Reiki Camps for Adults

Once again, Mukuru Outreach Centre was the venue for 2 Reiki camps done by Lotus Healing Seva Kenya Group. This happened on 25th June 2015.

We conducted 2 Reiki Camps simultaneously (in separate rooms) … Reiki 1 for 24 adults and Reiki 2 for 6 adults. These people aged 18 – 52 years are students in the Computer learning course and Tailoring course being taught at the centre.

LHSG Sevaks Mamta, Nuri, Neena, Pooja, Sheela, Cooky and Kamal reached the centre at 9.45 am. Mamta and Sheela carried out the Reiki 2 training, Kamal, Cooky, Nuri, Neena, Pooja did the Reiki 1 training. We finished by 3 pm.

Lunch of Vegetable Burgers and Samosas was served half way through the training.

The Level 1 people are now certified Reiki Healers. They were very happy with the new knowledge and new power in their Hands! Some of them had come in with stress, aches and pains in various parts of the body, which all vanished before the end of the training! They were asked to start giving Reiki to family, friends and relatives rightaway!

The Reiki Level 2 people also had their moments of joy and wonder. They were introduced to the realm of Distant Healing for issues like illnesses, mending relationships, healing the Earth, etc. Already one of them, who had a very painful, injured finger, reported the next day she did not have to get medical help for it … it healed with the Reiki sent by the other learners!

And so it is that Lotus Healing Seva Group continues to empower the disadvantaged people with the beautiful Healing Power of Reiki.

This brings to 71 the total number of Reiki Camps we have had since 2007, in which we have empowered 1759 people with the healing power of different levels of Reiki!

And counting …….


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  1. Nicole says:

    Thanks for the work you are doing in Mukuru. I felt better just reading about the benefits the camps brought to the participants.

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