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Even though we are natural healers, having been born with the ability to heal ourselves and others, we are not very effective in this area. Why is that? Because we have forgotten this fact, let alone remember how to use this ability. We need to ‘Learn’ it again. Only then will we be able to transform ourselves internally and make a difference in our lives and eventually in others’ lives too.

The Healing methods I teach and use are: Reiki, Violet Flame Healing, Crystal Healing, and Meditation Healing as detailed in my course ‘The Soul’s Journey Home’.

Following is a brief description of each discipline:


A beautiful, gentle energy. It brings in the Universal Life Force from above into your body. It brings balance in all your systems.

Crystal Healing

Amplifying the natural healing power of natural crystals and gemstones to enhance your healing work

Meditation Healing

A very powerful, deep meditation, effecting healing at your physical, mental, emotional and ‘soul’ level, as taught in my course: ‘The Soul’s Journey Home’

Inner Child Healing with Reiki

The child we were once just not disappear when we become an adult. It shows up when we have a temper tantrum, experience a panic sense of abandonment, or even have unexplained mood swings and irrational responses to simple situations. Or we have difficulty maintaining relationships. Sometimes, if we have had a particularly unhappy and traumatic childhood, our Inner child has not been allowed to express itself. it is dying to do so all your life. This inner child needs to be healed for us to move from childish outbursts to responsible adult behaviour and understanding as well as to retain our childlike innocence and joy and confidence.


Which discipline?

Although each of the disciplines can stand alone in its own right, all are related to each other in that they heal by ‘Inner Transformation’. Each method produces profound changes in you at all levels of existence. Balance is achieved so that you become more calm and relaxed at all times, more in tune with what’s best for you, more at peace with yourself and others. You laugh more, and enjoy life more!

Which healing method should you start with? You could choose any, but you are advised to start with Reiki and proceed in the order in which they are listed. This is because for a beginner, Reiki energy is the gentlest from all the methods mentioned.

Each discipline’s frequency of energy is higher (and more powerful) than the previous one. Once you have learned healing with Reiki, your energy channels will have opened sufficiently to receive the more powerful frequencies of the next discipline and you will be able to use them more effectively. The exception is Crystal healing, which can be done immediately after learning Reiki.

With the exception of Crystal Healing, learning of all disciplines involves ‘atunement’ which means aligning our energy centers to receive the higher healing frequencies. This is done by me in person together with instructions and tuition. Under special circumstances, attunements can be performed as distance learning and tuition via e-mail.

But if all the above does not seem to be your ‘cup of tea’, but you would still like to change your life for the better, then I do offer another path of transformation. This is the path of Pranayam and Vedic Meditation.

Pranayama: The art of correct breathing, taught at your own pace. Very effective for staying stress free and focused, with wonderful lasting healing benefits.

Vedic Meditation: This course offered here is much more than a visualization & relaxation course. It teaches you the 15 steps to successful meditation as listed in the Hindu Vedas. You will ‘go within’ to tap your highest potential to heal yourself at all levels of your personality. It is the ultimate meditation for self realisation and god realisation, to make you realize WHO YOU TRULY ARE; a part of the One Reality

Discplines are usually learnt face-to-face in person, usually over several sessions. However, depending on individual situations, some courses can be taught remotely with course notes sent by email and attunements and teaching done ‘in distance’


Finally, I give workshops and talks on a number of topics such as Relationships, Loving Yourself, Shame, Guilt, The Power of Gratitude, Wealth Balance, etc. Taking part in these workshops, and applying their principles in your life may prove enlightening, leading to a ‘shift in the minds focus from ‘me, myself, I’ to the world in general. You become less egocentric with wonderful lasting healing benefits.

In conclusion, I would like to add that whichever path you decide to follow, Know that healing will occur by ‘transformation from within’; the only place where ‘true healing’ happens.

I wish you Love, Laughter and Joy as you become ‘Whole’, ‘Healed’!

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