Reiki Level 1 Camp – UK

The Lotus Healing Seva Group, UK had a fabulous day on Saturday 5th September, carrying out Reiki level 1 course for 64 very enthusiastic students. The ages ranged from a 7 month foetus to 19 year old twins and the oldest would-be healer aged 78! 

Fifty five of the students were people who attended the Sangam centre in Edgware, a lot of whom had had treatments from us on the day we had visited the centre in June this year and were obviously converted!!   RESULT!!!!!!!!

The chief organisers at the Sangam centre for the attendance were Surendrabhai and Ushaben whose input meant seamless coordination on Dipakbala’s part. 

The event took place at a newly re-furbished church hall in Harrow which made it quite central for people to commute to. The venue had large arch shaped windows and a very high ceiling so you can imagine how beautiful the energy and ambience was all the way through!

To facilitate the event, the volunteers from LHSG (UK) present were Jan, Surbhi, Bhartiben, Savita, Lekha, Neha, Anita and Mala with Dipakbala running the show.

The entire day ran very smoothly with some wonderful comments noted by attendees in the comments book, quite a few requests for the next level dates and finish at 4.30 pm.

The Sangam centre group collectively donated £305 towards Charity, which was gratefully accepted by LHSG (UK).

All in all, a very successful day!!!


20090909 – UK Photos
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