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LHSG’s 16th Anniversary Seva No. 3

LHSG UK and LHSG Germany Sewa on 8th October:

Healing in nature by Anita, Kitty, Indu Auntie, Jasu Auntie , Savita ,Mala & Bena, Hina.

Healing done at Osterley park in London.

We reached the park at 11.15am. We each took a bottle of water, Reikied & blessed the water & put positive vibrations & poured into the lake water for all sea life, microbes & trees & nature around to be blessed & healed .

Next we did Silent meditation combining it with I Am meditation.

Then sat down around a table outdoors did the sacred space followed by the weekly Thursday healing protocol. After which we made our way to Indu aunties house for lunch & appreciation for a lovely day spent with everyone in person, a real treat in these pandemic times!

Felt it hard to put our emotions & feelings into words . Over all felt very blessed for this sewa opportunity by all.

Dipakbala Shah

LHSG UK In Charge


Bhanu Ramesh Shah LHSG UK Member

At Saltram lake in Devon: Healing the tree.

In Devon ….. Seva being done on first day of Navratri:

Healing the water in the Dart river, river Yealm and river Avon; and at the Bigbury Bay (beach), healing the forests ( Dartmoor), through which we have walked, hugging trees, and taking in lots of oxygen in south Devon and Plymouth. Plus we got a chance to heal cows, horses, seagulls and other birds (mallards) and fishes. Thanks to the Universe for such a wonderful opportunity.


Sewa done in Germany by Kumud Auntie 8th October :     

Started at 8 am…..  Set up the sacred space, healing done to bird food & put it out in the garden, fed the fish in the pond outside, healing plants & flowers in the gardens….. healing for survival of nature for the future & showed gratitude for all it gives….. picked up a friend Elke who is in a wheelchair went to River Rhein , set up the Sacred space then healed the water, & all the sea life & birds & atmosphere hugging the trees . Namaskar to lovely Sun and Mother Earth . Whole day spent in gratitude, love joy & in gratitude. Made donation of £30 to LHSG UK to be used for seva activities.

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LHSG’s 16th Anniversary Seva No. 2

September 30th and October 1st were special days for 45 new children and 3 new teachers in  Mukuru Outreach Academy in Nairobi, because they received the beautiful gift of ‘Healing with Reiki’. We have been imparting this training to the children and teachers year in and year out, ever since we became associated with them 7 years ago. We have also been buying them text books every year which has resulted, not surprisingly, in their improved grades.

The attunement to Reiki Level 1 and self-healing was done on the first day, followed by partner-healing on the second day. And since we are celebrating our 16th Anniversary, Lotus Healing Seva Group treated the whole school of about 400 students and staff to milk and cream rolls on the first day and beans stew and chapattis on the second day. These were as much loved by them as their newly discovered healing power!

A big thank you to teacher Vincent who conducted the Reiki training, and to the Head Teacher Enock and the school accountant Edith, for their continued support to LHSG. And a Special thank you to Teacher Vincent who carried out the training so perfcetly. 

Thank you, dear reader, for reading this. The video of all the activities follows below.

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LHSG’s 16th Anniversary Seva No. 1

Sixteen years ago, 10 healers in Nairobi, Kenya, got together to do Reiki healing Seva collectively. It comprised of mainly distant healing. Soon we started doing hands on healing for cancer patients, then teaching Reiki to old people, orphans, and people in the slums of Nairobi. And before we knew it, in no time at all, we expanded into USA, UK, UAE, India, Indonesia, Australia, and into Tanzania in Africa. Our seva activities grew and grew over the years. Even the Covid pandemic did not dampen our enthusiasm!

So fast forward to 16 years on. With great pride and happiness, I wish to make this announcement: on September 2nd, 2021, we expanded into Pakistan! Our Reiki friend Vikram Narayan teaches children in Nasarpur, Sindh, Pakistan. These children come from Hindu farm workers families, that are too poor to educate their children. In fact, the farmers themselves do not know how to read and write. And due to social stigma, the children are not allowed in normal schools.

Well, no matter. With great love LHSG decided to extend their Reiki healing training to these children, who have so little in their life to begin with. With Vikram’s excellent guidance, as they sat under the shade of a neem tree, their ‘classroom’, we LHSG in Nairobi, initiated these little children in Reiki level 1, This was followed by self-healing, and partner healing a week later. And the little miracles started coming in …..… headache gone, stomach ache gone, and improvement in concentration power! Even cessation of quarelling in their homes! It’s all there in the video. Most speak in Hindi, a few in Sindhi.

The children were treated to a samosa and apple each, and a few stationary items were bought for the ones who needed them.

We hope this seva will be the first of many such sevas in our new Reiki territory: the country of Pakistan.

This is our first seva for our 16th anniversary. To date, we have taught Reiki to 3749 people in 197 free Reiki trainings worldwide.    

Please do watch the video below.

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member

Lotus Healing Seva Group


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Thoughts And Practices Fro Enlightened Living 9

Asking For Forgiveness

Part 9 Forgiveness for the Soul contd.

Dr Hewlen did not counsel the patients nor did he administer any medicines. He used an old Hawaiin healing sytem called Ho’oponopono which means ‘to make right’ or ‘correct an error’.

An ancient Hawaiian belief is that each family is a connection between the past and future generations. Hawaiians also believed that if you misbehaved or even kept anger in your heart for others, you would incur God’s wrath which would manifest as ill fortune or ill health for you. Further, since each member of the family was connected to his future descendants, if he did not correct his errors and make amends, the harm could move down to his children and grandchildren.

Therefore Hawaiians tried very hard to live harmoniously with each other and with nature, for it was believed that accumulated bad behavior would spill out and also affect nature negatively. Mistakes were accepted, but people had to repent for them, make amends, AND the hurt party must also forgive! Only then could they move forward in peace. The first step was to solve the conflict within the home ground itself. If that was not successful, a senior member of the family or a Kahuna (priest) would be asked to help.

The ancient Ho’oponopono was carried out thus: 1) A prayer was said 2) Each side was allowed to present their views 3) The discussion would continue, punctuated with intervals when each party was asked to reflect on their actions 4) Regardless of who had started or who had continued the conflict, each person had to ask forgiveness from the other. 5) Finally, each party had to forgive the other party!

Thus we can see that each person forgave the other, and asked for forgiveness from the other. This forgiving and asking for forgiveness went hand in hand. This is the golden rule of the ancient practice of Ho’opono pono. You forgave the other for the wrong he had done to you and at the same time you admit you had wronged him too and asked for forgiveness.

Extending this to our personal lives, all that is happening to us and around us is there because we have not asked for forgiveness and not forgiven! Modern Ho’opono pono has arisen out of this ancient practicing of accepting that you are responsible for what is going on in your life. Knowingly or unknowingly, you have wronged somebody, somewhere!

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member LHSG

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