Lotus Healing Seva Group holds its 35th Reiki Camp!


By Kamal Tolia

Ram Mandir Hall in Nairobi was once again the place where the Reiki Level 2 camp was carried out. The girls from the Hawkers Market Girls Centre and others had been taught Reiki Level 1 in March. Then, on Monday 25th June they all came bright and early at 9 am to learn the next level. They were all eager to share how Reiki had helped them and changed their lives for the better!

By the end of the day, they were well equipped to do distant healing, which means sending Reiki to people who are absent, and who may be staying anywhere in the world. They could also send positive energy to their past, so healing childhood traumas, heal world situations and issues, and above all, heal themselves and others of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems.

The camp was carried out free of charge for the girls from the slums. All were given a mid morning tea and a nutritious lunch.

This brings to 35, the number of Reiki camps the Lotus Healing Seva Group has carried out worldwide, over the past 5 years for the poor, the elderly, the retired, and the unemployed!

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  1. The Girls from the Hawkers Market Girls Centre together with Festo and Janet, would like to say a big ‘Asante Sana to LHSG for the opportunity to do Reiki at level two.
    They have all benefited. The girls have said that they sleep better, their headaches are healed . They are able to help themselves during their monthly period cramps, back aches, discomfort from eye strain .

    They all have less anxiety and are able to deal with stresses and strains of daily life. Generally feeling more positive.

    shariffa keshavjee

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