Reaching Out To Special Children.

8th October 2015

It was a special seva, a special Reiki camp, for special children. Everything about this seva was special ….. from the smiles of the children to the total acceptance of Reiki, to the sweetness with which they did self healing, to the unconditional love that they exuded to each other and to us, the sevaks on that day!

And what did we do in return? We welcomed them with love, we taught them with more love, and we fed them with even more love.
In short, it was the most love filled Reiki camp LHSG has been privileged to carry out to date!

We saw children who were blind, children in wheelchairs, children who could only shuffle-walk, and children who could do nothing more than sit where they were placed, children who could barely hear, others who could not talk, and others who suffered from epilepsy and other diseases. We saw children with twisted limbs and hands and feet. We saw the same children laugh and smile, learn Reiki and treat themselves, enjoy the food, play around on the grass, make paper boats and other models and simply have a blast!
These were 15 children from Compassionate Hands Centre for the disabled in Ruai. They were accompanied by 4 carers.

The LHSG sevaks were Shariffa, Sheela, Safura, Mamta, Grace and Kamal.
Thank you to Grace and Joy (a carer) for teaching Reiki to these special souls in Kiswahili. Thank you also to the girls from the Hawkers Market Girls Centre Gentry, Martha, Elizabeth and Ruth who very lovingly helped in feeding some of the children. A thank you also to Shariffa for freely allowing us to use the room for the camp, and to her and the girls for having arranged the room and cleaning it after the camp. Thank you also to Tropical Heat for their donation of crisps snack packs.

This last celebration of our 10th Anniversary brings to 91 the total number of camps LHSG has carried out all over the world in the last 10 years, in which 1939 people have benefited!

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2 Responses to Reaching Out To Special Children.

  1. Shariffa says:

    Our teacher taught us ‘what you give to the universe is reflected back to you’. Thank you Lotus Healing Seva Group for the opportunity to give. As this holiday season for giving approaches, this was the perfect group, young children whose response left us humbled, joyful and full of gratitude.
    May our humility,joy,and gratitude multiply.

  2. Nicole says:

    How wonderful. Asante sana, LHSG.

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