LHSG Kenya 11th Anniversary Seva No. 2

Mamta of LHSG Kenya trained 4 people in Reiki level 1. This was done as a seva, with no monetary exchange. She dedicated this seva to our 11th Anniversary Celebrations …. Please read on for her account ….

Kamal Tolia, LHSG Founder Member.


As part of our anniversary celebrations I did Reiki 1 with 4 people today  (26th September).

Mrs Dolly Ruprai (mother of Rashpal, who passed away after being in coma for 4 years. He received Reiki from LHSG during this time)

Mr Nasib Bansal  (suffering from parkinsonism)

Mrs Lalinder  Bansal  (cancer survivor)

and Mrs Usha Mandavia .

The first 3 had experienced Reiki at our Hindu council event and were interested to learn Reiki.

They were really excited to learn and were fast asleep  during the attunement which they found strange as normally they don’t sleep that easily! They practised selfhealing and partner healing and were thoroughly relaxed!

They all were very happy with the gift of Reiki and promised to use it to help themselves and others.

It was a gratifying Sewa for me and I am thankful to the Universe for this opportunity!

Mamta Advani, LHSG member

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  1. Nicole says:

    I am glad the reiki brought sleep and rest.

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