Celebrating Our Reiki Founder Guru’s Birthday Seva No 2

Continuing with our celebrations of our Reiki Founder Guru Mikao Usui’s Birth Anniversary, on 15th August, here is our Seva No. 2.

Forgiveness is the the priceless gem of a life lived in love, with love.

Ho’oponopono is the ancient Hawaiian art of ‘setting things right’. In modern times it stands for both: asking for forgiveness and for forgiving and letting go.

On 15th August, LHSG founder member Punita Acharya, and new members Sonal Patel, Sejal Shah and Jilna Shah, and I, met at the Faraja Cancer support Centre at 9 am, all ready to share the knowledge and practice of Ho’oponopono.

The 18 participants were cancer patients and survivors, care givers and volunteers at the Faraja Cancer Support Centre, Nairobi, as well as our three new members.

The meaning of Ho’opnonpono was explained, and the between asking for forgiveness and forgiving and letting go was elaborated upon.

After a short break midway through the workshop, the following exercises were done, of asking for forgiveness from

  1. a person we have hurt
  2. our ancestors
  3. Mother Earth and all the waters of the Earth
  4. ourselves and
  5. a sick part in our body

They also did the exercise of forgiving a person who had hurt them.

And finally, we chanted the Ho’oponopono mantra for 5 minutes for general forgiveness.

The whole workshop was well received, with many of the participants reporting feeling lighter and forgiven, as well as free as they forgave and let go.

We have been associated with FCSC since its foundation 7 years ago. We volunteer our Reiki services every week at the centre. As ever, our gratitude to Shaira Adamjee, the founder of FCSC. We are also very grateful to Dr Philip Odiyo, to Judy and Daan, and to all the volunteers that worked so hard to ensure the success of this workshop.

Love and Light to all

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member




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  1. Joan Galligan says:

    How touching to watch all those beautiful Souls in this workshop receiving this profound teaching of Healing. Thank you for sharing.

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