12th Anniversary Celebrations Seva No. 3

Our lone Mumbai, India member Kirti Kamdar did this Reiki healing seva in a cnetre for terminally ill people ….. thank you Kirti for showing you care for these people …….

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member

There is a charitable trust in Taloja, in Raigad district named Jyothis Charitable Trust for terminally ill patients. One of my school friend organises a visit to this place every year. This year it was on 1st October and I had visited along with 60 other people.

There were around 18 ladies who were residents there, out of which 8-9 were mentally challenged n needed too much attention.

I somehow felt too much sadness around. The residents were excited to see all of us. We had also got a small band with us who sang songs n we all danced with them, making them feel one of us and that they are not untouchables.

I asked one lady what illness she had and why she was there.

She said no illness but her brother got her admitted there and left. And she had tears in her eyes.

The trust is run by Nuns. My friend announced that I was there to give Reiki healing and anyone who wanted healing can approach me. It didn’t go well with the people there. Not even the sisters there.

I told them what it is all about but still no response.

From the people who went along with us, one lady said she knew about Reiki and wanted healing for overwork and stress. I gave her hands on healing and later she said she felt very good and energised again.

The lady singer of the band saw me doing healing and came to me saying she also done healing to people and that day she wanted as she was very exhausted and had some more songs to sing. So I gave healing to her as well and she was also happy.

One of the residents saw what I was doing but had no clue. She came to me and said “Mujhe aise sir pe kuchh karke do” (do something on my head like them). I sat her there on the chair and gave her healing. She was the one whose brother left her there despite no illness.

Then I was waiting to give healing but no one came. I spoke to some of the residents but no one was ready.

Then I gave healing to 2 of the residents and one other lady, all for stress.

I knew no one will come for healing so I sat there and sent healing for the surroundings with my mind as I felt the place was very depressing and isolated type.

I was really very sad by this visit as they all looked sad and I was thinking how can someone leave their own person at the mercy of someone else!

Kirti Kamdar

LHSG Mumbai, India

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4 Responses to 12th Anniversary Celebrations Seva No. 3

  1. Dear Kirti,
    Your open heart has opened the hearts of others. The innate quality of the heart is love. Your love resonated with love in their hearts. This is an invisible connection we have made with the help of LHSG.
    Thank you for telling us about Taloja, Raigad.
    we will add this centre to our Thursday list.
    Imagine creating love by intention alone. What the world of pure vibration is capable of. You are blessed, and now have passed the blessing on. Hongera Reiki

  2. Nicole says:

    Thank you, Kirti. It is so wonderful that even though you did not have many interested people, that you were able to send the energy to everyone by working on their surroundings. I am sure your visit brightened up the day for everyone at Jyothis Charitable Trust, and that makes a difference.

  3. Kirti you have done an awesome selfless seva and I congratulate for this initiative. It requires a lot of courage to venture into an unfamiliar territory and touch lives the way you have done. Reiki would have surely worked at healing those who were unaware at the centre in a subtle manner. To me it is a success story even if people weren’t willing or reciprocative. It is an inspiration for me. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Kirtikala kamldar says:

      Thanks everyone for the encouraging words. I was happy tht I cud do this n also upset tht I cudnt do healing for more people as tht was my main motive of visit. And I am here for seva n shall do.

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