More Little Angels Learn Reiki in Kangemi!

On 13th August 2015, Mamta Advani, Lotus Healing Seva Group (Kenya), conducted a Reiki Level 1 camp in the Kangemi Slums of Kenya. She was assisted by LHSG members Shariffa, and Rashmeen. The place was the centre run by Prafulla, Laxmi and Bhavna where over 200 Kangemi children are fed every sunday. Please read their account below and do see the pictures …..

Mamta Advani

It was a beautiful sewa . Rashmeen, Shariffa and myself (Mamta) felt very touched to see the enthusiastic children waiting for us to teach them Reiki level 1. There were 41 children starting from 5yrs to 16 yrs. All of them were wonderful healers . The two little 5 yr old girls looked so cute healing with their tiny but very warm hands!

My heart felt so expanded -as if an ocean of love flowing out to all these lovely children! One little boy called Nelson (about 8yrs old) had tears flowing ,throughout the attunement and we were told that he had been found abandoned a month ago and was in a very bad state but was doing much better now. After the attunement Nelson was constantly helped and monitored during self healing by another little boy of the same age. This little boy even removed Nelson ‘s shoes and took them outside. It was very touching to see how children don’t discriminate¬† and help each other with so much love and care! Another little boy had his hands folded in a namaste throughout the attunement as if acknowledging the presence of a higher being!

During the self healing these children took a lot of healing .We were glad that now these children would do better with the power or Reiki in their hands and it will bring a change in their lives, in the lives of people around them and the environment !

Five other children who had done Reiki 1 and 2, had also come to help us on that day. They related their Reiki success stories with us.

I feel that there is a great shift in their minds when they learn the 5 principles of Reiki-specially when they learn that the Earth is actually a mother to us and has to be loved and respected as she sustains all life on it!

I thank the Universe for this Sewa opportunity!

Shariffa Keshavji ….

Reiki Camp Kangemi under the aegis of Prafulaben.
Mamta ensured that we all arrived on time.
The way the children chant and play the drum with all their heart always sets the mood.
The children are so sincere and enthusiastic. It was a delight.
Mamta was able to captivate them with Master Usui’s story.
She was calm and spoke to them at their level.
They knew the chakras. They were so quick to grasp.
LHSG we have an amazing team. The volunteers were so efficient. Nancy with her carrying voice of command. It was an amazing experience. The energy was so high.
Rashmeen was able to control all the children in her care with such equanimity.
The children enjoyed their lunch.
As we attuned there was a. Great presence in the room it was palpable. Uplifting and very humbling. We cannot feel gratitude enough for an
Opportunity to do seva which is for life. Life changing and impacting on the children at mental, physical and spiritual levels. We are indeed blessed. Words are limiting to express the elevation we all felt.

Rashmeen Tulyani …..

To begin with, it was a perfect day. All the children were waiting for us as we arrived.  Under the guidance of Shariffa and Mamta we started our camp on time. Our ever smiling Mamta conducted the camp with absolute ease. The children were ready to embrace this new knowledge and were fast to pick up all the information about the chakras and techniques. Our youngest student was of 5 years and she showed absolute seriousness in giving Reiki to her partner. One visual that is etched in my memory was of a boy who during reiki attunement had joined his hands in namaste as if in gratitude to his new life beginning. We had all sorts of children in the group with some more playful than others but our Shariffa very calmly made sure they learnt the right technique.
We are very grateful to Prafulaben and Laxmi for being so encouraging about this camp.  Nancy the caretaker is a perfect ambassador of Reiki there.
My deepest gratitude to the universe for bringing these opportunities of sewa.

Photos …

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  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you for leading this camp. I am sending good thoughts to Nelson. I loved reading about the other little boy who helped him. Thank you for providing healings, teachings, and lunch to the children.

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