAE in charge Kirtikala Kamdar for all the recordings!

    Do watch the video below. Thank you for remaining subscribed our website!

    Kamal Tolia

    LHSG Founder Member. 

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    Reiki Level 1 Camp For Members Of The Lohana Hindu Community

    A Reiki level 1 training camp was conducted for a few members of this community, following a request from them. It was conducted over 2.5 hours on two Wednesdays, 9th and 16th August. Eight ladies attended. They were very receptive to this new energy, all reporting some marvelous results.

    The LHSG members who conducted this training were Prafulla Ganatra, Monica Gokaldas, Pratima Dutt, Anuradha Nath and Kamal Tolia.

    The new healers promised to do Reiki on themselves regularly, and to give healing to their family and friends. They have also started ‘seva’ healing for the elderly in their community that meet in the Vraj Ganga hall on Wednesdays.

    Many many thanks to Bharatbhai Thacker, the convener for Vraj Ganga for giving us the permission to carry out our training. Many thanks also to Prafullabhabhi for organizing this camp.

    Kamal Tolia

    LHSG Founder Member


    The new healers were very happy with a week of self Reiki experience and generally all of them experienced better sleepand relaxation and some had experiences of less or no aches and pains. The partner healing was well understood and done very nicely by all of them. Everyone did very well with the healing and Prafulla was a big support, as I do not speak Gujarati. They also expressed a desire to learn the second Reiki level so that could send distant healing for family and friends, and agreed to give Reiki to the elderly in their community that come to the Vraj Ganga Hall on Wednesdays. Thank you for this seva opportunity.

    Monica Gokaldas 

    LHSG Founder Member


    All the ladies loved the self-healing and partner healing, and were able to feel the Reiki warmth in their own and their partners’ hands. They were very happy to receive their certificates. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to do this seva with Prafullaji and Monicaji. Thank you very much

    Anuradha Nath

    LHSG Kenya Member

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