LHSG 14th Anniversary Celebrations Seva No. 8

If the secret to living a ‘life’ is to live for others, then on 18th January 2020, Lotus Healing Seva Group were privileged to know this secret as they gave Reiki Level 1 training to 23 children of Std 8, and 8 teachers of the Thika School for the Visually impaired. Most of them were completely or partially visually impaired. A very few of teachers could actually see. 

It doesn’t take brains to know that the whole method of teaching had to be adjusted to take their disability into account, for example, the pictures of the Reiki Masters had to be taken individually to each child so he could hold them close to his eyes, their hands had to be physically guided to each Reiki position, etc. But they were smart. Once shown, they did a sterling job of remembering and very soon became super healers!

Healing self was followed by healing others, all done with serious concentration, and absolute commitment.

LHSG had sponsored the lunch for the whole school of 450 children. It consisted of rice, green grams, and cabbage. We also gave a packet of milk to each child.

At the end, they all promised to do Reiki every day on themselves, and to repeat the 5 Principles of Reiki. A number of them shared how well the magic of Reiki had already worked on them. Their testimonies are in the videos below.

A couple of days later, my joy was multiplied when the Deputy Head John Musau informed me on the phone that he and the children were feeling more relaxed, less shy, and more confident … all as a result of them doing the Reiki daily on themselves!

The LHSG Sevaks that were privileged to do this extraordinary seva were: Sheela Shah, Monica Gokaldas, Sonal Patel, Bhavna Baga, Baiju Vora, Pratima Dutt, Shariffa Keshavjee, Laveena Keswani, Neena Sehgal and I, Kamal Tolia.

We are very grateful to the Headmistress of the School Margaret Njuguna who kindly gave her permission for us to conduct the workshop in the school and to the Deputy Head John Musau for his support in planning and executing the Reiki workshop.

Gratitude to God and the Universe for affording us this golden opportunity to reach out to others that face far more challenges than we have or will ever know!

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member

Lotus Healing Seva Group


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