LHSG India Group makes History!

Our Seva For The Elderly in St Joseph’s Home

St. Joseph’s Home of The Little Sisters of the Poor in Kolkata is the first of 15 homes for India’s indigent elderly, and was set up way back in November 30, 1882.  Mother Teresa was here for 3 months before she started her Missionaries of Charity. Manisha and I had been there earlier for some charity work, but today, 16th July 2013 is a red letter day for us as we started giving Reiki healing physically as a member of LHSG. 

People were very supportive and they were ready to receive love and healing instantly. We met:

1. Mr. Taraknath – 65 yrs old,Tumour developed on left side of neck since 3 months, he has been working here since 2010- doctors have said he needs surgery but the nuns have put him under medication – clinging on to faith ….  

2. Ms. Lily Sircar 66 yrs old – psychologically, emotionally and mentally disturbed had come here in 2003 and used to love this place – now dislikes being here – no friends too – she is lonely and depressed. Started to cry as I touched her .

3. Mr.Dasgupta… 77 years old, kidney problems ….  needs dialysis n prostrate problems – kind soul – has no fears  . . .

All three were happy to receive healing and further they even asked us when we would come again…… Sister Deepika took my number so she could call us again, as there were many more people who needed healing but were not nearby then.. I had taken a hardcopy of our website’s documentation as an introduction of who we are and our group’s missions.

I felt privileged to be doing this seva. I also felt immense pleasure in giving Reiki to them.. and after listening to their pain, agony & feelings I realized that whatever problem I have in my life is nothing  compared to theirs. So this seva helped me build my own character…good karma indeed. We have decided to visit this place once a week from now as this is a very good opportunity to serve people and help them remain in peace.

Arpita Kundu and Manisha Bahrus

LHSG India, Kolkatta

Manisha shares her Love and Light with Lily Sircar ….

1. Love and Light for Lily Sircar


Arpita shares her Love and Light with Lily Sircar

2. Love and Light for Lily Sircar

Arpita gives healing to Mr. Dasgupta

Arpita giving Reiki to Mr. Dasgupta

Manisha gives healing to Mr Dasgupta

Manisha Giving Reiki to Mr. Dasgupta

Reiki healing for Mr Taraknath by Arpita

Mr Taraknath receiving healing for Arpita

Reiki healing for Mr Taraknath by Manisha

Mr Taraknath receiving healing for Manisha

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