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LHSG Brings A Ray Of Sunshine To Special People

The Asian Weekly Nov 09 – 15, Edition 429

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13th Anniversary Celebrations Seva Event No 8

Uninhibited laughter and smiles galore were the reigning vibrations on 31st october at the Shri Sanatana Dharma Sabha Temple in Nairobi. Peals of laughter and joy rent the air as the children ran races and played games on the field with their super hero Batman, and as they watched enthralled the puppet show outside the temple hall.  

This was Lotus Healing Seva Group’s Annual Fun Day Seva No. 7 to celebrate its 13th Anniversary of doing Seva. We had invited 218 children and adults that we had taught Reiki over the years, 120 from Mukuru Outreach Kenya Academy, 50 from The Compassionate Hands Centre Orphanage For the Mentally and Physically Disabled, 38 from The Talia Agler Girls Shelter for abused and trafficked girls, and 10 from the Hawkers Market Girls Centre.

Thirty Four trees / plants were planted on the grounds of the temple by the children and staff, using Reiki and chanting Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. The disabled in wheel chairs also had fun making Loom bands, playing some board games, and enjoying the fresh air.

Besides a filling and tasty lunch, they were given bananas on arrival and biscuits and lollipops on departure.

The Sevaks that did this seva were: LHSG Kenya Members Monica Gokaldas, Punita Acharya, Mamta Advani, Amy Galland, Anuradha Nath, Bhavna Baga, Bindi Shah, Bubbles Dadhialla, Cooky Vora, Dhwani Haria, Karima Jiwa, Lata Kanji, Laveena Keswani, Nalina Rupani, Neena Guota, Neha Shah, Nuri Abdul, Ola Odume, Pratima Dutt, Rekha Chauhan, Safura Hussein, Shalini Srivastava, Sharanya Rao, Shriffa Keshavjee, Sheela Shah, and myself, Kamal Tolia and LHSG Netherlands Member Fareen Abdul.

So many activities naturally meant as many videos! They have been posted here below. I would urge you to watch each and every one of them …. I promise you, they will make your day or even days! Their fun and joy, by resonance, will induce fun and joy in you too!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


………. And I want to share a couple of moments that really moved me yesterday and left me in wonder and gratitude.

I saw a waist down paralyzed young boy, Samuel, hand feeding another boy Mwangi suffering from cerebral palsy, some of his own bean curry soup at lunch.

I witnessed two girls hold and support and guide a young boy, Emmanuel, who is fully blind, on the bouncing castle

Joyce, a 28 year old girl who is also paralyzed waist down and also a little mentally challenged (I don’t know what the politically correct word is, forgive me), was able to articulate and share with me her secret mutterings and prayers under breath..and they were beautiful!

I saw kids giving up their ride on the merry-go-round and encircling Emmanuel in a safe embrace so that he too could enjoy the ride…

I got help from a complete stranger when young Emmanuel needed a pee.

And countless other fleeting moments of grace and giving and sharing between us LSHG sisters.

Thank you so much for this experience, I thought I was there to give but I got so so much back!

Love and light

Fareen Abdul

LHSG Netherlands Member


Halloween turned Funoleen

Although I was meant to guide my group of nine students to tree planting – I got busy doing photography of the event. I am grateful to my partner Bhavna for being so loving and caring towards the physically/mentally challenged children. Some of these kids like Jack, Mercy, Fay, Baraka didn’t want to leave our hands at all and seemed quite happy with us.

Due to my duty of photography I was all over the ground and the corridor where the puppet show was conducted. I was very touched by Sharanya and her daughter Ananya who were so patient, caring and loving towards the wheelchair borne children. They played board games with them while the others had physical activities ongoing with the superhero Batman. This mother and daughter duo taught these children and a few ladies from HMGC how to make bracelets which was quite an engrossing fun activity for them.

Fareen who happened to be in Nairobi and joined us for this seva was also all out with her unconditional love oozing out visibly as she spent time looking after the differently abled kids.

