Youth Member Reiki Experiences

Youth Member Reiki Experiences

The members of the Lotus Healing Seva Youth Group were asked to carry out a Reiki Project. They had to chooses a person, animal or plant, preferably with a problem, send Reiki to them, and note the difference. Here are their experiences:

My Plant Project – March 2010

Harleen Gokaldas conducts a very interesting experiment on two plants…one watered with Reiki water!



Reiki Project: My Bamboo Plant

For the project given, I chose my bamboo plant because I saw that it was drying up and that its leaves and stems were turning yellowish – brown. Since I did not want the bamboo to die, I started giving it healing. I sent healing to it everyday in the morning and saw that the yellow leaves were turning green, and soon so did the stems.

After a while, I stopped sending healing to see if it could cope, however, it just went worse: the leaves turned dry and brown, and the stems turned brown as well. After seeing that, I resumed my healing again and it has started to improve.

Harleen Gokaldas

i / c LHS(Y)G

Age 13 years


Reiki Experience

I have 2 dogs, and both of them were fighting. One scratched the other one in between the two eyes and blood started coming out.

I saw what happened. So I rushed to give him Reiki where it was bleeding. I put both my hands over it.

After a while the blood stopped and my dog was fine.after that he now follows me everywhere and wants me to give him Reiki all the time.

Pranav Acharya

LHS(Y)G Member

Age 7 years


My Reiki Project

At our last reiki meeting, Kamal aunty asked us to do this project. She asked us to choose an object or a person and send it reiki everyday and observe the changes for about a month.

I chose a person. I chose someone that I felt needed a lot of reiki because of all the work she did. This person is my house-help, Hellen. She has been with us for over 13 years.

When we were given this project, we had some guests living at home. This meant that Hellen had to put an extra effort in her daily work so that the guests were comfortable. She got tired quickly and struggled to work for the last few hours.

I sent healing to Hellen daily, just before I woke up and just before I went to sleep. I sent reiki with my eyes closed just imagining her working peacefully and well.

It took me a while to notice the changes in her work. When I did notice I saw that she had quickened the pace of her work and she lasted for more hours of the day. I was amazed at the sudden change in her work and I believe that this was because of the reiki that I had been sending her for the past days.

Anoushka Kassam

LHSG(Y) member

Age 10 years


My Reiki Project

Mrs. Kamal Tolia asked us as the LHSYG (Lotus Healing Seva Youth Group) to choose an object or a person to send reiki to regularly for a while to notice the changes. We had to choose anything that we thought that needed help.

I chose my mum because at that time my mum had just had her surgery done after some guests left our house. She was in a lot of pain and that was when I thought of sending her reiki daily. My mum, Bhavna Kassam, is always running around doing our errands and that was why I felt that she needed the reiki more than anyone else.

My mum would often come home and go upstairs to lie down and would very often fall asleep for about an hour because of the fatigue in her body. I felt that because of all the things she did for us and for everyone else, she needed it a lot. She seemed very tired in the evenings at dinner.

Everyday before I went to sleep, I closed my eyes and sent reiki to my mum imagining her to be very happy and peaceful. I tried whenever I could to send my mum reiki for the day.

After a while I saw that she was much calmer and that she got tired less often and that when she came home from work, she was on her laptop. She got a lot more work done than she used to. I also seemed to notice that she complained less about her scars and the pain than she used to which meant that the pain had subsided.

Karishma Kassam

LHSG(Y) Member

Age 13 years


Reiki Project

I chose my brother(Shiv Sumaria) to send Reiki. He was getting very angry, and physically hitting me and my mum, both of us started fighting more then we used to.

I sent healings at night. The result is that he is more calmer these days, does not fight and get angry alot but sometimes i dont send healing and the next day he is not in a good mood most of the time and if i send healing again he is much better, and he is also much more kinder to everyone in and out of the house.

Sonali Shah

LHSG(Y) Member

Age 13 years


Reiki Project: Healing Chips, my Hamster

I woke up in the morning and I went to feed my hamster. I saw that he was feeling sick. I called my mum and asked her if we could take him to the vet. The vet said he had a stomach infection and gave me some medicine to put in his water. But I did not give him the medicine. Instead I gave him Reiki day and night, and in two days he was alright.

Krupali Patel

LHS(Y)G Member

Age 13 years


My Reiki Incident

On the 15th of April 2009 my dad, Hanif Kassam, got Carjacked by three carjackers. We got the news from my mum who was talking to someone on the phone.

The only words she said were “Someone got Carjacked! Who?” and “Hanif?” As soon my sister, Anoushka heard that, she started crying and ran to my mum. My mum did not know how to react and the only thing that I could think of doing was to send reiki to the incident.

At that point I said my symbols and sent reiki. Not to my dad or the carjackers or anyone in particular but to the incident. As soon as I heard my mum talking, I left it open-ended and went to my mum.

In less than 15 minutes, we heard my dad’s horn, he had arrived back home. I really believe that the reiki helped with the incident. I believe it helped my dad in his situation and it helped calm the carjackers minds.

Now days, all I can think of when something like this happens is to send reiki.

Karishma Kassam

LHS(Y)G Member

Age 13 years

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