Gratitude from a victim of the Westgate shooting incident …..


Bhavya Barot, age 17, the Westgate victim has this to share with us …. 

I had been in the hospital bed for 34 days after the Westgate shooting. I had a cast on my left leg due to a fracture in it. I also had stitches on my left thigh which made the whole leg feel very uncomfortable. I could not bend the left leg at the knee, my whole leg was very very stiff. On my right leg I had a fracture and a lot of swelling in the middle of the lower leg, on the side of the shin bone. My right leg and my right foot were very very painful!

My left arm was bandaged, it was completely stiff I could not straighten it at the elbow. My left hand fingers were swollen, couldn’t move them at all.

I could not sit up by myself. In order to sit up, I had to raise the head of the bed to a reclining position, as without support I became breathless in less than a minute. I had stitches down my stomach, so even with the back support, I could not sit for long, because the pressure on the stitches made it extremely uncomfortable.

And of course I could not walk at all.

I had very painful ulcers in my mouth which made it very difficult for me to eat at all.

Sleep was a problem especially at night, and I was mentally disturbed and often became angry and upset. 

Lotus Healing Seva Group has been giving me Reiki healings ……

The first Reiki session was at about 11.15 am on Friday 25th October.

The very next day I noticed that the pain in my right foot was completely gone! And I could straighten my left hand …… something that I month of Physiotherapy had not achieved, Reiki did it in one sitting!

I could also sit up by myself, AND remain sitting for as long as I wished, without any help whatsoever from the hospital bed or any other person! The pressure on the stitches on my stomach was gone, and they had healed very well! In the sitting position I could turn my torso to the left and right, without any problem!

The mouth ulcers had also improved.

I also felt much calmer. 

The second session of Reiki was at about 11.15 am on Saturday 26th October.

After this session, the mouth ulcers improved even more.

The pain in my right leg shin bone area disappeared completely.

And I started taking a few step, i.e. started walking with the aid of the physiotherapist … 

The third session of Reiki was at about 6 pm on Sunday 27th October.

When the cast had been put on my left leg, the doctor had said it would be on for 12 weeks, which they later said would be 6 weeks. But then, after this 3rd Reiki session, seeing my improvement, they took off the cast …. It had been on for only four weeks! Even the stitches on the left leg were taken out.

The mouth ulcers have disappeared completely, and I can now open my mouth completely without pain, so can eat and drink well!

The best part is that I can now walk a few steps without any support ….

The sleep problems are gone …. Am sleeping like a baby! ……

And then something very surprising … I had a grenade bit stuck in my left side at the back. It has started surfacing …. And looks like it will pop out soon ….. 

I had the fourth Reiki session this morning at 11.30am Monday 27th October. I am looking forward to being completely healed, and am confident that with the Reiki healings this will happen …. 🙂 !

Bhavya Barot ….


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2 Responses to Gratitude from a victim of the Westgate shooting incident …..

  1. Bhavya’s experience gives us validation. although we know in our hearts. Outside validation gives us an extra boost as we see the energy come into the earth and absorb all that which is good and appreciate the Seva coming our way.
    LHSG has opened doors and opened horizons and allowed people in through the door for their highest good. S K

  2. Nicole says:

    LHSG, thank you for your very kind service. This account brought tears to my eyes. Blessings to you.

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