As I took interviews of the teachers I learnt that most kids had never had such an outing before. This was very humbling for me as I realized that we take things for granted too often while there are some who haven’t experienced the joys of such moments ever For the girls from TAGS it was a safe outing and they loved mingling with others in the freedom that the day had gifted them. The Halloween Day that surely had no tricks but loads of treats for many under the care of LHSG hence became a Funoleen Day.

Love and Light

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Founder Member


LHSG made it such a fun day

All the reiki participants say

Thank you so very much yey!

The lilac light is in the bowers

Agapanthus and our colours

Look at all those children smile

In full abandonment and joy

Round and round we go again

Smiles tell all when words fail

Hawkers Market Girls ever ready

We are always prepared and happy

To lend a hand to the Ruai team

And work together seamlessly

The young and old some mobile

And others a little more fragile

We all got there lined up in file 

Helping hands and with a smile

Have you ever hugged a tree

With much joy and with such glee

Here we are totally happy and free

A big embrace for a lovely tree

The wheel chairs did not bar us

From the verdure all around us

To plant trees at the temple SSDS

Trees, shrubs and hedges blessed

We managed oh so very well

Sharing is caring so all is well

We are all together on the trail

No, no one is ever too frail

To plant a tree and bless the earth

We did all that with all our mirth

Om Shaanti Shaanti Shaanti

We all chanted to bless a tree

Many hands blessed the earth

We were delighted to be guided

Then there were rides on trains

Jumping castles and some games

And oh the food was so welcome

Our plates were wiped quite clean

We ate with joy and such relish

Nothing marred this blessed day

Our smiles, abandoned joy

Is written on our very face

So next year yes please

Can we do this all again?

Thumbs up we say to that

LHSG thank you for that

Till we meet again soon

Same time same place?

See you all anon


Shariffa Keshavajee

LHSG Kenya Member


As always, with Reiki blessings, the weather was perfect and all the Ruai and Mukuru children, teachers, HMGC girls, TAG girls and LHSG ladies had a brilliant fun day. Gratitude to the maximum. Personally I’m happy for the opportunity to end the year with this camp. Talking to my group of 8 boys, was rather impressed they have been using Reiki in their daily lives in the form of distant healing and hands on healing. I also got assurance from my group that they’ll plant trees the “Lotus” way from now on. Thank you everyone for the excellent team work as always. Lnl.

Sheela Shah

LHSG Kenya Member


Gratitude for special fun day.

Gratitude to the organization team, brilliant work as always.

TAGS girls were fantastic, lot’s of interaction and very well behaved. What a difference Reiki has done to these children. They all were brilliant.

My gratitude to all soul sisters

Lata Kanji

LHSG Kenya Member


What a great day it was our LHSG fun day…..I will call it a magical day….every thing was perfect the weather, all the events, the food and all the activities. The children were so well behaved, innocent and obedient. I enjoyed every moment being with them. Thank you Kamalji ….thank you universe for giving me the opportunity.

Anuradha Nath

LHSG Kenya Member


May I add my gratitude to a great “fun-filled” day for the beautiful “Reiki children”!! It was also good to be one with all of you too!! God heard our prayers and put the best energies together!!

Kamaljee thank you thank you thank you!!

Nuri Abdul

LHSG Kenya Member


A very big gratitude for the fun -filled day, gratitude to those innocent children. They make us realize not to take all for granted, teach us to share and care! Gratitude to Reiki, which goes beyond healing at physical level, gratitude to dedicated teachers and selfless Seva of our healing group members. Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to many more such Seva opportunities

Karima Jiwa

LHSG Kenya Member


The Fun day was a day of precious memories that I will always cherish. The air was full of joy and excitement. The sound of shrieks and laughter surrounded us and my heart was full of love and happiness! These innocent, sweet children definitely brought out the child in us as we played with them!

