Forgiving And Asking For Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an important requisite to enjoy true peace in life. But the emotions that rule our life like hatred, anger, resentment are some of the greatest impediments to our forgiving and our ego does the honours when it comes to our reluctance to ask for forgiveness. Equipping ourselves with tools to cross these hurdles to happiness is a crucial need of the day.

On 7th June 2018, Lotus Healing Seva Group’s Founder Member Monica Gokaldas, assisted by Cooky Vora LHSG member, held a workshop on forgiveness called Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian method of Forgiveness introduced to the west by Morrneh Simeona, for cancer patients, their care givers, and therapists and volunteers of Faraja Cancer Support Trust in Nairobi, Kenya. We have been carrying out this work annually at the Centre, with the kind support of the directors of Faraja.

Please read on for her account and do watch the slide show.

Thank you!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


On the cold morning of Thursday, June 14, 2018 Cooky and I reached at Faraja Cancer Care, Kenya on Shivachi Road and excitedly set up the room where we were to conduct the workshop. This was the fifth year consecutive that we were doing this workshop at this venue for Cancer patients, their care givers, therapists and volunteers at Faraja.

Despite a slight technical hitch with the projector we began the session by around 9.15am as people were still pouring in. I started off with introduction of the topic, explaining the WHYs, WHATs and HOWs about the significance of Ho’oponopono – the Hawaiian technique of forgiveness. We had 22 people who attended this workshop including a few members from the LHSG as well. It was encouraging to see the  attendees interacting and expressing their views and experiences as that gave me a better confidence at conducting it. Although I had co conducted this workshop earlier with Kamal Tolia in the past – this was my third solo one to date.

The forgiveness exercises were quite exciting as they all looked forward to going through the session after a refreshments break. Some of them even cried out and felt much lighter having practiced the forgiveness.  My challenge was to explain to someone who had recently lost someone very close due to a third person’s fault in an accident and she wasn’t willing to forgive the third person. However, she gradually understood the need to forgive the person to release herself from the grief and guilt of witnessing the accident as she forgave herself first.

Teaching at Faraja has always been a pleasant experience as I feel a connection with the place and patients whom we often meet during the Wednesday Healing Sessions. Arwa Kapacee has been very helpful in organizing the event and in her absence the preparation was well handled by Neha Choudhary as well. I express my gratitude to the Faraja team for their efforts at the same.

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Founder Member


Slide Show

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One Response to Forgiving And Asking For Forgiveness

  1. They came braving the cold weather

    On the Thursday Morning at Faraja

    Cancer victims by suffering or serving

    The friends at Faraja came to learn

    The beautiful art of forgiveness

    Yes, It is an Art indeed for the soul

    freedom from toxic thoughts was the goal

    The session was smooth as they grasped

    How much forgiveness is needed by all

    Asking to be forgiven for thy mistake

    of having wronged someone in some way

    by thought or deed or just by speech

    It can be done this tough proceed

    Forgiving someone that one finds difficult

    Is no mean chore but need be done

    Ho’oponopono is the right technique

    To practice forgiveness and LET GO!

    For the past must be cleared at the word Go

    the toxin release from emotions flow

    the hate, the vengeance, the regret you shed

    Move on in life was the lesson taught

    They practiced, they witnessed their sentiments

    As release came for some in tears form

    They shed the unwanted negative thoughts

    And looked forward to freedom charts

    I Am Sorry was the magic Mantra of the day

    I Love you became the miracle spray

    Happy faces gleamed post the practice

    Having taken the bitter pill of Forgiveness

    They began a journey to healing well

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