Ho’oponopono Workshop at Arama, Nairobi

On 6th of February LHSG had a Ho’oponopono Workshop at the Arama Lifestyle Home. Having conducted Reiki level 1 and 2 camp at the premises late last year I, Monica Gokaldas, was being guided to conduct the forgiveness workshop for those interested.

LHSG Kenya member Pratima Dutt  and I arrived by 8.30am on the Tuesday morning and set up the sitting room in preparation. The workshop was attended by seven people. Though it was a small group it was a big experience for me. They were all very receptive and interactive. I feel I gained a fair bit of knowledge in the process of answering their questions.

The director of Arama, Shruti Shah proved to be an outstanding host as she ensured the workshop ran smoothly without being disturbed by any other class that was ongoing at the same time in different rooms. During the short tea break everyone was delighted to relish the warm snacks and beverages.

All participants followed the various forgiveness exercises and were amazed at the way they felt lighter after having done them. During the workshop Pratima Dutt helped out and co conducted for a while. On the whole, a small group but great impact was created.

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Founder Member


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  1. Even when we whisper I am sorry,I love you. I thank you. The healing begins. Teaching someone how to do it. Spreading the knowledge. What a privilege. You are blessed. Jai Ho.

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