Seva at a Girls Shelter

On 5th July, the LHSG Kenya group went to share their Love and Light with the residents of a girls shelter outside Nairobi.

There were 18 girls at this shelter between the ages of 10 – 20 years. They are victims of human trafficking, child labour, sexual abuse, domestic violence and some of them are unaccompanied refugees. They have undergone physical, mental and emotional traumas and are in great need of Reiki healing.

Each girl as well as Dorothy, the manager of the shelter, was given hands on Reiki healing. They all felt very relaxed after the session, and became very cheerful too!

After the healing treatment, we handed out sweaters to them. This made them so happy and excited that they donned them on right away! We also donated sanitary towels, some clothes, and maize meal flour.

So happy were they with the Reiki healing, that they requested us to teach them how to ‘do Reiki’! Accordingly, we are planning to go there next month to train them in this beautiful healing therapy.

The group members that did this seva were Mamta, Shalini, Shariffa, Dee, Jean, Pratima and Kamal.  


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