Christmas Visit to Talia Agler Girls Shelter.

Lotus Healing Seva Group has been associated with this shelter in Nairobi for victims of child labour, sexual, mental and emotional abuse and child refugees. The shelter accommodates these girls and tries to rehabilitate them. The girls are between the ages of 10 – 18 years.

We have been giving them hands on and distant Reiki healing sessions and attuned them to Reiki level 1 so that they can treat themselves and others. This has helped tremendously in healing them through and through. We have also been donating various items to them over the past year.

 I received a request from the house mistress Lillian and the manager Dorothy that the girls get very depressed over Christmas time, so please could we bring them some balloons to cheer them up for Christmas? They were also low on rations, so would appreciate some.

Lotus Healing Seva Group rose to the Seva occasion once again! Lata made a lovely big cake and on Friday 20th December, Nalina and I took it to the shelter with a bale each of maize meal, white flour, porridge flour, some red beans, green grams, tea, sugar, biscuits, ice cream yogurt, chocolates, balloons and a Christmas tree with lights.

The girls were over the moon with the gifts! Their smiles in the pictures say it all!

And the best part is that they had kept up with doing Reiki on themselves. We made them give Reiki to the newcomers in the shelter who, needless to say, enjoyed it very much! They also did Reiki on each other. Nalina gave them a small talk on sharing their gift of Reiki with others by treating their friends to a healing session.

Wishing them Goodbye, we left the shelter, promising to return in January to teach the new comers Reiki.

Kamal Tolia 

                                Lillian and the girls with the donated items

  1. Lillian and the Girls of the shelter with the donations ...

2. All Smiles !

                                                                 All Smiles!

3. The Christmas Cake!

                                           The Yummy Christmas Cake!

4. Group healing!

                                                               Group Reiki!

5. Giving Reiki !

                                           Reiki treatment for a friend!

                           Nalina giving a talk on sharing the gift of Reiki 

6. Nalina giving a talk on Sharing the Gift of Reiki

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2 Responses to Christmas Visit to Talia Agler Girls Shelter.

  1. Monica Gokaldas says:

    What a perfect Christmas! Thanks for bringing smiles to those angels.
    Love and Light

  2. Raj Walia says:

    What a great day it must have been for the girls and for our members t00.
    They all looked so happy the ones who received and the ones who gave!
    May we go from strength to strength and spread all over the world!

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