13th Anniversary Celbrations Event No. 14

Our final Reiki Seva for this year’s 13th Anniversary Celebrations was a Reiki Level 1 training for a group of Seniors in Nairobi.

Please read on for Sheela Shah’s account of this seva for a special group of people.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


On Monday 17th December, Sharifaji, Lata, Ketki and I were at the Dar-ul- Hafeez Home for seniors for a Reiki I camp which is run by a kind, compassionate lady called  Shanaz Kara. We had a total of 14 participants that included 5 carers. The participants were alert, engaging and receptive the whole time. Most of the participants said they felt very relaxed and peaceful during the attunement while some felt tingling sensation in their hands. The self-healing session went off well before we broke off for lunch.

Lunch was a scrumptious affair. Shanaz and her team had prepared an amazing, delicious vegetarian lunch of salad, chapati, dhall, potato curry, eggplant curry and rice and topping it with ice cream for dessert….. we were spoilt!

Then the partner healing session was again done well. They felt happy and very empowered to be able to give healing to another. There were two seniors who were happy to receive healing from their partners but when it came time for them to give healing, the lady felt with her fractured (but healed now) arm and weak leg of her right side, she won’t be able to stand as did the gentleman who wasn’t very strong on his legs and thus could not stand much. I encouraged both of them to give healing by placing their partner’s chair in such a way so that they could easily reach their partner’s chakras. I also encouraged Irene (the lady) to just place her stronger hand as this was better than nothing. I must say, both these individuals were very willing and went ahead with my suggestions. I felt it was important for them to experience the joy of giving in any small way possible. At the end of this exercise both these individuals successfully gave Reiki healing to their partners and were very pleased indeed with their efforts. I feel they will be more confident now and encouraged them to continue in their efforts.

After clarifying a few questions and taking group pictures, we ended this beautiful camp with promises to come back soon for Reiki II.

Shanaz and her team also gave a monetary donation to LHSG for their seva activities along with their customary blessings for our future sevas.

Thank you Sharifaji, Lata and Ketki for making this camp a success. Also my gratitude to Reiki and the universe for this opportunity to serve these wonderful group of people.



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