An Example of Gratitude Reiki Seva

The date was Friday the 13th, 2017. In a normal scenario one would be wary of the date and not venture out at things, but not for me those beliefs. In the second half of December, I had set up my mind to express my gratitude to The Asian Weekly for having published my various write ups sharing news ref LHSG and Sindhi Welfare Society along with my poems under the name Sikiladi.

What better a way to express Gratitude than by giving a session of Hands on Healing to the team of TAW.

I expressed my desire which was welcomed by them and on a mutually decided date of Friday the 13th January at 10 am I was there at their office. After exchanging the pleasantries I commenced on my mission. I started off with Kajal Patel who is very well versed with Reiki and understood my desire pretty well.  Gradually I moved on to other members of the team one at a time and the experience was very fulfilling.

To begin with none of the members were willing to share their problems or couldn’t think of any issues that needed attention but as i started off with giving them healing, I found myself asking them questions ref the areas that I felt needed attention. It is not surprising that what they hadn’t thought about but was picked up by me as a problem area was later confirmed by them to be genuine issues. Among those problems that I found hidden were grief, sadness, inability to express themselves, emotional blocks, back and shoulder pains, the feeling of being not loved etc.

I tried my best to help out and have decided to continue sending healing to this additional list of my requests for at least a month. Although all members of the team did not agree to receive the Reiki Healing I spent over 3 hours doing the healings as I wanted the satisfaction of the healer within me to give my best as my gratitude and a seva to begin the year 2017 and it coincided with the Hindu Festival of Lohri. Once again the Universe had planned it well for me to celebrate yet another festival the Reiki way.

I give my thanks to the management team of TAW who permitted me to conduct this session, my Guru Kamal Tolia who has instilled such attributes into me and my loving family who support all such seva breaks I take from my normal routine of work.

Here are some of the reactions I got:

  1. Kajal Patel : Thank you Monica Ji for a nice healing session. The energies were amazing.
  2. Nisha Hirani : The healing helped ease the pain mentioned to the healer. I feel energized.
  3. Ashish Patel : Felt a calm feeling and relaxed feeling with energies.
  4. Dhruv Shah : (it was his first experience of reiki – he felt back and forward movement inside him and I explained to him that it was Reiki energy moving inside him)I felt comfortable with reiki.
  5. Namrata Raghwani ( it was her first experience and didn’t know what to expect) I felt very calm and warmth.
  6. Hussein Jiwa : A warm sensation overcomes you. It was a pleasant experience. Thank You.
  7. Simon Muli : It was a relaxing moment for me in the midst of all the activities that otherwise keep me preoccupied

Love and Light

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Founder Member.


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