Seva work for the Elderly

On 26th May 2009, The Lotus Healing Seva Group UK started its First Seva activity by giving FREE Reiki to the ladies of the Elderly Womens’ Harrow Group. First a talk was given on Reiki by Bina Shah in Gujarati, to the more than 160 women gathered in the hall, followed by Kamal Tolia speaking in Hindi about the activities of the LHSG. Then five chairs were placed in the front, and the women queued to receive Reiki from the LHSG UK members Bina Shah (Leader), Surbhi Shah, Anita Shah and Neha Mamtora and from Kamal Tolia. The benefits were realized by many almost immediately. But the ladies were many. All could not be attended to individually within the time allowed. So with only 15 minutes left, the Group members decided to send distance group healing to all the ladies in the hall.

The Second Seva activity was done on 4th June 2009 for the 150 -160 elderly men and women of the Navjivan Vadil Kendra in Edgeware. 10 group members took part: Bina Shah (Leader), Mala Tolia, Neha Mamtora, Anita Shah, Surbhi Shah, Mona Joshi, Bharti Nandy, Bijan Popat,  Savita Karekar and Kamal Tolia. Once again after an introduction of the beautiful healing energy of Reiki and the Seva activities of the LHSG, 10 chairs were placed in front of the hall and the LHSG members got to work right away. The afflictions were many and varied ….. stroke victims, heel spurs, depression, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, backaches, paralysis, insomnia, skin conditions, cancer, etc. The results in most cases were nothing short of dramatic! One lady, a stroke victim,  who had little strength in her hand before, could quite firmly hold a glass of water in that hand without her hand shaking at all! Another felt pain free In his back for the first time in months … ! One with heel spurs was walking around pain free! And a depressed lady came up to say how much lifted in spirits she felt. So moved were they by the healing power of Reiki, that they all lined up to relate their experience over the mike!  

Truly, we had been blessed by many Reiki miracles on that day !

Money was donated freely for charity by the grateful ladies and men in both groups. 


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