The Lotus Healing Seva Group International 2012 Programme

The much awaited, much planned for LHSG 2012 was an all out success! Lotus Healing Seva Group members in Kenya, UK and India met in Nairobi, Kenya for this 5 day programme of Healings, Meditations and Seva.

They were also joined by like minded friends of the members.

Day 1: Sunday 29th April morning

The beautiful Karura Forest in Nairobi was the venue for this day. Seated under the shade of the beautiful trees, we were explained the steps to follow while performing the sacred act of planting a tree. A ground nearby had been prepared for us for planting trees. We took a tree seedling each and planted it following the steps we had just learned.

Next we went back to our seats, and to the accompaniment of the twittering of birds in the trees, we did the Nature Forgiveness Meditation. Connecting with the five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, we asked for their forgiveness for all the times we have abused them in all our incarnations. This was an attempt to balance the Five Elements in Mother Earth and therefore in ourselves.

We then proceeded to heal with Love and Light the Karura Forest of all the negativity that could still be felt there from the days when people used to be tortured, sometimes even to death.

We also held bottles of water in our hands, and blessed them with positive thoughts and emotions. The initial plan was to pour this blessed water in the Water Lily Lake nearby. But due to the heavy rains, the lake was inaccessible, so we walked in silence to a stream nearby and poured the blessed water into the stream.
Dee (LHSG Kenya) shares her experience ……

Sunday 29th April

For many weeks we had been asking for good weather for our visitors trip, especially for our out door sessions, and of course our prayers were listened to, we awoke to a beautiful sunny morning, after lots of rain the previous day. The Karura Forest was looking lovely, clean and glowing from all the rain we had had. Tables and chairs were set up under the trees behind the old club house and we met all our visitors for the first time, many of whom seemed to be related to Kamal!!!

Kamal then welcomed us all and explained to us the correct procedure for planting a tree, which was quite lovely. We paired up and off we set with our spades and and bottles of water thinking we were going on a long walk into the forest. But no, the forest workers had obviously decided we didn’t look like the hiking types and had prepared our holes just through the hedge! It was a peaceful spot though and by the time we had set to work and blessed our trees as we planted them, we could feel the high energy wrapping around us. It was particularly enjoyable watering the tree through our hands while giving it Reiki. After planting our trees we had a tea break and some of our visitors had brought these tasty (rather kali) snacks called dhebras with them all the way from UK.

After the break Kamal talked to us about forgiveness from nature, following it up with a meditation to ask fro forgiveness from the 5 elements: earth, water, fire air and space ….

We gave bottles of water Reiki and asked the water for forgiveness then we took the bottles to a nearby stream and poured out the water so that it would spread out the healing into the waters of Kenya and consequently the Earth. The sun was still shining on us and we were tempted to walk up the road a little further. Suddenly we came into this magical spot where the trees were so tall and straight. The forest warden who was walking with us told us that people came to camp there and many meditation groups would also use the glade. Everyone felt the energy and peace of the place and we all joined hands in a circle around a huge tree to pray. Afterwards everyone spontaneously began to hug the trees and we could all feel the exchange of energy. What a moving experience that was, but it was a good thing there were not many people walking in the forest that day or we would have been taken away by the men in white coats!

We then walked back to our little picnic spot and had a tasty lunch of Hummus, pitta bread and salads.

At the end of a lovely morning Kamal gave us all Love and Light and we did the same for her which was a fitting end to a lovely day.

photos and videos: Tree planting at Karura forest

Day 2: Tuesday 1st May morning and afternoon

In the spacious hall of the Hindu Temple Shree Sanatan Dharma Sabha, 55 of us gathered for the workshop on Healing your Fears. We learned about our Electromagnetic Field and its connection with the Electromagnetic Field of the Earth. Fear attracts all illnesses including cancer, aids, etc.

Because 1st May is World Laughter Yoga Day, Laughter Yoga followed next.  Raj (LHSG Kenya), a certified Laughter Yoga teacher, had us doubled up in laughter for a good one hour!

After a sumptuous Indian lunch, we did the practical part of the morning session. We did the healings to heal our fears from this life and from past lives, and deeper healing of fears at our DNA level for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world at large.

Dee’s (LHSG Kenya) has this to say ……

Tuesday 1st May

We all met at the Temple Hall on Lower Kabete Road looking forward to another stimulating day together. We were not disappointed!

