LHSG India, Kolkata, 11th Anniversary Seva No. 2

On 14th October  2016, Manisha and I, Arpita, held our second 11th Anniversary Seva.  We gave Reiki Level 1 attunement to five people (Renu Bahrus, Harsha Punjabi, Prakash Tolani, Jagruti Punjabi, Chandni Bachani).

The Reiki level 1 camp went for almost 3hours, at first we gave some explanation about energy, then told them all about Master Mikao Usui and his experience with Reiki. Then made them clear about what are chakras, what is aura.. Then asked them to lie down for attunement process. Manisha and I did the attunement together ..then we discussed the five principles of Reiki in detail.

After a 15 minute tea break, we guided them in the process of self-healing and the function of each chakra along with the corresponding colour associated with it.

At last we gave them their certificates, all were so happy and excited, it was a sight to see!

Since this was the first time we have done this kind of camp, we were so excited and also little nervous, but as we both know that we have a wonderful etheric LHSG family with us,  we completed it with due respect and love,  we have felt a shower of blessings as while giving attunement.

Thank you once again for the knowledge of Reiki, it was a wonderful experience .. everytime a little more intense.. They all have enjoyed it thoroughly and follow every steps guided by us…all of their hands were warm..

Thank you all our family for being with us throughout the process..

We have asked them to come back on 23rd October when we will show them how to give Reiki to other people.

Arpita Kundu

LHSG member

India, Kolkatta.


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2 Responses to LHSG India, Kolkata, 11th Anniversary Seva No. 2

  1. Monica Gokaldas says:

    A caring thought
    A shared deed.
    The knowledge spreads
    The healing too spreads.
    A remarkable Seva
    By Blessed angels
    whom we know as
    Manisha & Arpita.
    Creating & Co creating
    A new world
    of positive affirmations.
    Bravo LHSG, Kolkata.

  2. Nicole says:

    It is so wonderful that certificates were given, as recognition of an achievement and a newly found ability and opportunity to help others.

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