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3 Responses to ASIAN WEEKLY 6TH NOVEMBER, 2015

  1. Shariffa says:

    At Diwali time it is heartening to see that LHSG is leading the way to unconditional giving.
    Giving live and light at this time dissipates the darkness of ignorance. Surely ignorance leads to violent action. Violent action, thought, and intention come not from love and light.
    Keep your diva burning and light others too

  2. Nicole says:

    Congratulations, LHSG.

  3. Monica Gokaldas says:

    The 10th Anniversary is a unique celebration of seva by doing more seva. It is a pleasure to see the healing hands of LHSG reach far and wide, beyond barriers of countries, beyond restrictions of language, reaching out to animals, plants, waters, children, elderly all in the same spirit.

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