Farewell to a Dear Friend

Farewell to a Dear Friend            


 Sylvie Campaigne (LHSG Kenya)

It is with deep sorrow that I write this.

Our dear friend and sister, Sylvie Campaigne passed away on Wednesday 6th 2012. She had fought long and hard, a battle with cancer.

Sylvie lived her life with grace, honour and generosity. She gave of herself to all who needed her in all areas, be it her time, her money, her knowledge, her expertise.

She was a member of the Lotus Healing Seva Group Kenya since 2009. Ever since she joined she committed herself totally to the group’s seva activities.

Dear Sylvie, even as we mourn your loss, we are grateful to God for the time you were with us. We are honoured to have had you come in our lives. Through you we learned lessons of courage, positivity, to enjoy life, and to never give up.

Good bye Dear Sylvie.  We know you are in a better place where there is no pain, no suffering ….

Fare thee well, Friend and Sister …… You go with our love and Light, Love and Light, Love and Light …..

Kamal Tolia (LHSG Kenya) Founder Member

Dear Sylvie-

Your courage, compassion, determination, generosity and  will power is what I have always admired and looked up to! We will always miss you a lot at all our LHSG meetings and events! Rest in peace dear Sylvie! Love and Light forever!

Mamta Advani (LHSG Kenya)


As we say farewell

We celebrate

Your joy,verve


As we say farewell

We bask in your energy

Courage to fight

Your knowingness

As we say farewell

We know you lived

Lived by embracing death

No duality

As we say farewell

We remember

Your healing hands

Your generous heart

As we say farewell

You are there

As we too know

We shall meet soon

Shariffa Keshavjee (LHSG Kenya)

My dear friend Sylvie has left us. I knew Sylvie for many years. She was always a fighter. Now it’s her time to rest in peace. You were such a great person to be with, you taught me how to be always positive. All the years of Chi Gong that we enjoyed together, all the healing courses that we took together. You will be missed a lot. I’m sad that you left, but happy for you that you won’t suffer any more. Rest in peace, dear, go with the light, with lots of love and light from me.

Ayala Nezah (LHSG Kenya)

R I P Sylvie. You were a dear member of the LHSG and your sufferings are finally over. In the years that I have known you, you have been a lovely friend and colleague who has taught me how to share, be strong, sincere, and no matter what smile! You are definitely in a better place. Will miss you today and ALWAYS………..go with the Light…….

Punita and the Acharya family (LHSG Kenya)

R.I.P. our Lotus sister Sylvie.
Sylvie passed on this morning. She suffered a lot and hopefully cleared most of her past KARMA. A few of us met her and gave her healing last evening at the hospital and she knew she is slipping away, was gripping us on the hands. NOW she is disease free and in her real home. She has gone at the transition period of VENUS.
Monica Gokaldas (LHSG Kenya)

We say farewell to the physical body, but we know you are the light that is still around us.We shall miss the smile, the laugh and the chat, but we have wonderful memories to live by.You came into our lives for a great reason and that is what we shall think about.You are a very  special star that will shine everynight  and that is what we shall look for.

Time to say farewell my friend, till we meet again.

Raj Walia (LHSG Kenya)

Sylvie has been in my thoughts since the day she passed on .What a remarkable being she was-a highly evolved soul who taught us how to deal with life’s adversities with utmost courage and dignity. Will always cherish her fond memories.

Sending her off with Love n Light,

Bubbles (LHSG Kenya)


Look    at    you    .   .   .   .   .   .   .

So beautiful,   so peaceful,   so serene

You    have   not   gone   far

As    you   are   within!

Your   love   for   healing,   sharing

And   kindness   to Mankind

Will   continue,

You   have   not   gone   far

As   you   are   within!

Love   and   Light

Jyoti Shah (LHSG Kenya)

Love n light to her. Her soul rest in peace. We will miss her always …Bharti Sharma (LHSG Kenya)

Love n Light to sister Sylvie, may her soul rest in peace… Arpita Kundu (LHSG India)

Love and light to Sylvie Campaigne …… Rashmi Thakar (LHSG USA)



                                                                                       Sylvie Campaigne (LHSG Kenya)

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2 Responses to Farewell to a Dear Friend

  1. Thanks sister!
    see you in the next life.


  2. Dee Hockey says:

    I did not know Sylvie for very long or very well, but as soon as she came into a room her wonderful peace and energy could be felt by everyone. She always looked so calm and beautiful even when she was very sick and it has been a great honour to have know her even for a short time. Thank you Sylvie. Love and Light Dee

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