Mukuru Sinai Reiki Camp !

True to our promise, LHSG members Mamta, Punita, Shariffa, Faith, Fhanreet, Shazmeen and I were ready and waiting on Saturday 14th July, at the Ram Mandir Hall to receive our guests from the Mukuru Sinai Slums. Unfortunately, due to the bus driver not being familiar with Parklands, they got ‘lost’ and arrived more than an hour late.

But, they made up for the lateness with their sheer enthusiasm! Very quickly, they settled down and in no time the attunement process was underway. Although there were a few babies who needed distraction, which Faith provided by ‘bimbarezaing’ them, the attunement went very well. All 26 adults (men and women), and 5 children woke up after the attunement, ready to share their experiences …… Feeling lifted, energy passing through their bodies, seeing ‘Light’, etc.  …… They were fully attuned to the first Level of Reiki!

Self healing of chakras followed next, and then a break for tea, followed by Self healing of the whole body. Healing others was demonstrated. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we could not go over the manuals they had been given, but I promised to visit them soon to go over any portion of the manual that they may need help in.

The importance of healing oneself every day was stressed, and of praying for others as an energy exchange for the gift of Reiki. Then it was graduation time! Each one came up proudly to receive their certificate and a rose. Finally, they were given bottles of water, some chocolates and biscuits for their journey back!

Thus was our 36th Seva Camp completed. The Lotus Healing Seva Group smiled as they packed away the banner, the manuals, the altar …… glowing with the rewarding feeling of having done Reiki seva one more time, and secure in the knowledge that there is no better way to live than to give …..!

By Kamal Tolia


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2 Responses to Mukuru Sinai Reiki Camp !

  1. Monica Gokaldas says:

    Yet another opportunity to give back to the society which has always been giving us. Lotus Healing Seva Group is a truly blessed seva group. Thanks to Kamal Tolia for guiding the members to share their love amongst all beings unconditionally.

  2. The Mukuru Sinai group was very receptive. It was wonderful to see how quiet the children lay besides their mums.
    I think that they left knowing that their trip was a worth while one.
    Their faces were relaxed and the children were happy.

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