Healing In Nature

Chanting Aum out in the open air with the trees as witnesses … pouring Reiki blessed water in a stream for it to reach all the waters of the world for so it reaches all who live and breathe, blessing our little 8 month old trees, and loving and blessing our giant trees planted 5 1/2 years ago …. These were the highlights of LHSG Kenya Group’s outing in the Karura Forest in Nairobi on 20th July 2016

The whole uplifting experience gave us a high that lasted well into the next day!

The sevaks that took part in this seva outing were Mamta, Monica, Srinidhi, Karima, Anuradha, Nalina, Nuri, Pooja, Laveena, Neha, Pratima, and I, Kamal.

Please read Monica’s account of the day, and enjoy the spiritual vibrations that come through our pictures and videos!

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member,



A Breath Of Fresh Air

The decision to conduct the Thursday Group Healing Session at Karura Forest was a welcomed one. Though some members had travelled and some were busy the rest of us went ahead with the plan and thankfully so.

Our usual excitement of visiting the forest was slightly blurred upon reaching there as we realized that there was some political event about to commence at the place allotted to us through a pre confirmation by the Karura authorities. We were met by a crowd of over a thousand people to our surprise.

Nevertheless, the slight disappointment that threw us off balance for a few minutes was soon overcome once we moved on to another part of the forest. The mike blared at us from the other direction as speeches were being made yet undeterred and unperturbed we carried on with the group healings amongst the tall trees around us that seemed to listen to our hearts and passed on loving vibrations that enhanced the healing.

Once done with the usual Reiki Healings we all walked towards the plot where we had planted trees on the 17th of November in 2016. To our delight, in less than a year the trees were flourishing and growing healthy. Guided by our Guru, Kamal Tolia we sprinkled water and gave Reiki to each tree in that plot. While on our way to the plot of trees we had poured out some of the healing water in the stream as well while chanting positive notes along with Om Shanti.

Once done we visited our older plot of trees planted on 29th April 2012 together by the Kenya, U.K. and India members of LHSG. Our hearts knew no restrictions of emotions as we were overjoyed to see them grown nearly double our heights and strong. Our little babies had grown well and we blessed them with loads of positivity, gratitude and of course Reiki Energy.

We returned to our spot where we had conducted group healings and had a farewell lunch for one of our members Pooja Tiwari who is scheduled to leave Kenya soon to move to another destination. The trip to Karura Forest acted as a battery recharge for me as I felt so very connected with nature. Despite the uneven path that we walked upon, I felt vibrant and energetic while over there.

Love and Light

Monica Gokaldas

Founder Member





Video 1


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2 Responses to Healing In Nature

  1. How blessed are we at LHSG to know that water is a primordial form of deep change. Washing away, purifying cleansing and transforming. Our trees are the living example of taking up the water and growing.
    They are a miracle as are we.
    At Karura we experienced life’s miracle.

  2. Nicole says:

    The trees look wonderful. So big and strong. Congratulations. Thank you so much LHSG for your efforts.

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