Reiki Level 3A Camp

11 April 2010

Twenty three Reiki healers completed this level of Reiki. Once again, the camp was held at the Navnat Mahajan Hall in Nairobi.

The participants showed their commitment yet again by giving up their Sunday to further their journey in Reiki. They consisted of all ages, the youngest being 11 years old and the oldest 67 years old! One young lady had been up the whole night before in a go kart rally for charity, and still turned up bright and ready for the workshop at 9 am. Kudos to her for her determination!

Many were their healing experiences: sorting out issues at work, A Reiki Ball growing automatically between the hands and leaving to go to a passing lady who looked ill, a cancer patient who was healed of poor digestion completely! And many more ………..

All were attuned to the Symbols in the class. They had fun clearing each others’ auras ….. some were so enthusiastic that they accompanied the movements with audio effects!

The LHSG members that did seva on this day were: Punita, Tejal, Yatinder, and from the LHS(Y)G they were Karishma and Anoushka. Prafulla did seva for a couple of hours. Many thanks go to LHSG sevaks Ranjan, Hema, Harsha, and Naila who inspite of being students on that day, very willingly brought the tea and refreshments for all. And a very special thank you to Tejal’s mother and family for providing the sevaks with a lovely hot lunch for all our three Reiki camps!

Kamal Tolia
(Founder Member LHSG)


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