The Soul’s Journey Home™

Soul's Journey Home


“From God we come and to God we will return” – this is the wisdom expressed in one way or another in mainstream religions of the world.

The journey from God to back is achieved through lifetimes spent following the Karmic Cycle. Each lifetime is supposed to bring us closer to our Divine Home called ‘Nirvana’ or ‘Self Realization’ or ‘Kingdom of God’.

But in each of its lifetimes, the soul forgets its true purpose i.e. ‘to go back home’. It gets mesmerized by the ways and joys of the world. But the world is actually an illusion (from the point of God or the Ultimate Reality)! It takes this world as reality and desires to come back again and again to experience its beauty and joy even though the beauty and joy are transient in nature and do not last forever.

In the process, it builds up both good and bad karmas which have to be enacted out in still more lifetimes. And so the cycle goes on. The soul forgets its true purpose of incarnating, which is to achieve a level of purity fit enough to enter the ‘Kingdom of God!’

The Course

This then is the essence of the spiritual course ‘The Soul’s Journey Home’. The contents of this course have been channeled by me in my meditations. I have been blessed by Mata Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning and Wisdom and Lord Shiva, the God of Destruction of all illusion whose presences are ever with me as I channel the information.

I have been ‘told’ that we need to rewrite our entire way of life and bring it in alignment with our soul.

We need to ascend to our pure, sattvic (holy, godly) self, which actually resides inside us. We only need to realize this fact, and recognize it. We need to awaken the ‘Light’ within.

The Soul’s Journey Home course then is nothing but the Journey of your Soul to achieve this state. You will be taught the methods and given the tools to ascend to this state. As you go through the levels, the Light Quotient (content) in you will increase until the Light in your Higher Bodies achieves the Brilliance of God. You will then operate from a Godly level. Your thoughts, words and actions will be God oriented. The ‘Light’ in you will shine for all to see and in the higher levels of the course you will achieve the ‘Avatar’ or ‘Messenger of God’ status and do only the Lord’s work here on Earth!!!

As you ascend to the true ‘Mastery of Light’ state, your psychic abilities will be greatly enhanced as will your healing ability. And what’s more, the spiritual aspects of all religions will become crystal clear to you and you will realize that all religions have been speaking the same Eternal Truth, each and every one of them, since the beginning of Time!

In conclusion, the Soul HAS TO embark on its Journey Home at sometime in its existence. If not in this life time, then in the next, or the next, or the next …

This course offers you an opportunity to start this journey NOW and experience the Joy and the Bliss of going Home to God and merging with the Ultimate Reality.

There are 5 levels to the course. The Duration of each level is 15 hours, and the time between each levels should be between 3 – 12 months. Each level includes about 10 – 15 attunements which are carried out in my voice on attunement CDs.

Course levels and content

Level Course Description and Contents
1 The Mayan calendar, Building up your Light Bodies with the ‘Flower of Life’, accessing the ‘Hall of Records’, Opening the Third eye of Horus (or Shiva), the Tunnel of Remembrance, Healing the Earth, Meditations for Abundance and for Healing
2 Building up your Light and Love Bodies further, Advanced Flower of Light, Christ Consciousness Grid, The power of ‘Aum’ and the ‘Sri Yantra’. Special Crystals, Pleiades, Akashic Records, Metatron, Universal Consciousness and Universal Mind, Healing the Earth and the planets, Meditations for Abundance and for Healing
3 The Mandelbrot set model of creation, The Golden Mean spiral, the stars Archturus, Pleiades, and Orion. The meaning and power of ‘I Am that I Am’ and Aham Brahmasmi, Shiva Rings of Fire, Akashic Records and Sanchit Karmas. The spiritual glands Pineal and Pituitary, Zero Point, Portals of Love, Shiv Link and Deeper Healing of the Earth, The 12 – 12 – 12 code, Universal Light Body. The power of the Gayatri Mantra, and Meditation Healing
4 & 5 Building up your Universal Light Body further as well as your Cosmic Light Body
Becoming a perfect channel for the Lord’s work, becoming an ‘Avatar’
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15 Responses to The Soul’s Journey Home™

