Sharing Reiki With The Voiceless Ones 1

Monica Gokaldas, LHSG Founder Member was in Dubai recently. She shares her experience of giving Reiki with cows.

Thank you Monica, for sharing your love and light with the voiceless ones …

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


The Cow demands Reiki


The Cow being a sacred worship worthy animal, feeding the cows is a ritual in many Hindu families.  More so after the death of a family member The Male member who takes over the responsibilities of cremation and other rites is supposed to feed the cows every morning with a meal before he and the rest of the family members consume anything.

The Feeding:

I recently accompanied few family members to a cowshed (Called Gaushala) in the outskirts of Dubai following the death of a close relative. This Gaushala run by a Sindhi Hindu family is a home to nearly 150 cows. While my brothers fed the offering food to some of the Cows I took the opportunity to feed them the bananas I had carried along for them. Whilst feeding I came close to three aged cows.

The Seva:

On close observation I noticed that their hoofs were huge and heavy. Something inside me told me to give them Reiki and I just started off. My hands were turning hot as fire as the cows wouldn’t stop taking the healing. Even as I gave the Reiki, I realized one of the three cows needed more healing than the others and it actually moved out and stood right in front of me. I thought that’s her way of asking for Reiki to be directed at her. My cousins either moved away to let me focus or stood along silently as I didn’t hear anyone talking.

I knew I was directed to visit this Gaushala by a Reiki Force and must help the cows. But, I wanted to know what was bothering this particular cow and in my mind I silently put up a question asking her about her problem. No sooner had I done that, than the cow lifted up its hind right leg and put it down. She did that once again and I knew that the leg was in pain. So I continued for some more time as this teary eyed cow kept looking at me with urging looks.

I thanked Reiki and The Almighty for giving me this opportunity in the very first week of the year 2019, for being a Hindu doing a seva for the Cows meant a lot to me. They say by serving and tending to the cows one washes away ones sins so having done what I am capable of doing I left the place feeling very peaceful and grateful.

A Reminder:

As I returned from the gaushala I sent the cow distance healing for a few days and once I returned to Nairobi I got busy at work and slipped on the reiki a bit. I forgot to send this cow reiki for two days and on the third day I got a message from a relative who wasn’t aware of my stint of healing the cow. He sent me the photo of the same cow saying that it doesn’t look well and kept looking at him with urging eyes, Hence he thought of telling me to send Reiki to this cow. I felt ashamed of myself, started sending distance healing and asked forgiveness from the cow for my careless attitude.

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Founder Member



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5 Responses to Sharing Reiki With The Voiceless Ones 1

  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you, Monica. Your story brought tears to my eyes. I am grateful for the healing offered to this beautiful sweet cow.

  2. This is True Service ????????

  3. Neetu Teckani says:

    So Beautifully expressed…by chance I was the lucky one to be present at that particular moment when the cows were taking Reiki from Monika at that time and there was one particular cow who had tears in her eyes.They were as if trying to tell us something..beautiful experience..Thank you dear Rita for Reviving those beautiful memories.

  4. Rajshri Jain says:

    This is really great.Reiki to cows…I will suggest to other Gaushalas too.
    Recently on my visit to Rajkot Gujarat I visited Shreeji Gaushala where I fed gur to cows which was really a divine experience.
    Before that I never touched cows out of fear I guess.But within seconds I was very comfortable to touch them n love n patting them.

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