13th Anniversay Celebrations Kenya Event No. 2

Celebrations continue in Kenya. On 24th September, Monica Gokaldas gave an introductory talk on Reiki while members of LHSG Kenya gave free sample healings to ladies of the Sikh Women’s Society Nairobi.

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Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Reiki – An Introduction to Sikh Women

In the spirit of celebrating the 13th Anniversary of our group LHSG we conducted an introductory session of Reiki to a group of women. The topic chosen was Reiki as Reiki is the heart and soul of Lotus Healing seva Group. The group of women we spoke to about were all from the Sikh community being members of the Sikh Women’s Society.

The mid morning session on Monday 24th September was conducted at the premises of the Sikh Temple – Gurudwara Ramgharia, Pangani. It was attended by approximate 45 – 50 ladies. Despite the initial delay caused by the Ladies’ internal committee meeting seva spirit was unaffected and the event went off flawlessly having begun at 12.30.

I was given the task of speaking about Reiki and introducing the Healing properties of Reiki, its origin and various other aspects of Reiki. The ladies were very attentive and interactive. Some of them had several questions which I was able to answer well. While the talk was ongoing the sevaks of the day Pratima Dutt, Neena Sehgal, Karima Jiwa, Yatinder Mann and Shalini Shrivastava started off giving the ladies a sampler of Reiki Healing. The ladies were all very excited about experiencing this discipline of healing as they eagerly awaited their turn.

Soon I too joined the other healers and we were all very pleased with the effects the ladies were experiencing. Many of them had instant relief from aches and pains and stiffness of joints. The Vice Chairlady Mandeep Kenth who had initiated this event emphasized that most of the ladies needed healing for stress and we healers took a note of the same while giving healing.

Having given Reiki Therapy samplers to 31 women we were presented with a Certificate and a token of appreciation by the Chairlady Amarjeet Rayat and past Chairlady Joginder Sehmi which was followed by Lunch around 2pm.

No sooner had we finished the lunch those two elderly women who were left out and wanted to receive the healing charmed by the experience of others came to us and we gave them Reiki. We left the premises around 2.30pm satisfied that we had brought forth the knowledge about Reiki to yet another group of people.

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Founder Member

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