  1. Shobhna Kantaria says says:

    Hari Om and Namaste to all. I am Shobhna from Nairobi, Kenya, and am proud to be part of Lotus Healing Seva group.I have done 2 levels of SJH with Kamal Tolia. It has been a fabulous journey beyond imagination and has changed my life to a great deal, for the better, of course. I have become calmer and very tolerant and trivial things do not bother me anymore. I do not consider myself inferior to others an more and have lots of confidence in whatever I under take to do. I feel abundant light and love around me and healing has become a part of me now. I enjoy and feel helpful in sending healing every day. I thank you Kamal for guiding me and putting me on this path of abundant love and light. This course is recommendable to all. This will bring tons of positivity into ones soul.
    Best regards and love,
    Shobhna Kantaria, April 2012, Nairobi, Kenya

  2. Kirti Kamdar, Mumbai says:

    My name is Kirti Kamdar and I reside in Mumbai. I have done Soul’s Journey Level 2 course with Kamal Aunty in Dubai.
    It has been a wonderful experience and not only me but people around me find the difference in me as a person.
    My healing power has increased.
    Maximum times what I see during the healing for a person turns out true and that helps me to give healing for appropriate reason.
    As a person in nature, it has made me more positive and I do not lose temper quite often which used to happen in the past.
    During both the courses the meditations and other experiences were amazing and the visions that I had during those meditations were wonderful so much that it cannot be put in words here but can only be experienced.
    A wonderful experience every person should go through, is all I say after all your soul has to reach its final destination.
    I await anxiously to complete other levels as well so that my soul finds its way home.

    15th, June 2011

  3. Purvi Dighe says says:

    The Soul’s Journey Home course is divinity’s way to provide you self-compatible learning ……what do I mean?? I mean this course teaches you what you need to learn… gives you what is lacking within you….

    In my particular case, I am an extremely aggressive and short tempered person….having done two levels of this course, I find myself much calmer, much able to listen and react instead of attack……..a welcome change for people around me I am sure :)……Though your natural instincts cannot be completely eradicated – this course does help you identify them and make their effects less severe……making you a better human being ……and who doesn’t want to be that?

    Purvi Dighe, Dubai, UAE, August 2011

  4. Bena Shah, London, UK says:

    Hello my name is Bena and I am from London. I have done all five levels of Souls Journey Home course with Kamal Tolia in London.
    When I did the course in London there was a group of ten of us who did the journey together and each ones experiences we all shared are extremely great and life changing.
    Since my journey started I have become very detached from all that goes on around me. The challenges I face I deal with them more calmly and always feel that I am surrounded by unconditional love and light from the divine & the Source.
    I have learnt a lot from Kamal Tolia to help me progress towards my Soul’s Home, and I strongly recommend that anyone who gets the opportunity should grab it with both hands and do the courses as soon as possible.

