July 15, 2011

Hi, I was supposed to write a note of my experience with Lotus Healing Seva Group, it is as below.

Early this year, I was faced with a disease / discomfort which had made me panic, as to its origin and reason. I went through extensive medical texts, but could not get through to the root cause.

I discussed this with my sister Jyoti, and she otganised for the Lotus Healing Seva Groupo to send me their etheric healing powers, which seemed to work wonders, as the problem disappeared from day 1 of taking this healing power. I have been free of this discomfort / problem for the past 3 months, and I always reach out to the LHSG on a daily basis, to renew / restore my healing powers, and it has worked well for me.

I am now being a bit greedy, and always ask for mote healing powers, so that I can keep my family safe and free of all disease / illness / discomfort / pain etc.

Keep up the good work, now and always,


Manish Shah



Nov 28, 2011

Dear Kamal Tolia and the Lotus Healing Seva Group,

On behalf of my special children and their mothers, I  would very much like to say a big thank you to all the Saturday group for having us and specially Mrs. Sandeep Bhambra who hosted the session at her place and for the lovely tea.

To us you were like an angel, sent by God above, to cleanse our soul of sadness and stress and fill it with love and relaxation. You were our inspiration and we thank you all for showing us the way to better natural healing abilities.

Your caring concern and the love you showed us, the whole world I would tell, what your friendship, and love means to us.Taking time to help us was a very nice thing to do. I know that you are people who sacrifice for others without thinking. Thank you.

I, Ela Shah would like to share how the first Reiki session helped my two (Special needs) daughters, Anishee and Hirashi that day. They both have disturbed sleep normally but that night they both went to sleep early and they slept throughout till next day 11am. In fact they had to be woken up from their deep sleep. It was like after a very long long time they had a peaceful sleep. It was really amazing.

Words can’t express the gratitude I feel when I think about what you all have done. I will say thanks for the support and concern and thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. It has helped us immensely  and the spark in us. Thankyou,

Kind regards

Ela Shah.

Nairobi, Kenya


December 20, 2011

Dear Kamal and Lotus Healing Seva Group

On behalf of the Hawkers Market Girls Centre, we would like to thank you for your support in the year 2011.

We would like to note the following:

March 2011    10,000/-            Donation

March 2011    10,000/-             I and M Bank        for Kibondeni for Jackie course in Catering

June   2011      9,800/-             Fina Bank             fees for Nancy at Graffins Diploma

SELINE ACHIENG:       School Fees SH 50 000/=  LHSG

MARY ATITO:  School Fees  Sh 9000 LHSG + SH 41 000/=In the name of Kunjan (LHSG)


We would also like to appreciate that Lotus Healing Seva Group came on three separate days to give Reiki treatment to the girls. The girls were also taught Reiki level 1 and Level 2 free of charge. And later, even their parents and friends were taught Reiki Free of charge, their transport paid for, and lunch and refreshments provided.

At the graduation this year (Dec 2011), where Ayala (LHSG Kenya) and Dee (LHSG Kenya) were present, the girls expressed how empowered they feel, each one has a job / school / college to go to, and their self esteem and confidence has multiplied. No one can give them that. They are leaving HMGC  with a treasure and a gift that you have given them

Thank you very much,

Shariffa Keshavjee

Founder Member HMGC

December 2011




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