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An introduction to energy healing

The word Healing has its roots in the word ‘Whole’ or complete.

The world, having been created by a perfect God, must of by definition, be perfect, ‘whole’ and complete!

You and me, because we are part of this perfect, ‘whole’ world, must also be perfect and ‘whole’! We should be perfectly healthy. We should be born perfectly ‘whole’ and healthy, we should live perfectly ‘whole’ and healthy lives, and we should die perfectly ‘whole’ and healthy!

Sadly, we know that this is not ‘wholly’ true.

So many illnesses, so many imperfections, so much suffering!

Barring a few lucky souls, most people are not ‘whole’ at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels … at least at some point in their lives.

And why is that so? Why do we not remain ‘whole’ and perfect as we are meant to be?

To understand this, first let us understand that the whole world, the macrocosm, is nothing but an expression of energy. This is everything; Heat, Light, Sound, Colour, and even Thought!

We, the microcosm, are also an expression of the same energy; Heat, Light, Sound, Colour and Thought. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW!

This theory is not new. It is the basis of most Eastern Mystical Philosophies and Spiritual Traditions. In more recent times, even Einstein, the great scientist of our time propounded the same theory. He said that mass and energy are inter-convertible, the speed of light playing an important part in this conversion.

In other words, our gross solid bodies are also an expression of energy. I will go one step further and declare, even at our emotions and mind level, we are pure energy, albeit of a subtle kind. And so it is with our soul.

Why do we fall ill?

Coming back to our question of why do we fall sick, have disease, become ‘unwhole’?

If the energies that we are made up of, are of the right frequencies, they will be in perfect balance giving us a harmonious existence. Resulting in us being healthy and ‘whole’.

If however, the energies are disrupted their frequencies change. They are then not conducive to health. We fall sick.

To put it simply, The Life Force (Energy) which creates and sustains the Universe, also creates and sustains us. It is present in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and even the thoughts we think!! When this Life force is interrupted, (by stress, unhealthy lifestyle and other similar factors), disease results. We not only become sick at the physical level, but our mental, emotional and spiritual growth is halted!

So how do we remove the disease, the sickness and how do we become ‘whole’ and healed? The answer lies in rebalancing this Life force, this Energy, within us. This is the realm of Energy Healing; balancing the Life Force in ones Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual fields.

The Healing methods taught and used by me are independent of any religion. However, learning and using them enhances the understanding and appreciation of your religion, whichever it may happen to be.

Who can become an Energy Healer?

The next question that arises is: what are the requirements for becoming an Energy healer? Does one have to be born with a special gift of healing? Does one have to be a spiritual adept to be able to learn and employ Energy Healing?

The answer to all these questions is NO!

Anybody can learn Energy healing. All you need is a desire to heal yourself and others, to make yourself and others ‘Whole’. Furthermore age is no barrier, nor language, for all deserve to be healed. If you are between the ages of 2 to 150 years, you qualify! We all have the healing ability in us, the divine spark, which can heal everything, from the common cold to cancer. We can do it! We only have to be shown how!

Take the first step towards healing yourself. Open your mind to allow the beautiful world of inner transformation and healing into your life!

Claim your birthright to a beautiful harmonious existence!

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