The first talk was about how your mind can control your body to overcome disease and illness, with lots of amazing examples of how people have done so. We stopped for tea and biscuits and then had a fun session of Laughter Yoga with Raj. Everyone enjoyed this session and it really helped us to relax and bond with our fellow Sevaks from abroad. We forgot to worry about how silly we probably looked to outsiders, (and I did see a few bemused faces peering in at us from the passage outside!) and we just had fun. Thank you to Raj for organising us all so well.

The lunch on this day was amazing, provided by the Temple, it was all sorts of different tasty dishes which to my uneducated pallet were fabulous. I ate far too much and considering we had an afternoon of more lectures this was probably not a good idea! However the talk on FEAR after lunch was so stimulating that I didn’t feel sleepy at all.

Kamal explained that fear is the largest negative emotion we possess, it is the largest single cause of disease, and all negative thoughts and feelings have fear at their root, but love is the remedy. Kamal taught us how to heal our fear by visualizing it over our DNA and sending Reiki. We all practiced this and then Kamal gave us all Love and light which we returned to her and it was the end of another wonderful day.

Photos : DNA Fear Healing and video: Punita’s introduction

Day 3: Thursday May, morning and afternoon

The venue was Sylvie’s (LHSG Kenya) place ‘The Source’.

The day started with the weekly healing session from 10 – 12 noon. In the afternoon, we all settled down to listening to stimulating talks by our Group members.

Neha (LHSG UK) showed us the pictures she had taken during her travels and in her home, which contained beautiful Orbs. She went on to explain that Orbs were the energy signatures of Angles, Spirit guides and Higher Beings. Although invisible to the naked eye, they are all around us, ready to help us if we would only ask.

Vimal (LHSG India) gave a very thought provoking talk on ‘Honesty In Relationships’ in which she stressed that all true healthy relationships have Honesty at their core. Any relationship that stresses you is unhealthy for you, causing untold damage to your health. The ultimate and most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Be true to yourself, she urged, have the courage of your convictions.

Bena (LHSG UK) shared her knowledge about a very popular topic: Auras and Protection. The aura is an energy field in and around our body, she explained. She went on further to explain that the draining of energy we feel in an environment of low energy is an indication that our aura is being depleted, which can result in serious health issues. She concluded by giving us simple techniques to protect, charge and close our auras.

Reiki is Healing, Reiki is Miraculous, and Reiki is Unconditional Love. These are the self same descriptions of God! These comparisons between God and Reiki were beautifully brought to our awareness by the enlightening talk given by Kamini (LHSG India)

The Mother of Mercy and Forgiveness Kwan Yin was the next topic. Mala (LHSG UK) took us through the journey of Kwan Yin’s Life, and the ultimate selflessness of Kwan Yin’s resolve to defer her own ascension until every soul has ascended. Mala ended the talk with an invocation of the Goddess Kwan Yin.

Day 4: Saturday 5th May, Morning morning  

Once again we gathered at Sylvie’s place ‘the Source’.

The Spiral and its relation to creation and nature was demonstrated before we went out on the grounds of Sylvie’s house to see the abundance evidence of the spiral in nature!

Next we sat down on chairs arranged in a spiral, held hands and experienced the spiral  energies of evolution and involution.

Then holding small bottles of water between our hands we blessed them with positive  thoughts and emotions. Taking these bottles with us, we walked out in the grounds, single file, in silence, mentally communicating with the trees, the flowers, the bushes, the sky, all of nature by asserting ‘I AM, I AM, I AM’. We were rewarded with Nature replying back: ‘AM, I AM, I AM’!!’

Our walk covered a path of half a kilometer to a stream at the end of Sylvie’s house. With love in our hearts, we poured the water over our hands and into the river, all the while chanting ‘AUM’

Finally we made our way back to the lawns, stood around a tree, and chanted I AM!!

Day 5: Sunday 6th May, Morning 9 – 12.30     

For the third time, we availed ourselves of Sylvie’s hospitality. We gathered once againat ‘The Source’

First, we were reminded once again of the importance of the year 2012 for raising the vibrations of the Earth, and as co – creators, our responsibility to take part in this process.

Together with healers and non healers alike we carried out the Wesak Meditation toreceive the blessings of the Buddha and other Ascended Masters, Higher Beings, Gods,Goddesses. As Love and Light Workers, we pledged to share our Love and Light with all and sundry. This would be our contribution to creating a better world and assisting one and all in their spiritual growth.

Next we put into practice what we had just pledged. We connected with all sentient beings in the universe and the cosmos and healed the Earth’s Mind Consciousness Grid.

Photos Wesak and video Raising the earth’s vibrations

Finally we ended the week of spiritually enriching activities by enjoying a very delicious Thai lunch. 

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