Testimonials Galore As Reiki Weaves its Magic!

It gives me great pleasure to share with you, a number of testimonial Lotus Healing Kenya Group has received over the past few months …

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member, Lotus Healing Seva Group

  1. A couple of years ago, we taught Reiki to Anne Njeri the founder of Compassionate Hands Centrefor the disabled in Ruia, Kenya, and to the workers and carers and some of the more able children. We were so happy to learn that they have been practising Reiki regularly, and it has helped them tremendously …                                               Please listen to Anne’s testimonial …


2. Ramkrishna came to our stand in a wheelchair at the Stawisha Maisha exhibition held in May in Nairobi. After a Reiki treatment given to him by LHSG’s member Balvinder Dhadialla, he expressed a wish to walk, which he did, much to the astonishment of all! His care giver declared that he was now walking with much more confidence, and without shuffling his feet! Please watch the video which shows him placing his feet one after the other on the floor … in such a hurry!

3. This lady has diabetes. She came to receive Reiki LHSG’s stand at the Stawisha Maisha exhibition held in May in Nairobi. She had an open sore on her leg which was oozing. After the Reiki treatment, the oozing had stopped and the wound was beginning to heal! She was v grateful. Please watch her video as she describes how Reiki worked for her after only one treatment!


4. Next we have Bhavya Barot …

This young man was only 15 years old when he became a victim of the Terrorists attack at Nairobi’s Westgate shopping Mall a few years ago. He suffered bullet wounds to his arms and legs and lots of grenade bits and bullet bits all over his body. LHSG members used to to to give him weekly Reiki healing for the 6 weeks he was in the hospital and later for 2 months when he was recovering at home. Now, 3 years later,  completely healed in his whole body, Bhavya is working at a software company, he came up to us at the exhibition to thank us. Please watch his video.

5. Lotus Healing Seva Group gives weekly seva Reiki sessions to the residents and workers of Ashram, an old peoples home in Nairobi. Please watch the video of Nutan, the Homes’ Cook, as she describesin Gujarati, how the Reiki treatments have helped her, and expresses her gratitude.

6. Dolly is one of the earliest residenst of the Ashram. She has a number of illnesses, epilepsy being one of them and is not very communicative. After receiving a few sessions of Reiki, Dolly feels comfortable singing the Hindu Arti with LHSG’s Member Pratima Dutt!

7. One of LHSG’s weekly seva is giving Reiki to Cancer patients and care givers at the Faraja Cancer Support Centre in Nairobi. Here is a video of John who shares the wonders Reiki has done for him after only 2 Reiki sessions!


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3 Responses to Testimonials Galore As Reiki Weaves its Magic!

  1. Reading these testimonials makes me feel that as we touch people, reiki energy flows. It opens up a space within them to heal
    At the same time the practitioner alchemical changes. A space opens up in her heart. This space is grace.
    It is like a smile. If we smile the other smiles spontaneously.
    Giver and receiver enter into Grace.

  2. Monica Gokaldas says:

    Gratefulness in a measure big
    At knowing lives are touched
    By a little effort and time given
    Many a joyful moments liven
    May LHSG remain seva driven
    For the sad and gloomy get a jig.

  3. Nicole says:

    This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing these stories. In particular I was touched by the expression on John’s face when he talked about sleeping eight hours a night, now. Thank you, LHSG.

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