Our Annual Reiki Level 1 Training at Faraja

Continuing with our tradition of offering Reiki Level 1 Training to Cancer patients, their care givers and people associated with Faraja Cancer Support Centre, Lotus Healing Seva Group had its annual training on 27th February 2020.

We are very grateful to Shaira Adamali, Phillip Odiyo and the team at Faraja who helped us organize and carry out this seva.

The training was carried out by LHSG members Sheela Shah (who conducted it) and Anuradha Nath (who assisted).

Kindly read on and watch the video.

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Reiki Blessings

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member

Lotus Healing Seva Group


Today, 27th February 2020, Anuradha and I conducted the Reiki level 1 camp at Faraja. There were 16 people in total, out of which 4 were patients and the rest were Faraja volunteers. Introduction to Reiki, the chakras and then the attunement went very smoothly. As the self-healing session started, slowly but surely everyone started feeling Reiki flowing in their hands. All were very attentive and patiently went through each chakra. We could see quite a few of them feeling very relaxed and on the verge of dozing off. After self-healing we had a short 20 mins break. Two of the patients had to go for radio therapy and didn’t return. With everyone feeling energised, we started partner healing with enthusiasm. The whole group were very willing and carried out partner healing very well. Then Anuradha went through the benefits of Reiki meticulously. After going through the principles of Reiki, answering any more questions, we had the group picture taken. Before leaving I informed the group of the Reiki Level 2 date next month and got positive feedback on attending it. Thank you Anuradha for your irreplaceable assistance and gratitude always for this successful Reiki camp

Sheela Shah

Lotus Healing Seva Group


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