LHSG Kenya 2012, Project No. 1

LHSG Kenya 2012, Project No. 1
True to our motto of sharing our Love and Light with all, we started the New year by doing Seva. In Nov. 2011, we had given hands on Reiki treatments to 6 mentally and physically challenged children and their Mums and sister. The conditions that the children had been diagnosed with were Down’s syndrome, Aspergus Syndrome, ADHD, Mentally retarded, Delayed Milestones, poor eyesight and poor leg coordination. We then placed them on our weekly healing request list for the month of Dec.
When we met them in the New year they had wonderful news to give us; they were sleeping better, were more relaxed, etc. We decided to continue giving them weekly Reiki treatments in January. They received them very well, and improvements were quick to follow …. The children’s concentration levels increased, they were getting over their shyness, even coming forward to express themselves more readily to their teachers, one girl, who could not walk unaided, started to walk on her own!!! and the mums were continuing to feel more relaxed, less tired, and sleep better, more energised.
And now, this is the best part …… they wanted to ‘learn’ Reiki themselves, and that included the special children! They wanted more of this lovely beautiful energy to heal themselves!
So, LHSG decided to attune these special souls to Reiki Level 1 in February. We knew we were entering uncharted terrain, but we were also confident that everything would go perfectly. We had full faith in Reiki and the Universe.
So, on February 4th 2012, armed with our faith and confidence, with love in our hearts, we attuned 6 special children, Janak, Anishee, Hirashee, Sarit, Vanisha, Khushal, 5 mums Ela, Rekha, Rita, Madhu, Daxa and one sister Darshi to Usui Reiki Level 1. After the attunement, they gave Reiki to themselves. Then a week later, on 11th Feb, they learned how to heal others. We made sure each session was for an hour and a half only, keeping in mind the nature of the children’s attention span.
Needless to say, we are overjoyed to know we have started the year 2012 in bringing love and light into the lives of people yet again! We give thanks to Reiki and the Universe for these wonderful opportunities of doing Seva!!
The sevaks that did this seva are: Fhanreet, Hita, Nishma, Simran, Adam, Amita, Dipti, Ushma, Vaishali, Tejal, Hardeep, Shobhna, Hema, Lata, Daksha, Sandeep, Harsha, Harleen and the LHSG Kenya (Sat).

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