Reiki Helps In Multiple Issues!

The Lotus Healing Seva Group has been sending Reiki to Puneet Punjabi since the last couple of years. We are delighted at his progress! Please read on for his mother Sangeeta Punjabi LHSG India member’s account of  his recovery. 

We will continue sending Puneet Reiki, with the full confidence that it will help in his complete healing!

Thank you

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member

Puneet Punjabi



Puneet had a fall from 30 Feet height and resulted in a L1 – burst spine fracture,…. undergone a spinal surgery on April 11,2016.
He was semi paralyzed …. lower part of his body and also has a neurogenic bladder.
It was a shock for all of us as he had undergone an open heart surgery in Sept 2015 for Thoraic Anuresym .
Two major surgeries in 6 months was very traumatic for all.
Rehabilitation program taught him how to take care of himself from what is remaining with him.
Besides his allopathic medication we started with Homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicine also.
The trauma , depression and health issues was so severe that even 1% of healing was not to be ignored.
So even healing music and Archangels came to our rescue.
I myself have been attuned to all 3 degrees of Reiki and I do healing also. All the symbols were working 24/7 for him.
Aunty Kamal & Monica started group absent healing for Puneet and later I joined this LHSG.
Reiki is a very simple process, but usually produces quite profound effects. It creates deep relaxation and helps the body release stress and tension.
Reiki has brought with it a much sought after ray of brightness and cheer, of resurrected hope and faith, by gently and steadily bringing Puneet on the road to recovery.
Reiki helped him clear his mind and improved focus as he felt grounded & centered.
Nothing is impossible in the hands of the Divine Power.
Reiki accelerated the body’s self-healing ability as he started to return to his natural state.
The highest energy is the Healer of all diseases, the Greatest Physician of all , with healing Hands that bring health and succour.
Reiki helped dissolving his energy blocks and promoted natural balance between mind, body& spirit.
This Divine energy has lifted up Puneet onto the path that leads to physical resuscitation and well being. Helps spiritual growth and emotional cleansing.
It is only Divine power that can deliver us this unfailing help.
Let us continue to send Reiki and keep Puneet in sacred place till he reaches his Perfect health.
He is out of wheelchair and off from walker …. now walking on crutches and I can visualize that his foot drop is healed and so his bladder.
He is gaining strength and does his exercise and yoga daily.
He is out of his depression and leading a normal spiritual life by meditating and pushing his boundaries to limitless!!!
We have to be in Gratitude and keep thanking the divine energy for the greatest gift of all times.

Love and Light, 

Sangeeta Punjabi

LHSG India Member

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3 Responses to Reiki Helps In Multiple Issues!

  1. Gratitude! Gratitude cannot be expressed enough to the healing energies of Reiki. I am touched by this update ref Puneet and express my thanks to Puneet for giving me an opportunity to share the joys of Reiki Healing Energies. His own approach has been very positive always hence he has accepted all the healing quite well.

    Thank you Sangeeta for this update which certainly encourages us all at LHSG to continue healing with the same zest as always.

  2. Reiki hands have an unseen healing power.
    The universal energy has deep effects on mental, physical and spiritual levels. It is in the the testimony from Puneet that we recognise the power of the universe. It benefits the recepients and flows back to the person whose intention enables merging of the subject and object for the highest good. The gift of reiki cannot be expressed in words, but in the smile of one who is healed.
    Brovo LHSG

  3. Nicole says:

    I am so glad to hear Puneet is feeling better in body and mind. Thank you, LHSG for all of your efforts.

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