About Kamal Tolia


I was born the fifth child in a Hindu family of six children. My parents came from Sindh which was a part of India. During the Partition of India in 1947, my family migrated from Karachi to Bombay in India. As displaced refugees, they stayed in various accommodations before they could settle in a permanent building. It was in one of these temporary abodes with no doctor or midwife available, that I was born.

As an infant and a child, I often had various lung and bronchial problems as well as allergy problems. I learned very quickly, that placing my hands on the ‘parts that hurt’ made the pain go away, and my breathing would ease if I placed my hands on my chest. Stomach cramps and pains would soon subside after I’d placed my hands on my abdomen. The same held true with toothaches, headaches, etc.

Too young to understand what this was, or why it was happening, I did not pay much attention to it, remembering it only when hurt and forgetting it promptly after the pain went away! In fact, I shared this with no one! I could also see people in my room, when it was all quiet, people I did not recognize, and sometimes I would get scared. I understood much later in my life, that I had psychic abilities, but I had no idea what it meant at the time.

As I grew up, and went to college, I forgot all about the healing hands and the visions. Life continued. I graduated from college, married and came to stay in Kenya and had two children. I became a teacher of Chemistry and Physics to A Levels, and went on to head many schools. Along the way, in 1986, I learned Reflexology by Vera Roper in Kenya.

Then, in my thirties, I developed a lung condition. It was then that Reiki came into my life. When receiving Reiki from a friend, I ‘remembered my own healing hands!’ The old healing energy started to flow through my hands, and once again, I could heal myself with my hands!

I decided to learn Reiki seriously. I learned from several Reiki masters, from the Buddhist, Indian and Western traditions: Trevor Stevens (Buddhist lineage) in Kenya, Rema Iyer (Indian lineage) in Kenya, and Upasna Ahmed (Western lineage) in Kenya and Allison Dahlhaus (Western lineage) in USA. Thus was my entry into the world of Healing Energy made. I went on to learn Magnified Healing from Upasna Ahmed, Kundalini Reiki from Stefan Kammerhofer, and Hypnotherapy from Brenda Clark.

These teachings and energy healing methods prepared the ground work for my spiritual growth and before long, in my meditations, I was ‘guided’ to heal with Crystals and with the Violet Flame. The path of Ascension was made clear to me. It has resulted in my channeling the course: ‘The Soul’s Journey Home’

While I was growing in the Energy Healing world, I was also progressing in my spirituality. I learned the Vedic form of Meditation from Swamini Vimlanandji and attended Spiritual classes of the ‘Bhagvad Geeta’. Swami Chinmayanand’s books became a great source of inspiration for me. I also learned the ancient art of Pranayam, the art of Breath Control and Correct breathing, which has so many wonderful healing benefits. All this while, Inner Transformation was taking place in me. I was being healed at the soul level.

Physical growth is assured for all in their lifetime. But Emotional, Mental and Spiritual growth requires our effort and will. And all of it is made easier with the help of a Guru, a Teacher, a Guide. My humble thanks to all my Gurus, past, present and future, with whose superb guidance, I am what I am today. With their continued blessings in their physical or etheric forms, I continue to evolve spiritually.

My path does not stop here. Having come this far in my personal quest, having learned so much along the way, I realize that this knowledge is too beautiful, too valuable, too essential to keep to myself. I wish to share all I have learned with the world, with all those who wish to receive it.

During the 25 years I have been in the Alternative Medicine and Healing Energy Field, I have been privileged to help heal and bring relief to hundreds of sick people. I have also attuned and taught more than 700 wonderful souls to the various disciplines listed, in Nairobi and Nakuru (Kenya), Mumbai and Bangalore (India), Dubai, London and Leicester (UK) and Long Island (USA).

In November 2005, I founded the “Lotus Healing Seva Group” with 10 other Energy Healers. I believe I have played a part in building a community of caring Healers in the world, who besides healing themselves and their family and friends, also spend time healing our Mother Earth and many global issues through the Lotus Healing Seva Group. More information about this group can be found under the About Lotus Healing Seva Group Section.

A percentage of all monies collected by me, for healing and for courses taught, is donated to charity.

I wish for you to find your path of Inner Transformation and Healing and along the way



Qualifications and Accreditations

Registered Healer
IARP, International Association of Reiki Professionals (USA)

Certified Reflexologist
Aphrodite, School Of Beauty, Culture and Physiatrics (Kenya)

Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology
International Therapy Examination Council, ITEC (UK)

BSc Chemistry and Physics
University of Bombay (India)

MA in Education
University of Bath (UK)