Thoughts And Practices Fro Enlightened Living 9

Asking For Forgiveness

Part 9 Forgiveness for the Soul contd.

Dr Hewlen did not counsel the patients nor did he administer any medicines. He used an old Hawaiin healing sytem called Ho’oponopono which means ‘to make right’ or ‘correct an error’.

An ancient Hawaiian belief is that each family is a connection between the past and future generations. Hawaiians also believed that if you misbehaved or even kept anger in your heart for others, you would incur God’s wrath which would manifest as ill fortune or ill health for you. Further, since each member of the family was connected to his future descendants, if he did not correct his errors and make amends, the harm could move down to his children and grandchildren.

Therefore Hawaiians tried very hard to live harmoniously with each other and with nature, for it was believed that accumulated bad behavior would spill out and also affect nature negatively. Mistakes were accepted, but people had to repent for them, make amends, AND the hurt party must also forgive! Only then could they move forward in peace. The first step was to solve the conflict within the home ground itself. If that was not successful, a senior member of the family or a Kahuna (priest) would be asked to help.

The ancient Ho’oponopono was carried out thus: 1) A prayer was said 2) Each side was allowed to present their views 3) The discussion would continue, punctuated with intervals when each party was asked to reflect on their actions 4) Regardless of who had started or who had continued the conflict, each person had to ask forgiveness from the other. 5) Finally, each party had to forgive the other party!

Thus we can see that each person forgave the other, and asked for forgiveness from the other. This forgiving and asking for forgiveness went hand in hand. This is the golden rule of the ancient practice of Ho’opono pono. You forgave the other for the wrong he had done to you and at the same time you admit you had wronged him too and asked for forgiveness.

Extending this to our personal lives, all that is happening to us and around us is there because we have not asked for forgiveness and not forgiven! Modern Ho’opono pono has arisen out of this ancient practicing of accepting that you are responsible for what is going on in your life. Knowingly or unknowingly, you have wronged somebody, somewhere!

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member LHSG

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2 Responses to Thoughts And Practices Fro Enlightened Living 9

  1. Recently I directed Hooponopono to a part of my leg that had an old injury. It is much improved. Maybe it has healed a trauma that was awaiting love and light and attention

  2. Kirtikala Kamdar says:

    We have done Ho’oponopono in healing for few cases, as guided by You, and we have succeeded in giving the terminally ill people, a smooth transition.
    This is indeed an amazing method.
    Thank You.

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