An Interview On Reiki

Afraaz Lalani is a student of The University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He will be graduating in November 2019 after which he will do the MCAT exam, (pre medical exam) before going on to Medical School.

Early this year, he had to do a project on ‘The healing practices of therapeutic Yoga and Reiki healing: experiences of healer and patient’.

Through his mother Salima Nathoo, who is a friend of mine, he approached me for an interview on Reiki. In February 2019, I was in Mumbai, Afraaz was in Canada, so we connected through Whatsapp for the interview.

Afraaz did an audio recording of the interview which I share here. I also share the link to Afraaz’s project.

Thank you Afraaz for choosing me to for the interview, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member, Energy Healer, Writer, Retired Educationist

The Reiki Interview:




Link to Afraaz’s Project:

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  1. Salima says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed . Informative, clear and very interesting. Mainstream medicine must accept alternative healing modalities., to have a well rounded healing process.

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