The laughter of the special needs children from Ruai brought tears of joy to my eyes!

I am grateful for this beautiful opportunity

Mamta Advani

LHSG Kenya Member


LHSG Video Arrivals

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Interview on Karma and Reincarnation

I was approached by a university student of Riara University, Nairobi, Faith Kipkoech for an interview. This was in connection with her media studies project: a documentary on Karma and Reincarnation.

I was happy to help with what I assumed would be a recording on Whatsapp. But on 6th October, Faith came with her co students with their paraphernalia …. And so it was that under their camera, lights and all, I was interviewed!

I answered a number of questions on Karma and Reincarnation during the interview which lasted about 45 minutes. After the interview was finished, the students said they liked what I said, and could I give them some books on the subjects. Unfortunately I did not have simple versions for the layman, but offered to get them in a few days.

Over tea and refreshments, they had more questions on Hindu practices, one of them being: why do Hindus burn (cremate) their dead?

This was my answer: when we die, the soul leaves the body. It should move on with the Light of God, but it doesn’t do that right away, because of its attachment to the body. This is quite natural, considering its relation with the body of many years. Therefore it hangs around. In order that we help break this connection, we cremate the body which results in ashes, which are then respectfully immersed in flowing water. Now, since there is no body, the souls attachment is cut, and it is free to move on, on its journey.

 A comparision in real life will illuminate this: Let’s say two people want to end their relationship. They decide to part. This may by mutual consent or not. The only way to end the relationship effectively is to make a clean break, not to keep a partial relationship going, saying we will be friends and so on. So also with the soul and the body. A clean and complete break is imperative, which is achieved by cremation. The soul is now totally free to proceed on its spiritual journey. Cremation therefore, is a divinely compassionate service Hindus do for the departed.

The interview is recorded in 3 footages which follow. The link to the final documentary in which I feature along with a Christian Priest and a Muslim official follows the interviews.

Thank you for reading and watching.

Kamal Tolia

Energy Healer, Writer, Motivational Speaker,

Founder Member, Lotus Healing Seva Group

Headmistress ‘A’ Level Schools (Retired)


Interview Video 1


Interview Video 2


Interview Video 3


Final Documentary. You will need to send a request to watch it. Then after a few minutes, go to the link again and it will open.

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Talk on Anger, Worry and Breathing

Haseeta Jain is a former school student of mine from my teaching days. With a couple of friends, she has been gathering senior lady members of Arya Samaj and other communties, Nairobi, once a month for a social meeting at one of their houses. Since most of them do not drive, Haseeta and her friends ferry them to and fro from their houses to the venues. The idea is for them to come out of the home atmosphere, socialize with others and listen to a speaker on various topics on self-growth.

With this in mind Haseeta had invited me on 23rd October to give them a talk on Anger Management. As my friend Pratima Dutt and I arrived for this event in Bhavini’s home in Parklands, 15 ladies between the ages of 40 – 80 years were already seated, ready for the talk.

I started with asking if there was anybody who didn’t get angry? The answer of course was no. They all admitted that they did lose it sometimes. We then spoke about why we get angry, how we are not able to control what happens outside us, but we can control what happens inside us, that is our emotions, and how anger makes us ill. I also touched upon another debilitating habit: worry, and its devastating effect on our health. I then spent 15 minutes explaining about the importance of breathing correctly which will help in letting go and not getting angry or worrying. I gave an introduction to Pranaayama and breathing and demonstrated using hand mudras to expand our lungs. They followed suite and reported feeling calmer and more relaxed.

Questions of when to do pranayama, how often to do it were next. This was followed by a sumptuous lunch.

Thank you Haseeta, for inviting me, and thank you Pratima for your company and for taking out the pictures and videos.

Kamal Tolia

Energy Healer, Writer, Motivational Speaker

Founder Member Lotus Healing Seva Group

Headmistress of A level Schools (retired)


Slide show:



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