Letter of thanks from a healee

The LHSG in Kenya had sent healing to Kamini Asrani and her mother in law Chandra Asrani in Mumbai India recently. They both had malaria.

Kamini had a beautiful experience which she has shared with us. She is quite well now and wishes to thank the LHSG for the healing.

My dear Kamal

Hi how r u all doing .V r much better, With great joy I write this email to u

I would like to share with you the wonderful experience that I went thru due the healing which u and your healing group were kind enough to send me (I myself have Reiki all the levels ,crystal healing all with Kamal and so I too am a healer )

To start with I had a bad attack  of malaria (vivex variety )not really fatal but dangerous all the same, It took four days to detect it, as this clever parasite shows up in the blood only when there is fever and \or shivering which happened only four to five days after the initial bout of fever. It then that I requested my sister (founder of lotus healing group)to pl send me healing. So it was decided that I should be as quiet as is possible at a given time on Thursday between12 NOON to 2pm 9the day the group healing was to b done

I however felt the healing only at about115 .later we spoke and Kamal said that there had been in starting

So thus began the healing and the wonderful experience that I am going to share with you.

I was lying flat on my back on the bed. I felt that I was enveloped in a white blue soothing light .Gradually the envelope became a chamber of light (the way when we take out an MRI that is u are totally in a chamber) but there was no fear only security

Slowly a flow started outwards from the palms of my hands and soles of my feet. I felt that the malarial parasites and |/ or toxins were flowing out but it was definitely something negative. This went on for awhile the it slowed and finally stopped Now is the brilliant part I felt stars of a lovely blue and green colour being dropped all over me ever so loving (more on my arm and thighs)The stars would land ever so softly on me and burst into a brilliant light so tender and loving, enthusing me with energy  V associate energy with pep and activity but this energy was the energy of the strength of peace and joy

When the stars stopped I knew it was over I awoke feeling good

This I wrote on Friday a day after the healing session

Today is Saturday I am full of energy, the tiredness associated is so minimal that I have to remind myself to rest ( as the doctor says it is necessary to avoid a relapse )My dear Kamal I hope I have made I described it ok. Thanks once again

Love Kamini

Saturday 30th April 2011

PS. I spoke to Kamini 2 days after receiving this e mail, and she was feeling well and still feeling the warm loving energy with her  even 4 days after the healing!! ….. Kamal

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