    Thank you Kamal Tolia, I am eternally grateful for all your teachings

    Lots of love &light

    Bena Shah, January 2012, London, UK

  5. Monika Gokaldas, Nairobi, Kenya says:

    SOUL’S JOURNEY HOME — The course and after effects:
    My name is Monica Gokaldas and I am Kenya member of the Lotus Healing Seva Group. I have learnt Reiki up to master level, Crystal Healing, The technique of right breathing – Pranayam, Violet Flame Healing and several other healing therapies from Mrs. Kamal Tolia over the years. I have done Soul’s Journey Home (SJH) from level 1 till 5 as well with Kamal Tolia.
    I can proudly declare that all these healing disciplines have changed me a lot, for the better of course. The crowning Glory of all the courses learnt was the Soul’s Journey Home. Whilst the other courses and practice of Reiki in my daily life has changed me as a person to a great level, SJH has REFORMED me as a human, as a being. It has not only changed me, but has changed the whole perspective of life for me.
    I would like to mention a few examples of how SJH has affected me on the whole:
    1. I feel closer to the Supreme Power – God. I can feel the God presence in me. I do not feel so much of a need to look at answers from elsewhere as I find then within myself. My communication with the Supreme, I feel, needs no spoken words and I am able to comprehend a lot more than I could of life situations.
    2. I have an improved ability at healing and helping others. The healing, the Reiki is much more expandable, accessible, intuitive, and instantaneous at times.
    3. I am now able to tackle difficult situations with a calmer mind and a more matured approach.
    4. My understanding of the written word has taken a new dimension and I now appreciate the works of various authors with a renewed respect towards them. At times I find I actually understand things with their perspective and am not just any ordinary reader.
    5. I have started loving my being. My levels of compassion, patience, empathy, love and oneness with all have enhanced.
    6. I feel the divine presence surrounding me all the time and feel much protected. Trivial issues and minor mishaps, material losses do not affect me as much as they used to before SJH.
    7. A high sense of acceptance of happenings prevails within me and I have learnt to move on with the flow of things with a calmer mind.
    8. The Love quotient within me and around me has multiplied immensely.
    9. I am constantly being guided while healing.
    10. I am much more psychic since SJH happened.
    11. An aura of healing surrounds me and lot of times, people tell me that they thought of asking me for healing, but before that they got healed. That is the divine energy which surrounds every SJH practitioner.
    12. I am enjoying meditating better than I ever did. Though I have always relished my meditative state it gives me the REAL JOY and Happiness now. Thus I am more content.
    13. I do not need to sit in solitude or cross legged or any rigid form to meditate any longer. Any time, any place, any moment can be meditation. That is my “I” moment even if am in a crowd.
    14. I have a greater purpose of life and am aiming at realizing the Ultimate within ME and this goes hand in hand with service (Seva) towards other beings, mother earth, and the universe.
    15. I do not crave for things any longer as I feel satiated with abundance always.
    16. I now get more visions than ever before. I am constantly being guided about things, about my own life, about what I should do, about various ways at healing those who come to me for help and a lot more.
    17. The best thing that has happened despite these improved abilities is that it has made the journey of life a very humbling and a very conscious effort of being positive always.
    18. There is no more any guilt or shame or pride of any past or present deeds as I have learnt to handle my “ Karma” and cleared a lot of unwanted, bothersome conditions.
    19. Forgiveness has become easier without totally forgetting yet letting things go out of my life without regrets.
    20. My meditative inclinations have further expanded and I am now not bound by rules or dogmas of meditation. The word “Meditate” has a new found meaning in my life. I have seen the beauty of a “world beyond the world” and the way each exercise has been explained in detail, I am not amazed but awestruck by the depths within myself. The Soul is on its endless journey and I am now a fragment of the vast space yet I am magnanimous as a CREATOR.

    I am extremely grateful to my Guru, Mrs. Kamal Tolia who has brought forward such precious knowledge to me with such simplicity and made life such a humbling experience.

    Monica Gokaldas. May 2012, Nairobi, Kenya

  6. Mamta Advani, Nairobi, Kenya says:

    My name is Mamta Advani and I live in Nairobi(Kenya).I belong to the Lotus healing seva group. I have done all 5 levels of Souls Journey Home with Kamalji.It has been an amazing journey. I enjoyed each n every bit of the journey and thank Kamalji n the universe for the privilege. The meditations were very deep n profound. I truly don’t feel any other courses anywhere can compare even remotely to SJH!!
    The changes it has brought to my life are immense. To start with -I am a totally different person now. I am confident- my self-esteem is higher. I am more compassionate and hence better healer now. I feel calm and composed and live my life in total surrender-hence I don’t worry and stress because I know it’s for my highest good. I live the’ attitude of gratitude’. My meditations are fantastic! I feel connected with my abundance! Others have also seen positive changes in me and often say that even by just talking/being with me they start to feel better! I know it is so because of this beautiful course. I would advise everyone to take this course because it will take your soul to unimaginable heights!!

    Warm Regards

    Mamta, October 2012, Nairobi, Kenya

  7. Vasha Vora says says:

    Hi Kamal,

    My experience with the several workshops I have had with you have been most fact a true spiritual awakening and a true religious experience.

    I did both the Ho’ponopono and Soul’s Journey 1 with you.
    I find I have resonated with Ho’ponopono most, but use the techniques of Soul’s Journey too.

    I feel warm, good and positive inside which then reflects in my outer world….and helps me do the social and charity work I do with grace and compassion.

    Many thanks and warm regards
    Vasha Vora, November 2012, Nairobi, Kenya

  8. Krista Kruft, Holland says:

    I started the SJH at the beginning of 2011. Since then, a world has been opened to me. The SJH is a course which has guided me, step by step, along my path of enlightenment. They are wonderful guided meditations (or exercises) on CD, spoken by Kamal, which have taken me out of my physical body and have introduced me to worlds where there is only love and light. It has taken away my physical perspective on life and has expanded my consciousness. Kamal’s explanations of the concepts used in the exercises (flower of life, sri yanta, golden heart spiral, etc) gave me new knowledge and inspired me learn more about universal patterning, symbols, crystals and the effects of colours on our wellbeing. I remember the first time when my consciousness expanded, it was during the SJH level 1. I was hovering above the earth, I saw the planet beneath me and I was in ‘no space, no time’. It felt so good, so peaceful that I regretted hearing Kamal say we had to come down. Even now, while doing SJH level 3, I have had some very strong experiences of merging with the light and love, becoming love itself. It has strengthened by intuitive abilities; I can feel, sense and hear those things that I wouldn’t have noticed before. I feel supported by those who are around me, yet are not to be seen with the physical eye. When the guided meditation ends and Kamal’s voice is taken over by the music, I talk to them, receive answers to my questions, gain insights and experience what it is to just ‘be’. Strange as it may sound, I sometimes wish I was dead already so I could live in the worlds of love and light. But for now I am here and am enjoying the multiple dimensions of life as they are introduced to me through the SJH.

