Sharing Reiki With The Voiceless Ones 2

LHSG’s Monica Gokaldas continues to give healing to animals ….

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member                                  

REIKI Attracts Animals                                          

A trip to Fairmont Mount Kenya Resort for a relaxed weekend turned out to be a healing experience for me from 11th to 13th January this year. My husband and I reached the Hotel and as we sat in the garden facing the swimming pool enjoying the cool breeze I saw a flock of very graceful Egyptian Geese making their way to the poolside. They were very orderly in their movement following each other, when I noticed that three of them changed direction and moved in another direction as if they wanted to be noticed. At closer inspection I realized that two to the geese were sheltering the middle one from both ends as it was limping.

The healer in me had arisen and I went closer to give distance Reiki Healing to the injured goose. Gradually they moved away and I returned. After another half an hour the same goose that was limping caught my attention again and I gave it healing once again, this time moving behind it as it moved ahead. Although it was difficult to know how much it benefitted but I felt great at doing this silent seva for a silent bird.

Later the same day I came across an Ostrich whose right foot had been caught in a snare and it had been limping since then. When I started giving reiki, the Ostrich stood silently accepting it gracefully and once I was done with the healing I fed it with some leaves which the ranger shared with me. I moved ahead thanking the Ostrich for giving me this seva opportunity.

It was later that we went to see the Cheetahs in their dens that I noticed one male Cheetah kept looking at me. I instantly knew the reason, and started giving reiki healing to the Cheetah. He continued to receive the healing, standing in the same position, looking up in my eyes and this continued for about seven minutes.

The next day we went for a game drive to the OlPajeta   where we also visited the Chimpanzee trail. There one of the chimpanzees also caught my fancy as if it was silently calling out for the healing. He kept looking at me as I looked at him. Although I don’t remember its name I was told that he was one of the old male chimps in the park.  Started giving him healing and he continued looking into my eyes, occasionally giving a nod as if he approved of the energy.

I am well aware I wont be able to check on them or know their condition, but I am glad that these beings of God considered me worthy of doing seva for them. 

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Founder Member

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  1. As we taught reiki at the Dada School in Thika my heart was warmed in gratitude to Nitinbhai for bringing so many happy,joyful, smiling young faces together. How full of life they were amongst helpful teachers and clean surroundings. Healthy food and the beauty of KENYA.
    The children received Reiki healed each other with great sincerity. LHSG is an avenue for reaching out through its training. Be it animals, falling trees, sounds of ambulances or news of terror.. no need to panic, or feel helpless .. send Reiki . What a great tool of healing others and ourselves.

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