An Empowerment Program for Mukuru Outreach Academy

The morning of Friday 20th July saw Lotus Healing Seva Group’s Mamta Advani and Nalina Rupani leave for Nairobi’s Industrial Area. Their mission was to introduce the children and teachers of Mukuru Outreach Academy to Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation and Nutrition.

The 2 hour program was carried out in a rough open field next to the railway track in Industrial area. Flocks of goat neighing in the background did not dampen their spirits as Mamta and Nalina took them through some yoga asanas taught them a few breathing techniques, spoke about correct nutrition and did some meditation.

The 160 children and 3 teachers that attended were very happy with the program and will be implementing it in their daily curriculum. Lotus Healing Seva Group has been sponsoring children’s education in this school, have trained them in Reiki Level 1 a few months ago, and we will continue empowering these children with periodic programs of this kind.

Please watch the video and read on for Mamta’sand Nalina’s accounts below.

Thank you!

Kamal Tolia

Lotus Healing Seva Group

Founder Member


Today, Friday 20th July, Nalina and I went to teach Yoga and Meditation to the children in Mukuru.

They were eagerly waiting for us at the field near a railway track.

I started with spot jogging, forward and side bends leading them to tad asana and Dhruv asan. They learnt to sit in the vajra asan and do manduk asan. They also learnt Vakra asana.

Nalina then spoke to them about the importance of breathing deeply, eating the right food and drinking enough water .

She taught them Bhastrika and recitation of Aum. She concluded with a short Meditation with the repetition of sound ‘La’.

We did a revision of the whole session so that they can continue to practice every day before lunch.

We were happy to know that they have been practicing Reiki on themselves and others. We revised the chakras with them. We gave them some biscuits .

We had a great time with them and the children were very happy to learn Yoga . The children were very sweet, the teachers and the headmaster were very co-operative. We enjoyed our Sewa thoroughly!

Mamta Advani

Lotus Healing Seva Group Member


As we went to Mukuru I was thinking about how it will pan out as we were to teach in an open field. In my imagination I thought of a field in the middle of a crowded area in the slum and had a few thoughts about whether we will be heard with all the noises around….and when we arrived we were taken to this nice quiet open field away from the hustle and bustle. This is how the divine works I thought to myself. The children were already there waiting for us and welcomed us with their teachers. Mamta set off the pace by first showing and doing yoga with the children. After this I had a discussion with them about the importance of breath, how to breathe deeply, I shared with them knowledge about the importance of drinking enough water, good eating habits, being in the present moment, being positive and committed in life. We then went on to teach them the Bhastrika breath, leading to the sound of AUM and then did a meditation with the la la sound. By the time we did AUM with them all the children were in a meditative mode already. After the meditation they shared that they felt very energised and relaxed and peaceful. The teachers said they will practice with the children what we had taught for 40 days. We had taken biscuits for them which we gave to them at the end. It happened to be my daughter Aleena’s birthday and it gave me an opportunity to treat the children with the biscuits. It was overall a very gratifying experience to touch the children’s lives by sharing with them this knowledge. The time just flew and it was a wonderful way to have spent the morning.

Nalina Rupani

Lotus Healing Seva Group Member


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2 Responses to An Empowerment Program for Mukuru Outreach Academy

  1. The hands of healing stretched bit more
    They reached out to the children a bit more
    The Yogic minds are being created now
    The extra attention is given a bit more

    Kudos to you Nalina and Mamta
    you shared your karuna and Mamta
    The challenging venue detered you not
    The rugged ground scared you not

    The moos and bellows were heard behind
    As they chanted the purity of Aum sound
    The bees and birds and flipping grass and leaves
    encompassed the divine nature of Nature itself

    LHSG has extended the sacred Healing Touch
    Empowering the little ones who never knew much
    The Happiness and joy of childhood grew further
    With the extra special effects of meaningful teaching.

  2. Nicole says:

    Thank you for again paying a visit to Mukuru Outreach Academy. Seeing the students meditating was my favorite part of the video. Thank you for that gift. Also, what a nice way to honor Aleena’s Birthday.

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