    Krista Kruft, Holland, SJH Level 3

    January 2013

  9. Dee Hockey says says:

    I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to do 2 levels of the Souls Journey Home course. I found the course itself very interesting and learnt a great deal from Kamal. It has helped with my meditations and my friends say my Reiki is definitely much stronger. I am more tolerant of other people and not so judgmental. I have more self confidence and a greater understanding as to why we are on this earth and of our life’s purpose. Several of my friends have asked me what I have been up to as they have noticed a “change” in me, (for the better), the reason for which they can’t put their finger on!
    I am very much looking forward to continuing my Souls Journey in the near future.

    Love and Light
    Dee Hockey, January 2013, Nairobi, Kenya.

  10. Azmina Mulji says:

    My Soul’s Journey Home

    My name is Azmina. I was born, raised, educated, married and had children all in Nairobi, Kenya. My profession is law and after I finished by University education, I landed a good job in a commercial bank in which I grew to senior management level. Things looked like they were going great for me until I reached the age of 35 years. That was the start of my wakeup call in life. At the time I felt that Allah, God, the Supreme or whatever name you would like to use was ‘punishing’ me for something. Little did I realize that this was a beginning of my spiritual journey.

    I was introduced to the aspect of light healing when I visited a local Reiki therapist who greatly assisted me in healing me emotionally and mentally for the loss of my corporate job and the-life-falling-apart feelings I was going through at the time.

    After some time, I decided to learn Reiki and my Reiki Master initiated me into levels 1, 2 and 3A. It was great to be able to heal myself and others. But the inside of me was searching for something more. That’s when I began searching on the internet. I did not know what it was that I was looking for but I continued searching. And I came across Kamal Aunty’s website and I was at once pulled towards the course she calls “Souls Journey Home” (SJH).

    I commenced my journey after contacting her and below are some of my experiences through levels 1, 2 and 3 that I have completed.

    In Level 1 new concepts of the flower of life and expansion into new dimensions were introduced to me. These were all new concepts but experiencing them gave a certain kind of love and peace that I had never felt before.

    Learning how to expand into a viman (vehicle) to travel beyond space and time into dimensions of cosmic love taught in Level 1 led to expansion into a love and light body in Level 2. Here I learnt new tools like the Sri Yantra and Gayatri Mantra to assist me to experience higher levels of cosmic love with the help of archangels and higher spirits.

    In Level 3, further expansion into universal love body led to higher vibrations of healing and reaching out to further dimensions of love and light.

    My journey on this path has been wonderful. My mind has indeed ‘expanded’ to all the new phenomenon I’m being taught and it reflects in my daily life through the work I do, the events I go through and the issues I face. I am able more to see and know the teachings of everything in my days and no longer feel I’m being ‘punished’ but rather I’m loved by God. When faced with challenges, I take time to sit in silence and expand and answers come to me which I listen to even though they may not be in the form or content I was expecting. And I accept the answers.

    If you remember I used to keep telling you of the darkness and dark energies that I used to feel around me. Doing the SJH level 3 exercises the darkness has been overcome by light. And I now know that those dark energies were those within myself (fears, negative thinking, jealousies, etc) that I had to clear and overcome with light. They were not outside spirits or energies.

    I see myself thinking differently, doing things differently and interacting with people from a different angle. All positive all good.

    So how has all this affected my physical being on earth? To begin with, the various meditation exercises that were required to be carried out during each level have brought me to awareness that I am part of a vast universe which exists out of love and light. I am a physical being. To this extent I am a body, I am a female, I am a daughter, I am a wife, I am a mother, I am a lawyer, etc. I am also an emotional being so one day I am happy, another day I am sad, yet another day I am worried, etc. But above all, I am a spiritual being. Iam that love I am that light which is makes up the universe. I am the universe. I am…..

