Giving the Gift of Reiki

The Lotus Healing Seva Group gave a very precious gift of Reiki training to the children and teachers of Mukuru Outreach Academy in the Mukuru slums of Kenya. Since they were over a hundred in number, the training could not be done in their school grounds.

Our Ram Mandir Hindu Temple came to our rescue. They graciously agreed to give us the use of their hall for the training. Accordingly, 117 children, their Head Master Enock  and 6 teachers arrived all bright and early by 9.30 am on 7th June 2018 to the temple hall ready to learn this new healing art.

They were given a banana and juice on arrival and very soon settled down to the training. They were keen learners, absorbing everything like a sponge! The introduction of Reiki was followed by knowledge of chakra positions. The attunement came next and then self-healing. The wonderful experiences they had to share or were going through in this short time were a testimony to the healing power of Reiki. 

After a lunch of vegetable pulau, beans stew, puris (fried chapatti) and boondi (a sweet), they settled down to partner healing. Many a young child was noticed yawning and some even went into slumber land as Reiki worked its inevitable magic on them. Some went through an emotional release too.

The training ended with giving them certificates and a packet of milk together with a bag containing exercise books and a pen and pencil.

As they boarded the bus to go home, we the LHSG members Monica, Mamta, Punita, Yatinder, Laveena, Sheela, Cooky, Shariffa, Balvinder, Ola, Amy, Pratima and I, Kamal felt immense gratitude to the Universe, for once again affording us the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these innocent souls.

And so it is that Lotus Healing Seva Group Kenya completed its 95th Reiki training camp in Kenya. This number goes to 146 training camps worldwide.

Please read what the other sevaks have to say and watch the slide show and videos which tell it all!

Thank you for your support.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


The Reiki Level 1 Camp held at Ram Mandir was a great event in the Lotus Healing Seva Group Calendar. Thanks to the running around and hard work by our Guru- Kamal Tolia we got to do this in the comfort of Ram Mandir where we could easily accommodate all the children. The numbers were large and getting enough good space was crucial. I am thankful to the management of Ram mandir as well for letting us use their Function Hall.

We had children from Grade 2 to Grade 7. It was amazing to see how well behaved they all were despite some of them being as young as only 10 years. Some of them were naughty too but they knew to be within etiquette charts.

I took charge of the grade 2 and Grade 3 children and it initially appeared that they were distracted and not paying attention to the learning. I realized my mistake at judging them when they started to practice Reiki on themselves. The little playful lot, despite being mischievous and easily getting tired were doing the self-healing quite well. A few of them wanted water in between and some wanted to rush to the toilets, yet, they did the healing flawlessly. To my surprise, two of them had tears in their eyes as they gave healing to the temples on the sides of their heads. Their hidden emotions were getting released. Upon asking they didn’t share anything but my guess is, that they might be having a lot to deal with in their little life.

During the partner healing time I had to make two different groups of three boys and three girls and other three pairs of two boys each. Thankfully they all managed doing the healing very well but the little ones kept complaining that they were tired.

Overall it was a great Seva and Mukuru was enriched with Reiki Healers.

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Kenya Founder Member


It was a beautiful experience, seeing how the children concentrated and were willing to learn, I felt some had done this for many lifetimes. For me I felt grateful and humbled at the same time. Thank you all for taking me in.

Ola Daira

LHSG Kenya Member


The Reiki Sewa for the Mukuru children was a very humbling experience.

I was very moved to see their joy and excitement about everything whether it was learning Reiki or the food or the outing to the temple!

Mamta Advani

LHSG Kenya Member


As always, the experience of our Reiki I camp last Thursday was a rewarding and satisfying experience. The cold morning didn’t deter the children from Mukuru form grasping the principles of Reiki and carrying out healing themselves and each other efficiently. They also enjoyed the snacks and lunch that was provided and were delighted with the certificate that was awarded, not forgetting the goody bag for each child that was the icing on the cake. It was wonderful to empower the children with the glorious energy of Reiki. With God’s grace, may they be powerful Reiki healers.

Love and Light

Sheela Shah

LHSG Kenya Member


On the 7 th of June 2018 what more would LHSG want? 124 specials souls coming to us for seva! May they spread their experiences ….. for Reiki to multiply ….  Grateful to Ram Mandir for providing each and every amenity to all ?

Cooky Vora

LHSG Kenya Member


On 7 th June seva at Ram Mandir was very gratifying. Though it was huge group, LHSG managed very well to make it a successful camp, thanks to Punita and Kamal aunty. Mukuru kids were very well behaved and understanding. They were following our instructions correctly. They were focused and willing to learn, as after explaining the Reiki theory, Kamal aunty asked them questions and most of them answered correctly. I am sure they will benefit from Reiki healing. I am blessed and grateful for this seva opportunity in this Purushotam mass (holy month) at a holy place.  Thank you. Love and Light

Laveena Keswani

LHSG Kenya Member


Slide show


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3 Responses to Giving the Gift of Reiki

  1. The Reiki Camp for the Makuru Group, was a movement of transformation.
    As the flurry of activities settled
    The calm sacred space settled
    The curious young faces settled
    The chairs and movement settled.

    As each member placed their hands, on themselves, it was apparent that they had never given time to each part of their body, individually, before.
    That was a special change.
    Faces calmed down, eyes closed, the energy of reiki began to flow.
    A transformation, a metamorphosis.
    That is all we desired.
    Healing set in motion. From inside out.
    Seamlessly everything was porous and precious.

  2. The sheer numbers turned us excited as we saw so many children.
    They were playful yet serious, cheerful yet tired
    They yawned, they chatted, they practiced their reiki
    The hands were warm but some realized it not
    The healed themselves like never done before
    tiny trinkets emerged from the eyes in emotion
    Healing their friends they did with mischief
    yet they were healers of a brand new order
    some too shy to speak up of aches or pains
    some thoroughly enjoyed the blissful gains
    they posed for pictures as they saw the camera
    their smartness depicted we made a good choice
    of teaching them reiki as a gift for life

  3. Nicole says:

    This must have been such a lovely outing for the Mukuru Outreach Academy. Thank you for sharing the videos. I can see the beautiful smiles on everyone’s faces. Thank you for your collective kindness, LHSG.

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