A Time to Grieve … A Time to Heal ……

21st September 2013 will go down as one of the darkest days in Kenya’s History, when so many innocent people were terrorized and many gunned down in the Westlands Mall in Nairobi. Suddenly so many loved ones were lost …. Wives, husbands, childrens, grand children, mums, dads, friends, colleagues, neighbors ……There was so much pain and grief in the air … it was almost palpable. Rescue teams were set up quickly. Lotus Healing Seva group was at the forefront in these efforts right from the start. Raj and Alex went to the relief station set up near the scene of the attack, and as the distraught victims were brought in, they held them, and gave them instant Reiki. In Raj’s words ‘one lady had remained under her car for 24 hours! …..’. They were joined by Mamta, Monica, Lata, Yatinder and Pratima who took food provisions for the people carrying out the rescue operations, and also gave Reiki. Then for the next 3 days, they went to the hospitals to give Reiki to those admitted there. But our work did not stop in giving Reiki to the ones hurt and maimed in the tragedy. We realized that there were so many survivors who were in a daze after the incident, so many of them grieving, so many of them still trying to come to terms with what had happened. So we decided to give of ourselves again, by starting a Reiki Trauma Healing Unit. With the kind help of our supporters the proprietors of the Asian Weekly, a room was set aside in their offices for giving Reiki to survivors of the tragedy. Over 4 weeks Punita, Monica, Shalini, Pratima, Jean, Nalina, Saida, Shariffa, Azmina, Priya, Bindi, Baiju and Rashmeen, treated about 30 people and helped them heal emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. We (Shariffa, Punita, Hardeep, Kamal, Baiju, Yatinder, Rashmeen) also took part in a day long forum, Gateway to Emotional healing for the Westgate tragedy victims. More than 50 people came to our stand to receive our Reiki and Love and Light. Many cried as they received Reiki, and we held them close to our hearts as their tears flowed during this emotional release. It is said that Seva is the rent you pay for living on earth. But Seva is not always easy to come by. We at Lotus Healing Seva Group are so grateful to the Universe / God for affording us these opportunities for doing Seva. May we, till our last breath, give of ourselves to alleviate the pain and suffering of people, to bless others with Reiki, and to share our Love and Light with all. 1. A Time to Heal ... Rashmeen gives healing

1, A Time to Grieve …. A Time to Heal ….. Rashmeen gives Reiki

2. A Time to Heal ... Rashmeen gives healing

2. A Time to Grieve ….. A Time to Heal …… Rashmeen gives Reiki

3. A Time to Heal ... Yatinder and Hardeep gives healing

3. A Time to Grieve …. A Time to Heal …… Hardeep and Yatinder give Reiki

4. A Time to Heal ... Saida gives healing

4. A Time to Grieve …. A Time to Heal …… Saida gives Reiki

5. A Time to Heal ... Punita gives healing

3. A Time to Grieve …. A Time to Heal …… Punita gives Reiki

6. A Time to Heal .... Kamal gives healing

4. A Time to Grieve …. A Time to Heal …… Kamal gives Reiki

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2 Responses to A Time to Grieve … A Time to Heal ……

  1. There are victims at both ends of the gun. One has gone in love and light to the maker, our ultimate home.

    The other left with the gun,the blood and the unknown rift in the heart.

    Workers of light know that light is spread to those in pain, in transit to resolve the sadness,loss,fear and grief.

    Light workers are blessed to pass on the light and spread it to all unconditionally

  2. Nicole says:

    This is wonderful. Thank you, Lotus Healing Seva Group. I so appreciate that you were, and continue to be there for the community.

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