    This awareness brought me to realize and heal my physical and mental abilities. Physically, I am able to achieve and maintain my weight which was previously very difficult for me having gone through 2 pregnancies. People around me say I look younger by the day even though I am well over 40 years, that I have a certain glow around me and that I am pleasant to be around. Mentally, I am able to keep my mind at peace in times of stress and challenges. Emotionally, I am able to control feeling jealousy, resentment and anger although I am yet to conquer these completely. I am able to feel inner happiness, inner love and inner light.

    Above all, I am spiritually aware. I am aware of the need to connect with my inner/higher self and through the meditations I am able to do this. I am able to connect with the energies of higher beings irrespective of religious belongingness (I am a Muslim but feel strong connections with Hanumanji and Lord Shiva). I have realized that the energies of all higher beings emanate from the same source and have no religious bias but are there to serve a purpose. I sense and see the love of the Supreme Being in everything that happens in my life, be it positive or not so pleasant. I am aware that everything I need and desire will be provided by that Supreme Being at the right time. And I am aware that I simply need to be; that is what being is all about.

    I would recommend the SJH course to all those beings who want to experience their physical being to the fullest and connect with their spiritual being to become aware and realize the vast treasures of life open to us all and connect with the love, light and being of the One who is above all else, the Supreme One.

    Azmina Mulji, February 2013

  11. Raj says:

    Dear Kamal,

    I have just completed my SJH level 3.

    I have found a great jump, in connections in this level.
    I feel as soon as I sit to meditate within a few minutes, I am a totally in new dimension. I find I am at peace inwardly and just feel very calm and collective. When a question arises or I am faced with a situation where I need guidance insted of looking at other people for help I just ask my highter self and get the answers.
    I am very closely connected to the I AM and have more intutuion powers now.
    love,light and laughter.

    30th May 2013

  12. Krista Kruft, Holland says:

    Level 4 has done me a lot of good. I feel very peaceful and a strong sense of inner knowing. The healing has become stronger and it seems as if I have become even more sensitive to external energies. I am writing you because of this.

    Krista Kruft, Holland, 12th June, 2013

  13. Shazmeen Bank, Nairobi, Kenya says:

    My name is Shazmeen Bank and I firstly have to say my teacher Kamal Aunty is like a mother of warmth and knowledge for me. After completing 3 levels of souls journey home I feel an inner peace and understanding in my life. Since I started souls journey alot in my life evolved from my marriage to my career and a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. There is an unexplained openness in my world and such beautiful possiabilites are part of my world. Souls journey has taught me how to find my way back home and I am still excited to see what unfolds along the way. Kamal aunty is a guru of love for me.

    Shazmeen Bank, 14th June 2013, Nairobi, Kenya

  14. Bindi Shah says:

    I have done three levels of the Soul’ journey Home with Kamal Aunty. It has been a wonderful experience. Spending time with Kamal Aunty, is like opening a Book of Knowkedge. Its unending flow of wisdom.
    My experiences of Souls Journey Home are so beautiful but hard to explain. It takes one through, all the God’s Love and Light which is stored for each one of us out there. It’s about tapping for it and asking. It gives me immense freedom from anxiety, fear and doubt, and replaces with loads of faith, trust and Love. Each meditation is a kind of its own, and takes you closer to your Higher self and in that process keeps you grounded and accepting.
    All in all a wonderful journey in searching your soul, and helping it to reach towards the Highest good. One can only know if one does it.
    Bindi Shah, 10th June, 2013, Nairobi, Kenya

  15. Shariffa Keshavjee says:

    After embarking on the Souls Journey Home, I have become less feverish.
    An incident which would have normally led me to worry about it, or become frantic, now leads me to be a witness. I observe. Watch my reaction. Breath. Resolve..
    As I … The small I lets go, a greater force takes over

    Inevitably the solution is a grander, better one.
    This does not mean inaction. It means calm, action of conviction,resolve and letting go.

    People approach me for help. I never say no. There is time enough.

    I listen more. My listening is an act of giving

    I sleep well, I feel calm, I am relaxed. I have more energy. There is synergy and synchronicity.

    Life is unfolding. I am a part of the whole.

    Souls Journey Home has made me aware of the cosmos. This is not a universe that we are in. We are part of a multi verse A hologram of many facets of which we are one continuum. An ever moving spiral of intricate sacred geometry. Only to experience this phenomena is magical and transcending

    Shariffa Keshavjee
    Nairobi, Kenya, May 2013

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