Trip to the Hope House Babies Home

The highlight during the year so far, for the Lotus Healing Seva Youth Group, was their trip to a babies orphanage. Here is what they have to say.

Our experience at the babies home

On Saturday 28th February, the Lotus Healing Seva Youth Group (LHSYG) went to the Hope House Babies Home.

Our main purpose for going there was to heal the babies and keep them happy by playing with them. As soon as we reached, there were a few children who felt very happy on seeing us. There were about 20 children; many were very young, from 3 months to 3 years old, while some were about 7 or 8.

Seeing the children happy made me happy, and they were, clearly, very excited. When we reached, we first saw the rooms in which the children were kept. We played with them for a while and then gave them (most of them received hands-on healing from us) reiki. None of us knew what problems the children were facing, so it was a bit hard to figure out where to place our hands. Our problem was solved when Kamal aunty told us that we could send healing to the heart.

I deeply enjoyed this experience, because it was something new, something which I had never thought of doing. I found it slightly unusual because whenever I go to the hospitals to send healing to older people, with many problems, whereas, these babies that I saw were perfectly healthy and did not look ill at all. I wish that we could do these kind of things over and over again, so that, I personally, wouldn’t feel odd healing elders who keep staring at you!!!

Harleen Gokaldas

i / c LHS(Y)

Age 13 years


The Trip to the Babies Home

My first visit to a baby’s home was very exciting. The LHSYG (Lotus Healing Seva Youth Group) visited the Hope House Babies home where we donated a number of things including toys for the babies.

I enjoyed the visit thoroughly even though I was one of the young ones and I couldn’t carry any of the babies properly. The baby that I chose was very cute and chubby. He loved it when someone carried him and really cried when I put him down.

When my mum, Bhavna Kassam, brought the toys inside the hope house, I chose a big teddy for my baby. We all gave reiki to our assigned babies and when I gave reiki to mine a sudden smile appeared on his face and that made me feel so good.

When I gave my baby the teddy bear he smiled at me and began to play with it. It seemed he loved it. I really felt that we should have stayed longer but we had already finished giving reiki and were just playing with the babies. I hope the babies at the hope House benefited from our reiki.

Written By: Anoushka Kassam

LHS(Y)G Member

Age 10 years


My Experencies at the Hope House Babies Home

I was looking forward to going to the babies home since i first heard that we will be going, i could barely wait to get there. When we finally got there, I saw so many cute babies. It was nice to see so many babies. Then every member sent healing to the babies. We tried to send healing to all the babies in the Home, the older members sent healing to the helper/keepers in the babies home. It was so much fun playing with the babies, none of us wanted it to end.

Sonali Shah

LHS(Y)G Member

Age 13 years


The Visit to the Hope House Babies Home

My first visit to a baby’s home was to the Hope House Babies Home. It was really exciting. I loved the babies and loved playing with them. I really appreciate Punita aunty for organize this visit for the LHSYG (Lotus Healing Seva Youth Group).

When we entered the Hope House, almost all the babies had finished eating their lunch and the very small ones had already been put to sleep… for their afternoon nap. We first went and visited all the rooms and all the babies and gave reiki to all of them from the very tiny ones to the older ones.

We also chose one of the few that were awake and who seemed to want to play with us. Of the 5 youth members who were accompanied by Kamal Aunty, my mum, Bhavna Kassam, Monica Aunty and Punita Aunty – each of us chose 1 baby and carried them while giving them hands-on reiki. My baby girl seemed to enjoy that very much. They were all very cute.

My mum then brought in the bag of toys for the babies while Punita aunty brought in the other food stuff and giveaways. The toys were all sizes and I chose a small pink teddy for my baby. I could see that she was delighted. I really wish we could have spent some more time and played a little more with the babies. The “Hope House” also told us that in the mornings all the babies are playing outside in the garden/grass and they also told us that the next time we go there or to any babies home, we should try and make an effort to go in the morning hours. This is when the babies are fresh and alert… and happy to play with strangers.

We played with the babies, talked to them and really enjoyed ourselves.

Karishma Kassam

LHS(Y)G Member

Age 13 years


My experience at the Hope house Babies Home

We went to the babies home at 2 pm. There were many small babies, the oldest being 4 years old. It was very kind of the owner to let us come to see the babies. The bad part was that the children had no parental love, but the good part was they were taken care of and seemed happy. They were active and playing about. I would like to give them all my love and my toys, clothes, snacks, etc.

Krupali Patel

LHS(Y)G Member

Age 13 years

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