12 th Anniversary Celebtrations Seva No.1

LHSG Kenya’s 12th Anniversary started with Monica Gokaldas conducting a Reiki 1 Training camp . Please read on and watch teh slide show and video …..

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member LHSG 


Reiki Camp @ Arama Lifestyle

It was just a week ago that LHSG gave a talk on Reiki at the Arama Lifestyle Home catering towards the recreational needs of the elderly of our society. Having heard Kamal Tolia’s talk about Reiki on the 9th September three ladies were very curious to learn this art of healing. Hence we commenced our 12th Anniversary Celebrations by offering this seva of teaching them on September 15th and 16th during the morning hours.

It was my pleasure to be conducting this as my first solo camp as besides it being a beginner to our list of Anniversary sevas it also became my dedication to my late parents this being the Hindu period of Shraadh when we do charity in the name of ancestors.

The three women reacted very well to the nearly acquired knowledge and turned out to be lovely healers post the attunement to Level 1 Reiki. I wasn’t surprised to see them grasp it so well and move from one reiki position to another using their own wisdom from the word go. I felt very grateful at being given this opportunity as I had strongly felt the need to spread Reiki at Arama since the day I heard if this facility being ventured into by two young entrepreneurs Shruti Shah and Neha.

The next morning they all came very cheerful describing their experiences having practiced Reiki at home. They were comfortable practicing giving reiki to others during the session and felt a noticeable change with the healing Energy.

Monica Gokaldas

Founder Member LHSG




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