Another Reiki Level 2 Camp!

For the third year running, Lotus Healing Seva Group carried out a Reiki camp for the girls of the Hawkers Market Girls Centre. This time it was a Reiki Level 2 workshop, for the girls that had been trained in Reiki Level 1 in February.

The girls had had some very good results employing Reiki in their lives … all their aches and pains had disappeared, they were calmer and sleeping better. They had also used Reiki on their relatives and friends with equally marvelous results. So at 9 am on 3rd May 2013, they were ready to further their healing journey into Reiki Level 2. Nineteen girls attended the workshop in Aga Khan Primary School.

After learning to draw the symbols in the air, they were attuned to the energy of the second level of  Reiki. Next they were trained in carrying out absent healing, healing relationships, programming Reiki, healing stress, etc. They also learned group healing and experienced its power while healing the Earth. This was followed by a drink and vegetarian lunch which was enjoyed by all.

There were two new girls in the group who had not done Reiki Level 1 with the rest of the girls in February. Shariffa took them under her wing and patiently went through the theory manual with them. They were attuned to Reiki Level 1 and shown self healing.

The workshop finished at around 2 pm. All went away happy …. The girls with their new found skills and us because once again, we had given of ourselves to better the lives of others. The LHSG members that shared their Love and Light that day were: Martina, Nalina, Shariffa, Shalini, Mamta, Punita, and Kamal and they were joined by volunteers Isabella and Janet.

And so ended our 26th Reiki camp in Kenya  ……..


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  1. raj says:

    What a great job the LHSG is doing and I feel so blessed to be part of this group.
    With the intention that from September I can fully participate in all the Sewa.
    May this group shine with the torch bearer in every part of the world.

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